The Wiko Dark Full is one of the current flagships of French smartphone manufacturer Wiko , which on dual SIM phones concentrated. The model not only comes with various sound good qualities, therefore, make a good impression on the paper. But in practice the Dark Full was already tested extensively and received a total really good grades.
  • Android 4.2
  • 5.0 "touch screen, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 1.5GHz quad-core processor
  • Buy online from
For dual SIM phones that Wiko Dark Full is indeed already in the upper price range, compared with mono-SIM models but it is more likely to be classified as low. Accordingly, the magazine was done and appointed the Wiko model for price / performance tip.

5 inch Full HD display

In this case, it is also indicated by the mobile phone name to already: The contemporary large 5-inch screen is not stingy with pixels. How it now expects better smartphones rightly, cavort on the display all the 1920 x 1080 pixels, which works out quite 441 ppi - that can not distinguish individual pixels more to the human eye here. Anyway, not a normal human eye. In addition it is the screen a so-called IPS display, which is also good for a wide viewing angle. Playback convinced with rich colors. So you should enjoy as a user it as long as possible, Wiko uses Corning Gorilla Glass Gorilla Glass 2. The newer 3 technique was therefore not used here. This is ensured by "CGS" art for relatively low power consumption even in bright image playback, so you go not suddenly should get battery problems.

Wiko Dark Full backFlat - and aluminum

Smartphones are getting thinner, and dual SIM models are compared no longer the thick, shapeless savings phones of a few years ago. As if to prove is the thin Dark Full just made with 8,6mm height. thus Can be very comfortable in the hand and is not bulky in your pocket. Also a design advantage: The back of the Wiko Dark Full is made of aluminum, which is definitely the rage (think to the new HTC One M8) and makes a very high-quality impression.

Android 4.2

A small weakness affords the model in terms of operating system. Here, the Android is version 4.2 in action, which already version 4.4 on other devices is used. Disadvantages in everyday life brings not be individual intricacies are even better in the newer version.

surf mobile

Speaking of the road, if you can not access wireless (going home or to hotspots that when Wiko Dark Full test problems) can be made by mobile phone to access a HSPA + data connection. This of course depends on the available networks depending Standord from. Unfortunately, two inserted SIM card is only possible on either a UMTS connection (or faster), the other can only log into the slower 2G network. The "Surf Card" with the best Internet rate should then insert it into the SIM slot "1". Incidentally, when the SIM card is placed a two Micro-SIMs. Even with only one inserted SIM does the Dark Full but. In parallel accessibility under two numbers have to do without of course. If the own mobile operator, it will bear, can be as fast mobile browsing the Internet. An LTE dual SIM smartphone is the Dark Full terrible. Who puts on LTE value, will find in the dual SIM bearing at all only recently to individual models. Announced it was for different models, such as the Andy Yezz A5VP and for the Alcatel One Touch 740. Both are not yet published.

Thin Dark Full of the pagePerformance Wiko Dark Full

Rather something for fans of technology: The Darfull has a quad-core processor and is clocked at 1.5 GHz. In addition, a large-sized internal memory of 16 GB on board, the memory beträügt good 2 GB. Does briefly that it is one of the fastest dual-SIM smartphones in the test and is also suitable for multi-tasking and some 3D games.

Cameras & Resolution

The Wiko Dark Full comes with a 13 megapixel main camera and a 5 megapixel camera for video chats and selfies. In addition, "Magic Camera" thereby serving the nearly zahlllose settings. Our test highlight is the strong 360 ° panorama function. Incidentally, you can embed in photos also subsequently animations and hence available to the moving pictures.

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