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Wiko dual SIM phones offer a tremendous range. The French manufacturer based in Marseille is in Germany only after November 2013 on the market, but is better known. Really exciting for all looking for a new mobile phone for 2 SIM cards - which not only pay attention to a brand name with great reputation - are the models Wiko Ridge 4G and Rainbow, which both offer very decent performance at a small price. Several models of the brand, incidentally, were according to their test even at position 1 in our leaderboard. Meanwhile, however, the flagships are mobile vendors Samsung andHuawei much better equipped. However, a generally much higher price.  

Wiko Cell Tests & Tips

Wiko Lenny 2


By Wiko Lenny 2, the French manufacturer Wiko brings a new dual SIM mobile phone (test) on the German market.  "
Wiko Ridge 4G


The Wiko Ridge 4G is one of the first LTE phones with 2 SIM slots. Announced, the French manufacturer is in February, officially presented it was early March at MWC 2015 in Barcelona. The special highlight: Both SIM cards can by the manufacturer with LTE speed to the mobile internet - provided a corresponding mobile phone contract.  "
Wiko Wax: LTE, but single-SIM


+++ Update 10:06 .: The Wiko Wax is now officially available in Germany. And it teaches launch a very special novelty with it, it is in fact the first Wiko LTE phone that is available in Germany. Unlike the other Wiko mobile phone models, it is not equipped with 2 SIM card slots.  "
Wiko Rainbow - Dual SIM or LTE?


3G dual SIM or 4G Single-SIM: The Wiko Rainbow's 2x The new models at Wiko endless: By Wiko Rainbow dual SIM a fairly cheap dual SIM smartphone 5-inch class to the market - and to MWC 2015 in Barcelona pushes the brand even the Rainbow 4G afterwards.  "
Wiko Highway


The Wiko Highway plays in the first division and is definitely one of the best dual SIM phones on the German market. Full HD display on 5-inch display, eight-core processor with 2 GHz - already the underlying instruments can not match most other current models for 2 SIM cards. And also the choice of materials and workmanship convince.  "
Wiko Dark Full


The Wiko Dark Full is one of the current flagships of French smartphone manufacturer Wiko, which focuses on dual SIM phones. The model not only comes with various sound good qualities, therefore, make a good impression on the paper. But in practice the Dark Full was already tested extensively and received a total really good grades.  "
Wiko Highway: dual SIM mobile sweepstakes


Those are times beautiful news: In Wiko can secure by a little bit social web activity the chance of a dual SIM smartphone Gift yourself with a bit of luck.  "
Wiko Cink Peax 2


The Wiko Cink Peax 2 has the dual SIM community achieved a certain popularity. In the test we want to find out what and what perhaps speaks against the 4.5 "model of the French manufacturer. At first glance it looks pretty unobtrusive, yet the stylish design of the latest smartphones Wiko.  "

More Wiko models

Wiko Getaway: Android 4.4, but decide between dual SIM and microSD

Wiko Getaway
WIth the Getaway brand offers some new features - some positive, some questionable. First of the positives: finally equips Wiko of a smartphone with the latest Android 4.4 generation. Directly after the not so pleasing: The new model emulates a certain extent the Huawei Ascend P7 after that in addition to the SIM slot offered in the Asian market another shaft in which you insert a second SIM card or microSD card optional can. So it will be handled at Getaway: It is not a "full-fledged" Wiko dual SIM model more, but the decision for a second SIM also means the renunciation of external phone memory. So who needs to use two phones, is a disadvantage. Instead, it is probably more suitable for those who only occasionally - temporarily want to use an additional SIM, about - about while on vacation to surf low abroad . After Wax thus the next terminal which says goodbye to the former consistently dual SIM orientation of the brand.

Wiko Stairway: dual SIM phone with aluminum body

The Wiko Stairway is manufactured from an aluminum block: processed by CNC milling, polished and high quality finish offers it as not only a frame of the metal, but its basic structure is made entirely of aluminum.This should provide special housing stability and also looks classy.The technical data are slightly above average, when compared with other dual SIM phones that are currently commercially available. Although the 5-inch display shows only a normal HD image, but is still so smartphones in this format before many other dual SIM from other manufacturers. Also Corning Gorilla glass is processed, which can protect against scratches. With the 13-megapixel camera incl. LED flash can also make good own pictures. The quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz is good sized, with HSPA + can fast mobile internet with up to 42 Mbit / s to use.

Wiko Dark Full: 5 inch Full HD Smartphone

One of the few remaining full HD dual SIM phones: The Wiko Dark Full offers a 5-inch IPS display (a technique that is good for wide angle), which is protected by Gorilla Glass. Also in this model comes aluminum used, but only on the back.Other functions that are far above the average of other phones with 2 SIM cards: An integrated digital camera with 13 megapixel camera, HSPA + data connection and a quad-core processor with 1.5 GHz clock speed. Despite the rather large screen format, the height remains quite low and handy.

Wiko Darkside: Dual-SIM phablet

Smaller than a tablet, larger than a normal smartphone phablets combine important benefits both device classes and can spare it a to buy two different mobile devices. Who has not used a tariff to cheap calls in the mobile phone and a cheap Surf tariff in tablet, may conveniently continue to use both cards in a dual-SIM phablet and surf with the same device and phone.In the large area of the screen, the pictures looked at Wiko phablet in practice test bright and largely sharp. The Dark Side is however compared to the Dark Full bit disappointing what Aufösung concerns: Despite 5.7 "instead of 5.0" diagonal display the Wiko Darkside redeemed only with 1280 × 720 pixels on (normal HD), while the slightly smaller Wiko Dark Full even Full HD Commons. Also inside it can not keep up properly with the Dark Full: The quad-core processor is only at 1.2 GHz, which is still a very decent value. HSPA + is also on board, and also the aluminum back is not missing.

Android versions

  • Android 4.4 brings the brand for the first time with the "Getaway" in one of its smartphones on the market - this is at the same time the first Wiko dual SIM mobile phone with a newer operating system than Android 4.2.
  • Android 4.3 is previously reserved for Wiko Wax and thus installed in any of the previous dual-SIM models
  • Android 4.2 and its sub-versions 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 are typical of the current portfolio, most models - eg Highway, Rainbow and Darkmoon - run with one of these OS versions.

More about Wiko

Wiko is in French Online smartphone market according to GfK data, the no. 1, according to GfK data (Cumulative sales figures, based on the market size, thereby excluding internet-stores the telephone service provider). That it is so successful just on the French mobile phone market, is certainly the fact that the company has a more home game. In Germany several Wiko dual SIM smartphones are now available, there are now several, unfortunately a bit confusing, model series. Wiko phones were originally divided into two design lines, of which one is, however, now strayed. Firstly, there was the so-called Android-line, on the other hand, named after the famous jewelry brand Swarovski line. What both product lines differed, we have put together shortly.
  • The Wiko Android line has - unsurprisingly - smartphones equipped with the Android operating system. Meanwhile, a fairly wide range is caused to individual handsets. Although the variety of models can basically not compete with market leader Samsung, but the dual-SIM mobile phone range is the choice even compared to some respected names in industry than average. Most models at Wiko currently belong to the Android line.
  • The Wiko Swarovski line holds certainly what most likely promise of such a name: namely an ornament with crystals from Swarovski. Who especially worth lies on optics and glittering crystal sparkle, could here - regardless of technical values and figures - will find it or find an unusual cell phone as a gift for someone who likes something. Great is the model selection terrible. As the focus of the marketing of this line is the design and thus a matter of taste, we have not included in our test.

Winner of "value" in computer image reader vote 2014

In May 2014. Wiko has performed well in a reader vote of computer image: The brand got in the category "Value for money" for smartphones with a screen diagonal from 4.5 "the absolute majority of the votes cast: 70% secured the brand the 1st place. magazine designated for this success after only such a short time on the market the French manufacturer as complying with "surprise winner".

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