Microsoft Lumia dual SIM smartphones there since November 2014. Since then, new Lumia models are sold directly under the Microsoft brand, while previous products still bearing the name of Nokia Lumia. Therefore, we present here Lumia dual SIM phones in front of both brands.
Microsoft Lumia 950 Dual SIM


The Microsoft Lumia 950 Dual SIM, the new flagship of the brand is officially in a version for 2 SIM cards in Germany in the trade. The essential characteristics are identical to the single-SIM model. The launch took place a few days ago, shortly followed by a Test Overview.  "
Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM


The Lumia 640 dual SIM smartphone from Microsoft as the lower middle Checkout offers a bit more features than the Lumia beginners series. Who likes Windows Phone anyway, or not necessarily attaches importance to very specific Android apps can do its complete mobile everyday problems with the Lumia 640th  »
Microsoft Lumia 532


The Microsoft Lumia 532 is the successor to the Lumia 530. Like its predecessor, it is a real bargain among the dual SIM phones.However, with entry-level technology and of course the operating system Windows Phone 8.1.  "
Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM


The Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM is the new 2-SIM top model in the Lumia dual SIM smartphones. It is placed above the middle class model Nokia Lumia 630 (test) - a slightly larger display and (minor) improvements in hardware make the 730 Dual in test clearly the current flagship.  "
Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM


  The Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM is now a cheaper classic. What does the little brother of the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual (test), we have summarized here. Windows Phone 8.1 to launch new Windows Phone version 8.1 put in 530 Dual. She was even a prerequisite that we have taken the smartphone under the microscope.  "
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM


The Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Microsoft Handysparte brings an entry-level model is the first dual SIM Windows Phone on the market. How now usual, the brand also offers hierfügr several colorful plastic housing. Since May 2014, the unit in Germany is available - along with a mono-SIM sibling, the Lumia 630 also called and waived only on the final addition.  "
At a glance

Microsoft phones compared

Advantages of the Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone

With the operating system Windows Phone smartphones Microsoft offer an interesting alternative. The clear, reduced design with live tiles offers several clever features. In addition, it is definitely an interesting alternative program to the two operating systems Android and iOS.
used the OS currently in the bullion phones of Lumia series responsive with different inch sizes different user types. The Windows operating system is particularly interesting for smartphone beginners - as well as for those who want a unified look of PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
In the Lumia series can be found offers from cheap everyday cell phones to high-end office with the highest processor performance for the jacket pocket.However, only a few devices are always designed for dual SIM. Therefore, we present in detail the range phones are for more than one SIM card in the Microsoft Smartphone.
  • enthusiastic fans of mobile photography that Lumia models have repeatedly come up trumps with a camera resolution of over 20 megapixels.
  • With LTE technology and a matching rate can be apps, files and web pages download quickly, send and share with others
  • In addition, some Lumia score models with wireless charging function. Ask your smartphone easily on the charging station and forget about tangled cables or time-consuming search for the right connector.

Good ideas, but little success in cellphones: Windows 10

  • Yet in 2015 Microsoft had great expectations for the operating system update Windows 10 attached. To study the worlds of smartphone, tablet PC and unite . Not only in a similar appearance between devices. With a powerful phone should thanks " Continuum instead on each"screen size to work: connect phone to the monitor - even one would be used for example in Word classic PC view.
  • In implementing just problems but then. It was really only a smartphone einzigens that the required power possessed, the Microsoft Lumia 950 (Test) . But that was the purchasers not prevail, especially as a flagship was relatively simply decorated and designed. In addition, there were several minor problems with the apps - too little choice, no smooth transition from phone to PC, missing hardware alternatives.
  • So the concept already failed quasi shortly after takeoff. This is a shame, because in our Microsoft Lumia test gave us the operating system (OS) always liked . Especially in the SIM controller and with its live tiles . However, this made the absence of various Apps noticeable after a few days in the practical test.

Decreased market share: Microsoft announces 2016 restrictions

As an alternative to Android and iOS begun, Microsoft also after the acquisition of Nokia eligible to receive no real success. In the meantime it looked after that Windows Phones would gradually take hold. But even if the market share in some countries had risen more than 10 percent: Meanwhile, he is - as of May 2016 - the world only at less than 1 percent . As the manufacturer states in its balance sheet from July 2016, the revenue from the mobile phone division compared to the previous quarter, to 70% broken.
The consequence is a withdrawal from the retail business: While it is also the future Windows Phone handsets give, however, should this only to business customers call. The mass market of home users operates the brand even further with service and anyupdates . New devices are for private clients but not planned.Unfortunately, Microsoft also pulls the ripcord personnel and dismiss more than 1,000 employees, mainly at the old Nokia Location Finland.
How realistic is it to speak only professional users - the most just want to use a dual SIM Lumia also private - should be reflected over time. The success or failure of mobile phones is closely related to the available apps. When should appeal even less buyers Windows Phones Microsoft now, many developers are likely but certainly refrain from even offer their apps alongside Android and iOS for this OS. For more cell phone manufacturersoffer compared to very few models with Windows.

How did the change from "Nokia" to "Microsoft Lumia"

Background of the name change was the fact that Microsoft had taken over the mobile phone division of Nokia. The Finnish brand names allowed the new owner in smartphones but according to various reports use only for a transitional period - a change was therefore required and counted the time of the "Nokia Lumia" models.
Microsoft Lumia dual SIM phones: The first smartphone

The first Microsoft Lumia dual SIM smartphone comes in Germany may not even on the market: The Lumia 535 is indeed produced in both a version with only one and in a variant with two SIM slots. In the sale comes here but at least at the start, only the "simple" version. Source:

Existing mobile phone name will remain the same

Nothing new on the model designations already available on the market: The name change only affected Firsts. Devices that were already in sales - about the Nokia Lumia 730 (test) - were thus also then buy still under that name.

Lumia sat next to Windows Phone

No surprise, but in view of the new model designations fortiori obvious: even after the ownership change Windows Phone was on all Lumias (whether or not the dual SIM) installed. Because hardly any other software product should be so much with the company name as associate Windows. As the "brand" could be read on mobile phones, but also because Windows Phone Dual SIM models and of course the mono versions in recent years before some smartphone market share could win for themselves - though still far behind Android and iOS , In this respect, the operating system for those days, better suited than ever for hardware.

For beginners phones everything remained as usual

Unlike smartphones it looked in the entry phones from where the name Microsoft, at least for the time being did not occur: Devices of this class are still longer time than Nokia dual SIM mobile phones become commercially available which applies apparently also for new models. A typical representative of this class is the Nokia 130 (Test) . Even with the simple "Asha" smartphones Although mature, but inflexible "Nokia OS" name is likely to remain until further into things.

Premiere in low range

The first "Microsoft" smartphone was the Lumia 535 Dual SIM, which as a successor to the Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM acted. A purchase of this premiere model in Germany, however, was not planned.

Look and operation: Familiar from home computer

Those who work at home or in the office already on a Windows computer, can detect much familiar in its new Microsoft phone. The colorful tiles invite you to follow the applied on intuitive use interface and much simply try it. In addition, the system convinces with high performance power and works consistently stable even with weaker hardware. Thus, the system is an interesting middle ground between the open Android system the relatively closed iOS.

Lumia tablet soon of "Microsoft"

Already, the recent Nokia phones are on the Microsoft site moved. The name change will follow for the high end models as start their predecessors. The smaller Lumia tablets like the 1320 or 1520 with their 6-inch displays are already now performed in the same "Phone" division such as the Lumia dual SIM smartphones - a different nomenclature for these models alone would therefore already senseless. Especially: already the big Microsoft Surface Tablets are branded. However, no dual SIM are far Tablets announced by Microsoft. For this you can buy currently several Microsoft online cheap Sim Free Phones.

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