The new flagship Phab let Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to as dual SIM phone to hit the market. Presumably provides Samsung is at least in China and India in a variant for two numbers from. Therefore, we take the model to this, even if the launch and a thorough check can be yet to come.While the comparison to be particularly interesting Samsung Galaxy S7 Duos (test) be. Because after release of the single-SIM variant within two weeks to several accidents due to large battery problems has come to a start of the version for 2 SIM cards can not predict now. Also, the launch of the "normal" version in Germany has been postponed. Samsung also has a major recall of note so far about 2.5 million sold 7 units started.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Test Dual-SIM
  • announced Android 6.0 update to 7.0
  • 5.7 inch inch display, 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Octa-core processor (2.15 GHz)
Online Pre-expected


Highlight in Note 7 Duos test is clearly the 5.7-inch Quad HD display. Similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge (test) , it is rounded down to both sides .Thus it can be at the same time as re-grown successor to the S6 edge + See. In addition, for the first time in grade 7 at Samsung top and bottom edges rounded . Whether the XL smartphone characterized as promised can actually keep better remains to be seen in practice. Already in the first test, the new has Super AMOLED -Panel way a record in terms of brightness set. About 1000 cd / m² are likely even in bright sunshine make for a very good readability and plenty of contrast. In addition, so that is HDR representation possible, so that as the playback of HDR video is even more vivid possible. In order to meter the brightness sense, the Note 7 also brings the first smartphone dual Ambient light sensors on the front and back .


Using the functions of the S-series also provide the grade models have always additional operation via pin , also stylus, or in the case of Samsung " S-Pen " called. In the test case will be interesting especially how well the handwriting recognition works and how well a dosedpressure point can control different reactions.
We already work with in our previous tests various smartphones and phablets pen input tested in everyday life. Overall, it shows how this gadget over the years was always practical: you can with good devices by different now as a real pen pressure levels draw lines of uneven thickness, the handwriting recognition works largely error-free with very good equipment and of course you can very delicate exactly click individual mini graphics that you would never marked as accurate by thumb or forefinger. Is cut off how well the new S Pen, we will find out.
Until then, you can deal ever with the facts of Samsung. Because it is basically a new development of the previous S-Pen. And this has worked at a high level. It works even more delicately, because the peak now measures 0.7 mm instead of the previous 1.6 mm.He also recognizes more finely how firmly you press down: take 2048 registers the new pin 4096 pressure levels .Before all but should also work the new pen if he or the display with clear water have become wet.
What we are particularly pleased: Even on the off screen can be reached by S-Pen create notes at any time. You arrive first place automatically in the Notes app, like all other notes with display. Cool it is, if you at the same time the " Always On display uses" function. Because then the notes remain permanently visible on the otherwise disconnected display. Thus one has then probably one of the most expensive, but also exclusive notepads ever at hand. Stow can the S-Pen, as long as you do not need it, as with Note 4 and Note 5 directly in the housing. You put him on the lower narrow side right into the appropriate slot. Actually quite interesting that so much space is because manufacturers generally put on every cubic millimeter value and, among other reasons, the SIM cards have become smaller.

Mobile Internet

If one has the right mobile phone contract, you can surf as fast with the Galaxy Note 7 (duo) and transmit data , that it is from no other smartphone has to hide. LTE is on board, and in addition to 4G, the device supports, and of course the slower cellular standards 3G (UMTS, HSPA) and 2G. When you order the score 7 Duos from a dealer from abroad, that model is not officially intended for the German market. In addition to the pre-installed operating language then the line frequencies of the few points on which the device may differ from the variants available in this country. Of particular importance are the 4G and 3G frequencies, as is done about it almost all the information exchanged in the mobile Internet. And gratifying to know: The Chinese import version of Note 7 Duos supports loud dealer information all 3 German LTE bands with 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz. Also, all 4 UMTS frequencies covered. No matter which provider they therefore have their calling plan and what UMTS, HSPA or LTE bands it provides on the spot: The dual SIM Note 7 supports this. If you want to be sure, look for clicking on a merchant offer there in the mobile phone details to which are exclusively applicable.

operating system

The new top phablet is delivered first with Android 6 . However, even before the start of pre-orders Samsung has a speedy update to Android 7 announced. Analag to previous versions of the operating system also supports this again a nickname, by marshmallow for version 6 then "nougat" .
How long you have to wait until the update? This is not entirely clear, but it is likely to be in 2016 so far. Because it was announced an upgrade within 2 to 3 months . Calculated from today So therefore would be the earliest in mid-October , is expected from the sale Start 2nd September, then no later than early December .

SIM slots

In the dual-SIM variant of the Note 7 can be two Nano-SIM card insert. How current are usual both simultaneously receiving . Once a call arrives on a SIM, you can directly accept this so. If one would like itself a call to build, which is possible directly with each of the two phones.Optionally, one determines the desired SIM card after entering the number or contact selection via icon tap on the desired card - or you will advance one that you want to perform only a specific SIM outgoing calls always. What the menu "SIM-card management" provides in detail for options, see you after the launch of the full score 7 Duos test on. Dual SIM Standby also means that you can not simultaneously on two phones calls or texting can. While one SIM active network connection has (ie: the phone), the other is disconnected from its network. One can imagine this as if one with his cell phone just no reception.According to a well is solution available: By a call diversion is in unavailability, the two cards can mutually refer to each other. Depending on the contract that is subject to a charge, at a Allnet Flat it can work without charge. So you unless to permanent accessibility on both numbers at the same time instructed, you should see in his cell phone contracts, what does it cost to use this feature.

battery pack

Before we get to the actual performance: Samsung has used the battery according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in too narrow a framework and thus slightly compressed. That is also the reason for the number of accidents to be that caused the score 7: Meanwhile, over 90 cases of overheating, 50 cases of damage and more than 20 burns are known.
Samsung has responded to these catastrophic events and launched a recall. In the US, the sale is currently prohibited under private citizens. Samsung also recommends that all users worldwide urgently, the note off and return. 7 In addition, there will be a software update. How and when the model is to come back to the market, is currently open. However, a first case of fire is probably at the exchange equipment occurred, as several news portals on 06/10. reported.
One of the great weaknesses of all giant smartphones is the high battery consumption due to the enormous light generation. Since the Galaxy Note 7 in the test also competes, to prove themselves as high-phablet, stands for processor and labor again to large energy needs. Since it surprising that Smamsung has nevertheless opted for a only 3500 mAh large battery - one can freely change most at enormous expense.Lacked here ultimately the court, to the pen accommodation has required?

Battery compared

The manufacturer points out, rightly, that the capacity is significantly higher than the 3000 mAh from the previous note. 5 But the slightly smaller Galaxy S7 edge with 5.5 inch screen now has 3600 mAh charging capacity. Whether one still good (at least) comes with less power and a larger screen throughout the day, to be seen in the test.

wireless charging

can charge to the Galaxy Note 7 wirelessly, elegant charging station has already presented to the manufacturer. Whether it is standard in the standard supply, was still open. In addition, a quick charge function ensures that energy is quickly especially at very low battery level is available again for a few hours.

USB Type-C

If you want to load the phablet classically via a USB cable, you can say goodbye to the search, how to precisely the correct direction must plug in the charging cable.The 7 Series Score provides a USB Type-C connector, wherein the connector to both the one and the other side up always fit into the slot.


With the score 7 Samsung skips in the label an entire generation , for a grade 6 never existed. And the counting is selected to rightly so.Because compared to the previous Galaxy Note 5 (duo) the improvements are compared enormous. Buy one should the top Drüber phone but only if you actually need such a large smartphone or itself particularly to the intergrated pen function would be for the hands-free entry ,Because the price is likely to again be above the already expensive Samsung Galaxy S7. This makes it at least reasonably low is, we compare as usual the prices of various online retailers in Germany and abroad for you if a pre-order is possible.
  • excellent display
  • Very fast processor
  • Convenient pen input
  • Expected very high price

Technology and mobile Details

property value
Display / Screen size 5.7 inch Super AMOLED display WQHD
resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, 518 ppi
operating system announced Android 6.0 update to 7.0 ()
main camera 12.0 megapixels
front camera 5 megapixel
SIM 1 Nano SIM
SIM 2 Nano SIM
transmission standards LTE, UMTS, GPRS
Supported frequencies LTE / 4G: 800/1800/2600 MHz UMTS / 3G: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz GSM / 2G: 1900 MHz
processor Octa-Core 2.15 GHz
memory 4 GB of RAM 64 GB of internal memory
sensors Bullets
battery pack 3500 mAh
Dimensions 15.35 x 7.39 x 0.79 cm
weight 169 g

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