Meanwhile, some are Sony dual SIM phones from Xperia series available. After initially mainly entry-phones with 2 SIM cards were in the range, Sony now produces almost every smart phones upper class - for example, the current "X" - as a dual-SIM mobile phone (test) . The devices are available only as an import in the rule. Sony sells it in not directly on the German market.
  • The phones are ansonten hardly changed dual SIM versions of popular Xperia smartphones.
  • Differences are almost only the second SIM slot and additional dual SIM Android menus.
  • Before buying you recognize the equipment for two phone numbers on the additional "dual" - for example, the Sony Xperia Z5 dual .

Sony Xperia dual SIM smartphone

Sony Xperia XA Dual


The Sony Xperia Dual XA in the 5.0-inch occurs as middle class smartphone to class.Since the conversion of the model series of Sony phones (test), the XA-Series is the successor to the previous E-series about. At the hardware manufacturer has seen savings here and there. But the price is low at the lower end of the current Sony model range.  "
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual


The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Dual is especially interesting when the new dual SIM smartphone should be waterproof and dustproof. The "M" series is generally designed for more demanding environments. The M4 Aqua also puts special emphasis on good cameras. The dual-SIM version marketed Sony Although not in Germany, but it is well available through independent dealers.  "
Sony Xperia Z5 Dual


With the Sony Xperia Z5 Dual Sony offers its current flagship also in a version for 2 SIM cards. This dual SIM phone is virtually unknown in Germany, as it is not officially is commercially here. The differences from the single-SIM variant limited to basically complete the additional SIM slot.  "
Sony Xperia Z3 + Dual


With the Xperia Z3 + Dual SIM Sony extends the range of its flagship phones. Here to keep track, is not always easy. Z3, Z3 + Z4 - the naming is not easy to understand.  "
Sony Xperia Z1 (single SIM)


A high-end dual SIM phone from Sony is not planned in Germany unfortunately still. WIth the Sony Xperia E1 dual (test) a mid-range model in this country is the noblest model for 2 SIM cards from the Japanese manufacturer. Therefore we exceptionally the mono-SIM model Sony Xperia Z1 looked at once.  "
Sony Xperia E1 Dual


The Sony Xperia E1 dual, the Japanese company has its dual SIM phone range further supplemented. And that means that a whole range of current Xperia Dual models available: Xperia M dual, Xperia E dual, Xperia tipo dual - and the E1 Dual. As the name indicates, is the "E1" Dual as successor to the "E" Dual is intended.  "
Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual phablet


Finally a really well-equipped dual-SIM phablet Sony comes - and almost directly flies the anticipation flies well again. For the Xperia T2 Ultra Dual 2 SIM slots will not exist in Germany for the time being. Thus, it remains a deplorable strategy of many manufacturers, their best dual SIM smartphones or  »
Sony Xperia M Dual


Dual The Xperia M Sony builds its dual SIM mobile repertoire further. Meanwhile, dual SIM models are an integral part of the Xperia series: For Sony fans so a good opportunity to their mobile phone for 2 SIM cards available from the usual brand.  "
Sony Xperia tipo dual


With the Sony Xperia tipo dual Sony launches its long-awaited dual SIM mobile phone with Android operating system. Per menu you switch inserted between two SIM cards back and forth, a timing for changing from SIM 1 to SIM 2 and vice versa is possible. Thus, for example  "
Sony Xperia E dual


In Sony Xperia E dual test falls out of the box on the first thing that hardly any difference between the Xperai E dual and the "normal" Xperia E can be seen only with a SIM card. Thus, the E is dual in the current trend, in which offer more and more manufacturers their successful models virtually identical as dual SIM version.  "

Xperia series: Renamed 2016

There is news in the model name of Sony phones.
For years, the classification in beginner, intermediate or class could be seen with reference to a single letter, which followed the word "Xperia". On his turn, the model generation was attached as a digit. The model series were:
  • C - for basic devices
  • E - for beginners upscale smartphones
  • M - for robust, tended outdoor suitable handsets
  • Z - for flagship models
  Other names:
  • compact - smaller versions that were often equipped worse
  Example of the previous name pattern: Sony Xperia M5. Here "M" stands for the robust series, the "5" for the fifth generation. That Sony not always exactly counted and the fourth generation sometimes counted as "3+", we have time to be seen that way.
The new series begin - as of September 2016 - now for the term "Xperia" all with an "X". Thereafter, another letter and terms for further classification are. The new model series:
  • X - for middle-class smartphone
  • XA - for beginners
  • XZ - for top models
  Other names:
  • Compact - smaller versions, as well equipped
  • Ultra - for significantly improved and at the same time larger versions
  • Performance - for a very powerful Flagship Phones
  Example: Sony Xperia Ultra XA. The mobile phone is still located in the entry-level class, for example because it has a housing made of plastic instead of metal. Display (6.0 "Full HD instead of 5.0" HD), memory (3 GB instead of 2 GB) and camera (21.5 instead of 13 MP) are considerably improved compared to the normal Xperia XA.

Spotify: "Playstation Music" replaced "Music Unlimited"

Sony has its tradition even more strongly emphasized than brilliant music brand lately and cherished heritage on its smartphones accordingly the "Walkman". When purchasing a mobile phone, the Japanese could also access the media service "Music Unlimited", which is, however, been subject to a charge normally. Individual exceptions such as promotions or trial periods once excluded. But now is an end to the "unlimited music", because instead of this service will soon "Playstation Music" accept. What sounds like a particularly captive service, is actually nothing more than Spotify. As of spring 2015, the streaming of the new (or newly branded) platform should be available and then to the hauseigegen Sony smartphonesinstalled and tablets. What given the naming not just well is surprising: Even on the game console the Group holds the streaming function feeder.

Long dual SIM History

Sony was one of the first great dual SIM mobile phone provider on the market, and long were Sony phones long time next to Samsung the only well-known Android phones with 2 SIM slots in Europe.

Sony phones for 2 SIM cards without contract

From entry level to the superphone with LTE , Full HD and PlayStation support: There are more and more models of two phones in the Sony range. We show you the latest offers and links to the provider, in which you can order the respective terminal - usually as a SIM-lock free smartphone without a contract. As the arrangements look exactly shows you the respective merchant site. Normally, you can simply click on the smartphone of your choice, see details and order without tariff.

Equipment. Resolution. Power. All typical Sony.

For decades excited and convinced Sony its customers with technical innovation and exceptional design. As acclaimed highlight of Sony developer smartphones the Xperia series, which are available in different inch sizes apply. The Xperia smartphones impress across the board - both by the technique of its high-resolution cameras as well as by the power of the built modern processors. Design, equipment and quality materials: Sony combines so skillfully that they become real allrounders just in the latest top models.

Rich colors: Triluminos display technology.

Triluminos baptized his screen technology Sony, with among others, the smartphone models of the Xperia series are equipped. Experience games, videos and photos fade resistant and more intense than ever before. This is made possible by the greater color spectrum of Triluminos displays. Imagine a painter before. he The more different shades of one color on his palette, the brighter and more vivid he can make his image.And just as it is with a Sony phone with Triluminos technology. A wider color gamut with more shades ensures optimum intensity and liveliness.In conjunction with a very good resolution camera even captured photos and videos are almost palpable on the screen.

Gaming. Sound. Multimedia. So score Sony Mobile Phone Handsets.

Sony is in the running for the most powerful multimedia smartphones with its flagship phones always on the cutting edge. This is no coincidence, because almost by tradition sets the mark at least in its top units outstanding hardware one. This enabled it to specifically achieve top marks again in the headings with sound, display and gaming.
  • High resolution cameras bring a lot of pleasure when you watch your videos and photos later in the domestic high-definition televisions.
  • Certain Xperia smartphones can connect to a PlayStation 4 DualShock controllers, so you can control games like on a console. Make sure, however, whether this is explicitly stated for the particular model before buying.
  • Per Remote Play feature to games of a PS4 wireless can stream on selected Xperia models. So you can, for example, start a game session at home on the local machine, and then go to play on the smartphone.

Current Location: Peeling, but growing,

CFO Kenichiro Yoshida has presented the latest figures for Sony in Tokyo on 04/02/2015, they relate to the last quarter of 2014. In the October to December Sony smartphones could therefore encouraging growth. Overall, the Group generated during the three months probably a tidy profit of about 178 billion yen. Sounds promising, but is against the background that in the previous quarters also strong loss was incurred. Although predicted Sony considering the upturn low loss for the current fiscal year (which is not identical with the calendar year) - but there is a total of negative numbers.

Sony cuts jobs in the category "Mobile"

The tense situation makes finazielle unfortunately at even in the personnel policy of the mobile bemerktbar: Of the currently about 6,000 points in this division sweeps Sony to early 2016 about a third, or more precisely 2100. Thus, the responsible manager confirmed an extension of the previously known job losses. Background of such cuts are calculations, thus long term to save money every year -. The equivalent of some 650 million euros per year enterprise side expects what extent then the output of innovations can remain the same or not, you have the other hand, on the other hand consider - after all, Sony has with high quality characteristics such Triluminos screen, excellent camera and some more its Xperia (top) models developed after the acquisition of Ericsson to genuine multimedia miles parts.

Impact on the mobile phone sales?

With fewer staff and growing competition, especially from China, where Huawei , but also Xiaomi and other China phones combine low prices with partly high-end technology, of course, raises the question of how Sony Mobile will compete. Solution of Tokyo: One wants to focus on profitable markets where the Sony brand really has traction and agree the market shares. Named were at the press conference of course the home market of Japan, but also the United States and France. Germany as one of the largest and most important mobile markets was not mentioned, nor is the biggest market: China. Whether Sony could actually shut down the sales with us, because the resources are not sure are there? Hard to imagine, but certain high-end dual-SIM models has anyway never brought to Germany Sony. Fans of Sony phones should therefore perhaps precaution "stock up" in the next two or three years with devices

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