A dual SIM adapter allows using a cell phone, which has only one SIM slot, nevertheless to use 2 SIM cards. With the adapter, the phone may namely access to a total of two SIM cards and phone calls, texting or surfing on both phones (although some models for the second SIM card do not allow mobile internet). There are three principle types of dual SIM adapters. They differ primarily in how to combine it with mobile phone or smartphone - but also in functionality. There are:
  1. Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter, where you normally inserts a SIM card in the phone and another into the adapter. The mobile phone uses Bluetooth to the SIM in the adapter and you can call on them, texting and mobile internet use.
  2. Dual SIM card adapter for plugging into the SIM slot of the mobile phone, with much of the adapter from the SIM slot protrudes: Here you can use the normal SIM cards without crop - one has to stow the protruding adapter somehow
  3. Dual SIM adapter for plugging into the SIM slot of the mobile phone for which you have to cut the SIM cards so small that both first fit into the adapter and then together with the adapter in the normal SIM card slot.

The dual SIM adapter types in detail

Inform yourself in detail about:
  • Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter
  • Dual SIM adapter for plugging into the SIM slot (without cutting)
  • Dual SIM adapter for plugging into the SIM slot (with cropping)
  • Conclusion of our comparison test

Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter

Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter are unfortunately relatively expensive "luxury" version. They have a built-in battery feature and wirelessly communicate with the mobile phone. This means that the smartphone can access a SIM card without being in direct contact with it. The Bluetooth models also usually have their own radio unit and allow it then that two SIMs active (logged into their network) are. You can connect two calls in parallel on two phones perform. So you can during a conversation on the phone number private noticed as a work call on the professional number and accept this. The private conversation can be as long as a "hold" put. If you want to call on your part as someone you can when dialing haggle for a menu if you want to call from SIM 1 or SIM 2 from. The Bluetooth adapter is now very small and can be easily untegebracht in the pocket or purse. Typical advantages & disadvantages at a glance
  • Two parallel active lines
  • On both lines calling & be accessible
  • No tinkering at the phone casing or on the SIM slots
  • With some adapters up to 3 SIM cards are possible
  • Additional Device (Bluetooth adapter)
  • The most expensive variant
  • Rooting or jailbreak required
  • Bluetooth connectivity increases battery consumption
To access via Bluetooth an app needs to be installed, there are currently for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, these apps are typically not approved by Google Play or the Apple App Store, so they are only available through the website of the adapter vendor or via free app download portals. To use it again, you have to turn off various security protocols or - perform a so-called Jailbreak - with iPhones. After installing the app you has additional menu functions that allow access to the second SIM card. The whole is still not as comfortable as in a dual-SIM mobile phone (test) , since one is accessing the adapter in its own menu, so you when you dial a number on the inserted in the adapter SIM card in advance the keypad of the app must open - you can not just open the normal Android-selection menu, enter the number and then decide which SIM you want to use.

Bluetooth adapter: Current Offers

Special features of the iPhone

use iPhone via Bluetooth with other SIM cards?

For iPhones, there are a whole range of dual SIM adapters. To function, each one matching app manufacturer must however install.Problem is that apps that so wish to intervene in the system, that access to more than one SIM card is possible, Apple can not seem to the official App Store. The Bluetooth accessories that we have looked at, the software must therefore be installed from third-party stores like Cydia. But that means another difficulty: Access to such "free" app directories is regularly not possible with the iPhone. For this you must first change the iOS make - ie execute a so-called Jailbreak. Then you can more deeply engage as intended by the manufacturer to the system. Which software you then need to install in detail, explain the individual adapters in their instructions.

Jailbreak install: How are you, what risks are there?

Relatively short time after the publication of a new iOS also appear respectively associated jailbreaks. Whether this function smoothly, the weaknesses they have and whether they will damage the pre-installed software - can not say universal one. Likewise, an important question is whether the whole is legally permissible. After all, there was a statement by the US Copyright Office that jailbreaks are legal in smartphones. Apple itself however, rated the procedure as a violation of its end-user license. If you say after the implementation has problems with the use, the brand makes may neither service nor support. The group warns also that crashes, security holes, shorter battery life and more may occur.

Conclusion Bluetooth models

Despite these circumstances, and the high price (up to 100 €) is this type of adapter in our opinion, the relatively best solution, because if one ever wants to opt for a dual SIM adapter itself. Exemplary here we have a review of the A810 SocBlue . Because you can insert it into the adapter an additional card easily, usually has two parallel lines and have to do any tinkering. When the adapters without Bluetooth, however this is necessary. Moreover, in the other adapters often their only either the one or the other SIM can be used - so they are not both in parallel accessing, such as is the case with a dual SIM phone. The change in such plug adapters Although already goes quickly by code or menu and of course much more convenient than a real SIM card change by removing and inserting the SIM card: with the convenience of Dual SIM mobile phones or Bluetooth dual SIM adapters but they can not compete for our test results.

Dual SIM adapter for plugging

Without cutting the SIM cards

Dual SIM adapter for plugging into the SIM card slot are considerably cheaper than the Bluetooth models generally. There are two versions: Some adapters do not have to the SIM card first cut, in others. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. Empfehlenswerter from our test practice models without cropping. While these require more space, but are a bit easier to handle. The adapter itself essentially consists of an extremely shallow, narrow and flexible board. That you put a Einde together with the main-SIM in the SIM card slot. In this case, a lot of tact is needed because the bay is barely higher than the SIM card itself Sitting SIM and adapter once the card slot, one pushes the other end the adapter, the second SIM card into it. After you have turned on the phone, the adapter automatically adds a menu item in the mobile control, by which you can manage the SIM cards. Therefore is important to pay attention to whether the adapter and mobile phone are truly compatible - otherwise the phone does not recognize the adapter nor the second SIM card. Drawback - except the fummeligen Inlay - here is that the majority of the adapter protrudes from the SIM slot, and must somehow be accommodated. Under the back cover is never space, so you have the adapter partially stick on the back cover and pinch the connecting web to the inner part under the cover quasi. Some adapters are but with a matching back cover offered directly, having a matching recess for the adapter on its inside.

Parallel accessing and calling? None

A separate radio unit is in this case almost never available, so you have a phone only to either the one or the other number (etc.). So you can specify only one active SIM card, the other SIM is not as long as available. The change indeed already rapidly by hand: Depending on the model you can change via code input or via the menu to the other number. And of course that is already more convenient than a real SIM changed by removing and inserting. Depending on the adapter, however, the switching takes a long time. Half a minute waiting time occurred quite. Some (mainly older) products, the smartphone has even shut down and restart. This is in good recent models but no longer required.  

By cutting the SIM cards

Dual SIM adapter for plugging, where you have to cut the SIM cards are the easiest, but also most unwieldy construction. Because they are - pushed into the normal SIM card slot - including the two SIMs. This principle of course means that the complete adapter minimal may hold more volume than a normal SIM card. The complete adapter is therefore not or only minimally larger than a normal SIM card, in the SIM standard format. (For mobile phones with micro-SIM or nano SIM slot are these adapters not suitable.) The adapter itself contacts for 2 SIM chips and technology are to control. The existing two SIM cards must first of all cut by hand is extremely small, so that only the actual SIM chips remain. Depending on the SIM card you have to even cut the SIM chip partially. Thereby you risk that you damage the chip and the SIM is useless. So you can do the cutting out as much as possible, such a dual-SIM adapters are but mostly cutting templates at, you can even special dual SIM punching buy (which is usually about 20 € extra cost). In addition, some adapter models tested were manufactured unfortunately inaccurate. Even after very accurate cutting of SIM cards and the fiddly inserting the SIM chip in the adapter did not fit this at any phone in the SIM slot - because in some phones the SIM slot is kept so small that even the really thin frame of the adapter was already too big. However, this construction principle also have a great advantage over the larger plug adapters (without cutting): Because if the SIM chips were not damaged and the adapter inclusive SIM chip fits into the SIM slot, you need after placing any further components more to store. Even with the blank adapters but is important that they are compatible with the respective mobile phone. Because these models add the phone menu an additional point added, controlled by the adapter, the phone numbers are changed, etc. Even with these adapters telephoning over both lines is not possible in parallel, you must select rather what SIM you just want to use.

More Info: dual SIM features in adapters for plugging

In all dual SIM adapters for plugging a chip with control programs is included. These are installed automatically in the phone menu, so you can make certain settings for the SIM card and switch eg between the SIM cards back and forth. The use of 2 SIM cards is comparable to that as if you turn off the phone, remove SIM1, SIM2 Insert and start the phone again. Only the change thanks to the adapter works much faster and without the physical switch the SIM cards.

Switch between SIM cards

Between the various dual SIM adapters for plugging, there are large differences in how quickly and easily that model fulfills its mission. The change from one SIM card to another takes according to our own experiences about 5-15 seconds, but can vary depending on phone model course.
  • Relatively pleasant and easy is the so-called "digital change": Here you can switch via mobile phone menu or shortcut command to the respective other SIM card.
  • Less comfortable are adapters with so-called "analogue exchange": Here you have to turn off the phone completely and restart to take the other SIM card into operation - it takes a correspondingly long time.

Always a SIM usable

It is important that a dual SIM adapter usually does not have a transceiver module for insertion. This means that the two SIM cards - so the first SIM card in the SIM slot of the mobile phone and the second SIM card in the SIM slot of the adapter - must share the radio module of the mobile phone. But as a radio module can always build only a single cellular connection simultaneously, can make calls with a push-in dual SIM adapter not parallel on both SIM cards and is not ready to receive on both at the same time. One must first switch to the other SIM card to on this to be accessible and to make calls with this - that the previously activated SIM card is no longer connected to the network. Dual SIM adapter for plugging are not designed to make calls on two SIM cards in parallel to texting or surfing. One must even choose on which of the two SIMs intending to be reached normally. therefore These adapters are especially suited for those who indeed want to use 2 SIM cards in the same phone, but it can separate in time. This is useful, for example, if you have to be professionally reached 8-17 pm, after that will cause no business calls more and want to have a separate number for leisure - but all will do the same phone. Mobile Internet on the SIM in the adapter? Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed. Not all adapters support all SIM functions: It can be, for example, that allows an adapter no UMTS or HSDPA for fast mobile Internet - even if the inserted into the adapter card is suitable for these standards. On the SIM card stored phone numbers and contacts The information stored on each SIM card separately, remain separated. This means for example, that contacts and phone numbers you have stored on SIM1, then only be accessed via the Contact menu or the phone memory when you use the dual SIM adapter just the SIM1.

What one must remember adapters for iPhone Bluetooth dual sim?

The manufacturer of the corresponding adapter promise that you can use so-called gejailbrakte Phones with their models. However, a jailbreak is not very simple. It allows users of iPhones, iPads and iPods initially deeper access to your iOS device. Especially also apps can be downloaded, which do not originate from the official store, but are loaded via the independent software platform "Cydia" for example. Some of these available via Cydia apps provide access to additional SIM card via Bluetooth. The individual Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter explain in their operating manual, which app must be downloaded from Cydia in order to develop the dual SIM Bluetooth access. According to the US Copyright Office a jailbreak in smartphones is legal. Nevertheless, Apple evaluates a jailbreak as a violation of its end-user license and can at gejailbreakten iOS devices may provide no service or support. Apple also warns of instability, security risks, shorter battery life and other problems. This should be borne in mind before deciding on this step.

Brief History: dual SIM adapter in Battery Shape

Did you know? Even older than standalone dual SIM adapters were batteries, in which one could use an additional SIM card - a now largely forgotten technical idea that aufgekam before the year 2000th In battery contained the whole adapter technology, so that the adapter could be invisibly housed in the interior of the cell phones. Parallel use the SIM cards, however not left: it was only on one of the phones reachable and could only use these. A simple possible exchange between SIM1 and SIM2 therefore was an important Krtiterium. Even if it should apply from the present state of a very impractical, the exchange developed but continues:
  • In Generation 1 had to be turned off completely for the SIM change the phone
  • With Generation 2, the exchange during operation could be conducted by a small-operated hardware switch on the battery
  • The 3rd generation was very similar to the current plug-in adapters: You installed a new entry in the phone menu, so you could change the SIM card electronically
With the advent of pure dual SIM adapter that idea largely disappeared.

The first separate dual SIM adapter

In the early 2000s the first independent dual SIM adapter came on the market. With them you could also switch between SIM 1 and 2, without turning off the phone. Parallel operation was not yet possible. The first models were however quite bulky and not always had the outside are attached to the mobile phone, which turned out to be unwieldy.Few buyers could opt for these early devices. Dual SIM adapter, which could be located inside the cell phones completely, came from 2003 on the market. But even these adapters were only suitable for alternating operation of two SIM cards. The most important innovation to both numbers be parallel and accessible on SIM 1 and 2 to be able to make calls simultaneously, came about in 2010 through the introduction of the Bluetooth adapter.

Test Result

In our view, are Bluetooth Dual SIM adapter , the relatively best solution. They offer the greatest ease of use. However, installation and installation of adapters for all three variants (Bluetooth, plug-in solution without cutting, insertion solution to cutting) is not really satisfying. In the test we were therefore very happy with any model. Because on several models, we have come to the solution after several hours of internet research, try and rate how you could fix an installation problem. Normal users would then have probably already had no more desire to keep trying. Really we can recommend, therefore none of the above solutions. In terms of service the best phones from our test simply provide much more convincing results. Only those who already have an Android smartphone or iPhone is technically adept, the use of apps accepted that are not approved by Google Play or Apple App Store, but will use the advantage of 2 parallel usable numbers, which could with a dual sim adapter to Bluetooth-based happiness.

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