n July 2014, the first dual-SIM mobile LTE supported. Since then, many models have been added and there are more and more invitations for so-called 4G models. The number is derived mainly from abroad, officially few smartphones are marketed. For other countries provide numerous manufacturers their LTE phones forth with 2 SIM slots. These can be bought often quite low in Germany as an import and use them well.However, there are observed with respect to the LTE frequencies a few details.


  • LTE dual SIM phones in Germany
  • Per Import Models available
  • Notes on LTE frequencies
  • What are "FDD LTE" and "TDD LTE"?
  • Quick Checklist before buying

Currently available dual-SIM LTE phones

there is the end of 2015 a large dual SIM model selection with LTE. Find an overview of most popular smartphones.
Huawei P8 dual SIM


With the Huawei P8 dual SIM the Chinese manufacturer is now bringing even its current flagship in a version for 2 SIM cards on the market. The stripped-down version P8 lite dual SIM we had already described in detail. And with this inexpensive model Huawei has hit the mark - is currently at one of the best selling smartphones in Germany.  "
LG G4 dual SIM


The LG G4 Dual-LTE, the Korean brand has initially only in South and East Asia to a dual-SIM version of its current flagship. But my import is enormously well-equipped model also available in Germany. Reason enough that we take it in the full G4 Dual sim test under the microscope.  "
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Test


The time has come: we have the Samsung Galaxy S6 duo in the test. None 2 weeks after starting normal flagship dual-SIM variant is now available already via independent dealers in Germany. Much faster than its predecessor was the case.  "
Microsoft Lumia 950 Dual SIM


The Microsoft Lumia 950 Dual SIM, the new flagship of the brand is officially in a version for 2 SIM cards in Germany in the trade. The essential characteristics are identical to the single-SIM model. The launch took place a few days ago, shortly followed by a Test Overview.  "
Huawei P8 lite


With the Huawei P8 lite the Chinese manufacturer offers the compact and somewhat simpler held version of its flagship in Germany as a "hybrid" dual SIM phone. This means that the microSD slot can optionally be used for a second SIM card.The total of good quality in combination with a moderate price applies obviously in tune with the customer.  "
Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos


With the Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos world leader has in this country largely unknown dual-SIM version of smartphone flagship in the range. The S5 Duos is available via free Importers eg Amazon in Germany, an official sales of the model, there are not so far.  "


HTC One: Dual-SIM + LTE

First: The One M8 Dual HTC launched in 2014 for the first time an LTE-capable dual SIM mobile in Germany

  • LTE is currently highlight the dual version of the Samsung flagship, S6 Duos. Even its predecessor is still available and is one of the most popular models.
  • The LG G4 launch in Asia was held in late May, 2015. There is, however, not officially, but only over free importers available.
  • The Wiko Ridge 4G has been available since March 6, 2015. It offers 4G with two SIM cards. The second SIM slot acts alternatively as a microSD slot.
  • The HTC One M8 Dual (test) was in July 2014, the first "double-phone" with LTE on the German market. Meanwhile, it is usually sold out and only occasionally found.

Despite announcement in Germany not available models:

  • The Andy Yezz A5VP are what appear in February 2014 this week and would loudly seller for months - if it still coming? Unpredictable.
  • The Huawei Ascend P7 (Test) Although basically offers a dual-SIM mobile LTE, but is annoyingly sold in Germany only in a single-SIM version - because this country is the microSD slot, which serves as a second SIM slot in other countries, used up only as a microSD slot.
  • The Wiko Wax test is available for purchase in June, 2014. Unlike initially suspected in the model notice, these are but a derogation, no dual SIM model of the French Company Otherwise, it is a typical middle-class model for scores with a favorable price with market launch.

What you should consider

Technically up to 300 Mbit / s are supported, but the network side such airspeeds are usually not, or only in certain tariffs offered. A particular problem of imported 4G phones are the way the German frequencies: As in Asia partly others LTE bands are used to support some models not all LTE networks in this country. We have in each test exactly out.

LTE Dual SIM Cell Phone Chooser abroad

Outside of Germany, one could also say, outside Europe, several mobile phones are available for 2 SIM cards that dominate the LTE mobile radio standard, particularly in Asia. These mainly include the top models of the major manufacturers, which usually only for certain markets - be produced in a dual SIM version - for example, China or India. If there were not for the solution is the smartphone easy to import? Ultimately, this is possible, but it depends on how to perform the import.

Buy LTE dual SIM phone from specialized import dealers

  • Free traders have partly on marketplaces large providers such as Amazon or eBay foreign LTE dual SIM mobile phone models. This makes ordering easier, but all the points that have just been mentioned, one must also consider this - also should make sure who pays the shipping and customs charges or that the device is properly cleared.
  • Specialized vendors such as comebuy.com shall also provide in its own large shop websites rows dual SIM phones made in China - known asChina phones . Some of them will be shipped from Germany. All points just mentioned, the need to look at, also apply here.
  • In addition to high-end models from renowned manufacturers can be found in imports distributor (also called gray imports) often unbranded goods. For their quality, German approval or the technical suitability for German mobile networks no overall assessment is possible - if you care about quality, it is therefore advisable to prefer a well-proven model for example, dual SIM mobile test closer look.
  • After a successful import of a suitable for Germany highend dual SIM smartphones with LTE one can be almost certain that you use in this country almost a unique piece with very special abilities.

Direct single import by buying abroad

  • A direct single import is for private customers usually very awkward: company websites are often held only in the national language. A buy site followed by an import - such as during a vacation - is there often easier.
  • Costs of customs and transport in addition to fall
  • The network technology of the model may not be suitable for the German networks
  • The pre-installed software may not be in German convertible
  • German safety standards (GS mark, TÜV-characters) are usually not available
  • A warranty or repair is difficult if the manufacturer in Germany officially has no corresponding support for the model (as it is also not offered here)

LTE for the Internet, 3G for calls

LTE can only be described as Internet-Turbo, because currently the German networks are exclusively designed to transmit data over the fastest wireless standard. This means that if you have 4G reception, the high available bandwidth is used only for surfing, streaming and downloads.Once making a call or receives, the smartphone uses for the 3G (UMTS) network, or even the 2G (GSM) network, if 3G is unavailable. Much nicer it would be natural to use to make a call LTE. For since there is much more information can be transmitted at the same time, would thus eg HD audio - say, better sound - when mobile calls are available. Phone calls over 4G is currently in development and is then called VoLTE ( V oice o ver LTE ). In Germany, the three (previously four) major network operators VoLTE have already announced or presented at trade fairs. However, an exact launch date is not known, more specifically, it appears on the basis of statements of Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica / E-Plus so that a more precise starting date has not been scheduled.

Which LTE frequencies are there in Germany?

Manufacturers give at your smartphones usually supported frequencies in MHz. Sometimes they call in addition to or instead also LTE Band - a number between 1 and 26 each designates a specific bandwidth. In this case, there are often three questions:
  • Which LTE band belongs to which frequency?
  • Which German network provider supports this?
  • If the respective frequency available at my location?
We have compiled a table here, which is hopefully helpful. According to the data on the package or in our technical details should therefore have the most important information at hand. Especially when it comes to imports from other countries. Because often are only designed for the networks in their region of origin 4G enabled phones. To what extent they relate to the German mobile network, you should consider carefully before purchasing itself. * O2 and E-Plus lay since 14.04.2015 together their mobile networks. This so-called "national roaming" but applies initially not for LTE (4G), but for UMTS (3G). Briefly: Currently LTE will be sent in three frequency bands: 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz. Which tape a cell phone is actually available depends on the rate offered and the location. What is the network coverage locally? We can not say a flat rate. But: The network operators usually offer cards to the mains supply. So you can check whether in home, office or university LTE is possible quickly itself.

LTE network coverage locally: The Germany map of Provider

Forecast: 700 MHz LTE frequency planned worldwide

For the planning of radio frequencies, the WRC is responsible. This "World radiocommunication conference" will be held every four years. It is organized by ITU (International Telecommunication Union) with 193 member countries. After 2015, see the next two so-called wave conferences 2019 and 2023 instead.

The results of WRC 2015

The conference has significantly more frequencies agreed for mobile. In total, in different regions, worldwide about 400 MHz of bandwidth added. There are the following spectra. Particular interest is 700 MHz band . Provision is now made virtually worldwide for mobile. In North America and Asia, this is already largely the case. Almost all other markets join in future. LTE smartphones that support the 700 MHz 4G band, so can transfer mobile data in more countries in the medium term.

Benefits of standardization

  • Data roaming works even better.
  • Import is relaxed. Because the more uniform the networks are global, the better you can use mobile phones abroad produced indigenously.

What are LTE "FDD" and "TDD"?

FDD and TDD are different LTE network technologies. They differ so much that a phone will work only in that 4G network that uses the appropriate LTE network technology. This must be so well supported by the smartphone as the existing network frequencies (see above).
  • A dual SIM mobile phone that only supports FDD-LTE, therefore, only in a FDD LTE network, but not in a TDD-LTE network going online - and vice versa.
  • However, there are now many models that both the one and dominate the other transmission system.

LTE technology Differences from


FDD transmits and receives simultaneously , on different frequencies . The abbreviation means F requency D ivision Duplexing so "frequency separation when sending and receiving". In 800 MHz network as is the range of 791-821 MHz available for downloads, the range of 832-862 MHz for uploads. FDD networks are widespread worldwide
  • Germany
  • Europe (largely)
  • USA
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Africa (largely)


TDD transmits and receives a time delay on the same frequency . The acronym stands for T ime D ivision D uplexing, so "time Separate sending and receiving". The exchange period is however so fast that it is not perceived as waiting time on the phone and surfing. TDD networks there especially in South and East Asia
  • China,
  • India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Saudi Arabia
It is so far quite important, especially in import-smartphones like China mobile phones to make sure they support the usual standards in Germany. In this country officially available smartphones should this actually always dominate - a visual check in the mobile data but can not hurt.  

Brief technology checklist before buying smartphone

Dual-SIM LTE CheckSo many facts, what should I look for when buying? We have compiled a little list for you:Your new phone is suitable for dual-SIM LTE when it ...
  • at least one of the supported network frequencies that operates your mobile service provider - taking care, if you want to use the phone more in the city or in the country (see above in the table)
  • the transmission technology FDD LTE support in these line frequencies - this is a rule to check only if it is an imported device.
On the matching rate occurs also at
  • To use the speed advantage of 4G, the corresponding transmission speed of your wireless service provider must also be provided. Although the respective network basically provides LTE, the use is not possible with any phone tariff - you therefore look on to the Terms and Conditions.
  • If you also look at a new LTE phone a suitable tariff, helps a cell phone contract comparison often continue.

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