The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected as a new flagship smartphone expected until early 2017 appear - possibly again in a " Duo " version for 2 numbers. But in the spring of 2016 seemed to many fans near the Sensation: Samsung presented on March 31 on Twitter a teaser which showed a blue shimmering Eight - Caption: # TheNextGalaxy . On April 1, but instead followed the presentation and first quick tests a common Auflkärung: Everything just an April Fool. So Samsung now plays with the curiosity of the customers - but the longer it until the idea and the first mobile test silent the Galaxy S8, the more interesting are leaks and rumors about the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Test) . We gather here the latest news about , But most important: almost all are guesses - from experts, forums, magazines and bloggers. What is true of them is in detail only at the official presentation or just the Galaxy S8 test show after launch.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Test Dual-SIM
Suspected features and performance
  • Android 7.0
  • 5.2 inch inch display, 3840 x 2160p
  • Quad-core processor (3.0GHz)
Launch and price still open Offer Galaxy S7

Facts, rumors, leaks

The sober facts briefly anticipate: In recent years, Samsung has so introduced several new top models - and also offered each with 2 SIM slots.Each time they were in their time the best models in our comparison. But there is a common feature of all Galaxy S models.
Samsung has officially announced anything at all Galaxy S phones in recent years before the unboxing. This means that all information are also for the suspected S8 before Unpacking event here until further notice only estimates, leaks and speculations.
Even the name is just a guess: One can assume that Samsung not suddenly gives his main seller a completely new name. But as it will be called exactly is not yet sure. Our tip: It remains in the tradition and the successor of Samsung Galaxy S6 (test) and S7 is unsurprisingly called Galaxy S8.

Display: size and shape

Screen size and frame

Always bigger, more and more pixels - that was for years the motto of the Galaxy S displays . With the S7 this trend ended for the first time. And also the flagship for 2017 with respect to the size probably no major changes expected. The users have no problems with 5.1-inch screen, the classic S7 or with the double-sided rounded 5.5 inches at the Galaxy S7 Edge (Test) . In addition, the displays have not increased in size also in the competition.
It is quite possible also that the edge of the display is even narrower. This could simultaneously but also bring problems in the use of what it already partly edge at S7 is the case. Here the bent edge cared more that users tap accidentally while keeping the screen. Especially with keyboard inputs caused the trouble for. Quick help then first paid Cases, Samsung delivered later an update to improve the fingerprint recognition .

Display Form Straight, bent, folded

Speaking of "edge": The housing version with the two rounded edges and the narrow side screens enjoys a high popularity. Therefore, it is obvious that Samsung will bring a Galaxy S8 edge on the market. Even the fans of the predecessor to delight with a new model, which they can change without any hesitation. The then already third-generation edge will be but then ripened by the World Sensation classic.
Much more spectacular is the assertion that Samsung a foldable display could obstruct. That would be a technical eye, but also a costly option, perhaps too expensive for a flagship. Especially would quite unclear how one would prepare a high-quality, durable durable folding screen in large series. Should take full from the table to the idea but not: In addition to the S8 and S8 Edge more devices still could be introduced that offer this highlight.
Samsung Mobile CEO Dong-Jin Koh made in the summer of a hint, the waves struck: One wants to rethink in terms of the display. Instead of two models, an edge model and a flat display, should be made exclusively in the future an Edge variant. Background: At the beginning of the production of curved edges was not yet mature for large amounts of equipment. But now he wanted to do Dong-Jin Koh this style for identifying the Galaxy S series.

4K resolution for Virtual Reality

The display resolution is already enormously in S model from 2016 Quad HD. "Ultra Sharp" was the judgment in the test. Because the pixels are so small and are so close together that you can enjoy yourself at close range with the naked eye a step-free representation. But there is an application in which we have already seen with the naked eye stares at the screen - but with lenses that make even the smallest weaknesses large: Virtual Reality.
For the S8 therefore the suspicion that Samsung comes to meet this trend. The manufacturer has already the Gear VR goggles in the range. At times, it gave them even free to S7 to - especially in the context of the sales launch in 2016. The work also revealed that even the very good quad-HD display with its 2560 x 1440 pixels, a little is still pixelated with these glasses. The best solution would therefore be even more pixels.
Already at S7 has been suggested that a 4K display would be presented - was delivered quad-HD, as the S6. So now would be the right time to upgrade: a 4K panel would for the S8 entirely conceivable. Greatest weakness here: such a display requires now times more computing power in the form of a more powerful processor, and in turn, more energy. The battery is considered however already in the current generation as one of the few criticisms on overall extremely high level. Which brings us to the next point.


Allegedly testing Samsung loud currently a new, in-house processor Exynos8895 on a clock speed of 4 GHz . Perhaps just such a chip is then installed in the S8. You have to understand: The current chips operate, including the Galaxy Note 7 Duets (test / report) , cut back significantly and are actually at a higher clock frequency in a position. But they produce taking too much heat and the battery time would considerably decrease. The solution should be in a new 10-nanometer process. This again scaled structures to ensure greater energy efficiency, and apparently also in the heat development to be easier to handle. The limit of the clock looks set to decline after testing for high volume - to eliminate the problems mentioned for everyday life possible. Since 2.5 GHz are possible already now, a jump to the might 3GHz mark realistically be.

SIM slots

Those who like to use two SIM cards wants to use in his S8, probably has very good cards. However, should you as a buyer again an importrely. Because in recent years, Samsung has a dual SIM version with the suffix "to all flagship models Duets " issued. Marketed the manufacturer this variant but officially only in some countries, especially in South and East Asia, Russia, Arabia and Brazil. For Germany , there was only the basic variant with a single SIM slot.
But there are also rumors that the Galaxy S8 come no classic SIM card more used. Because Samsung has like Apple to eSIM standard co-founded. First mobile phone of this type supposedly the iPhone appear. 7 In a eSIM all information previously hinterlet on the SIM card, stored directly on the phone on a corresponding chip. Instead a SIM classic to change, and then allow the eSIM chip with all the mobile phone contract data reprogram.Whether the more customer advantages or disadvantages has, is currently under discussion between consumer protection agencies, manufacturers and mobile operators.
Should Samsung with the new Galaxy to forgo a traditional SIM slot, the question arises for a " dual eSIM technology". Because so far is indeed time to time in principle of these "embedded SIMs" talk. But there was still our knowledge, no other company has the management of two mobile tariffs indicated by a eSIM. It is therefore interesting to see whether in terms of SIM slot everything stays the same whether the eSIM a second phone number prevents - or whether possibly even every eSIM Galaxy S8 dual SIM capable. If it stays with physical cards, we expect thenano-SIM format for both slots.

Conclusion: still missing too many details

Other rumors on Galaxy S8 follow soon. We are interested especially eSIM speculation, the notes on processor and battery - as well as the questions following a suspected launch. Once we have the first information, we also like links on the new flagship with contract ready. But above all we are waiting for deals without SIM lock for those who just pure 2017er Galaxy S8 buy want.
Advantages (presumably)
  • Up to 8 GB of memory
  • Latest Android Version 7
  • Ultra Brilliant 4K display
  • Very high quality materials
Disadvantages (rumors)
  • Very expensive purchase price without contract
  • Battery could be powerful

Technology and mobile Details

property value
Display / Screen size 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display WQHD
resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, 518 ppi
operating system announced Android 6.0 update to 7.0 ()
main camera 12.0 megapixels
front camera 5 megapixel
SIM 1 Nano SIM
SIM 2 Nano SIM
transmission standards LTE, UMTS, GPRS
Supported frequencies LTE / 4G: 800/1800/2600 MHz UMTS / 3G: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz GSM / 2G: 1900 MHz
processor Octa-Core 2.15 GHz
memory 4 GB of RAM 64 GB of internal memory
sensors Bullets
battery pack 3500 mAh
Dimensions 15.35 x 7.39 x 0.79 cm
weight 169 g

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