Nokia 215 Dual SIM: Front and back

True buttons and small display, the Nokia 215 Dual SIM comes as level or second mobile phone in question.

With the Nokia 215, the mobile division of Microsoft once again a basic model for a very low MSRP before: 39 euros will cost the unit only. For a Phone obtained in classical mobile phone design, ie small, but color display and real keys - and reportedly also "mobile Internet". Is it worth waiting for the Nokia 215 launch?
  • operating system
  • display
  • cameras
  • Mobile Internet
  • Dual-SIM Control
  • Design + housing
  • battery pack
  • Conclusion

operating system

The fact remains that the cheap mobile phones from Nokia will continue to operate with the company's own Series 30+ system. The pretty encapsulated system (no App Store, no customizations, etc.) has been felt for ages in these models in use - but for the use via control buttons now very mature. Those looking for functionality à la Android or iOS, probably will not be happy. Who other hand just wants to use the basic functions, can be very intuitive calling, texting, surfing, listening to the radio - or post also liken etc. But for the same more.


In Nokia 215 dual SIM a 2.4 inch LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels is installed. The resolution called QVGA. The image quality will be with 166 ppi, not pixelated, but (on closer inspection or direct comparison with an top smartphone) stepped out. It is operated via the keyboard, a touch screen function, there is not.


Nokia 215 dual SIM colors

The 215 comes in 3 colors on the market, with only green and black are provided for Germany.

A camera is on board, but only dissolves with 640 x 480 pixels. So you can safely make one or the other memory snapshot, but certainly not replace digital camera. Videos are also possible, but only with lower resolution: 320 x 240, the Nokia 215 in the dual SIM.

Mobile Internet

Although Microsoft announces quite full-bodied, can use that the Nokia 215 for the first time in this price range mobile internet and access, for example on Facebook. One has to say but: this is limited. The data connection via mobile exclusively via 2G (EGPRS) with a maximum of 236.8 kbit / s download and up to 85.6 kbit / s upstream. Neither 3G (UMTS / HSPA) let alone 4G ( LTE ) are available. As for Facebook posts and updates not necessarily large amounts of data are transmitted, the pure Sharen of news and receiving Posts per claim may be OK. But expect a lot you do not. An Opera Mini browser is also installed - who also (slowly) want to surf at his request pages, can also do. Disappointed is also who instead it uses Wi-Fi hotspots or your own wireless router to go with the 215 dual SIM online: For WLAN is not supported.

Dual-SIM Control

The Nokia 215 is available as a single- or dual-SIM mobile phone plan.
Nokia 215 Dual SIM

The clear operation takes place via the control buttons below the display on the Nokia 215th

Those who opt for the dual SIM version, can probably look forward to a very simple handling of the current map, because the handling convinced us in previous tests of the same operating system in other Nokia-level models. Questionable against: Of the four used in Germany GSM frequencies the 215 supports only two, namely 900 and 1800 MHz.

Design + housing

  • Simple and thoughtful, but it is a classic candy bar mobile phone: The 215 follows the pleasing, slightly rounded design of the entry phones such as the Nokia 130 , but is not quite as "chunky" in the look.
  • The dimensions are 11.6 x 5.0 x 1.29 cm, the weight is just under 79 grams. For a phone this small equipment quite difficult.
  • As colors green, white and black are planned, said White is not intended for the German market.
battery pack

battery pack

The simple Ausstatttung and the small screen ensure low power consumption. This also means a long battery life.Who telephoned permanently, should the can, according to Microsoft up to 21 hours straight. When the fully charged cell phone is just left lying there holding in standby mode by even 21 days.

Conclusion + alternatives

  • For under 40 euros you get a quite elegant, for calls and texting very suitable dual SIM device. Internet is possible but limited. Those looking exactly should quietly wait for the launch. Who other hand expect more - as it is also something fueled by Microsoft through its announcements especially in terms of mobile Internet - should be cautious in order not to be disappointed.
  • Even less you pay for the Nokia 130 , which receives also two SIM cards.
  • Who wants to surf properly obtained for around 100 euros now real smartphones (of course with basic facilities), eg from the same manufacturer, the Lumia 530 Dual SIM .
Side note: Prior to thoroughly testing the production version we have already forgiven our assessment as a rating - this may change course, and is intended for guidance only.

PS: Does it now "Microsoft" or "Nokia"?

Unlike new smartphones from the manufacturer, the now Microsoft Lumia hot, the cheap mobile phones of the same producers continue to run under the name of Nokia .

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