ASUS Fonepad dual SIM

ASUS Fonepad Dual SIM: The Next Generation with 7 "and 8" display and 64-bit processor (Source: Asus)

Attention, Asus have to watch out a bit: There are firstly the Asus PadFone - which is a tablet with integrated smartphone for taking out. So two devices, but operate with a single SIM card: This one puts a the smartphone, and you put the phone into the tablet, you can access them on the tablet display on memory, processor and SIM Card Phones.

A tablet to call

On the other hand there is also the Asus Fonepad or a whole range of Fonepads - may sound pretty much the same, but is something quite different: There is a single device that can also work depending on the model with two SIM cards. So a dual SIM tablet. Available the Fonepad is currently even already (with optional 6 "or 7" display), but in Europe officially so far only a sole SIM slot. Now Asus has however announced a new generation that not only gets a second SIM slot, but otherwise something is growing: From him it is a variant of 7 "and 8" enter. Whether these devices find their way to Europe and to Germany, when it might be applicable and what they should be free - all still unclear.

Somewhat confusing homonyms

The new generation will continue to consist of compact models, but - share the same equipment - to the various displays. Unfortunately, the 7-inch version retains apparently her name, which presumably should make for some confusion. The internal model name, however, will no longer start with "ME", but with "FE" then. In addition, the suffix "Dual SIM" should be able to provide clarity. But as I said, at Asus one has to watch something here.

Next Generation with Android 4.4.2

Whether one accepts the future seven- or eight-inch version: You will then receive one of the few dual SIM device, which comes with the latest generation of the KitKat Android operating system: With the version 4.4.2 are Fonepad 7 and Fonepad 8 thus, most current models ahead. To be fair, yes mind to the fact that neither the one nor the other device is however currently available: About the launch silent Asus - and who knows, also offer as many other manufacturers hitherto Android 4.4.x for its dual SIM products.

Display and Resolution

At 7 or even 8-inch screen, the number of pixels may total lie quietly as high as possible, so that no one recognizes everywhere pixel levels by the naked eye. After all, already offer the best dual SIM models in mobile Test Full HD on a 5 "diagonal, for example, the Wiko Highway (test)and the Alcatel One Touch Idol X (test) . By contrast, the announced Asus fall models unfortunately but clearly from: 1280 x 800 pixels are still okay, but not a highlight. Incidentally, they apply for the smaller and for the larger model. How good the picture quality ultimately fails, what color brilliance, which of view there must, later clarified a Asus Fonepad test.


Two cameras are now output both smartphones as well as tablets and there, the new Fonepads should come with one front and one rear camera. The resolution will be respectively 5 megapixels (main camera on the back) or 2-megapixel (front camera).


A rather low image resolution is in terms of speed, of course, not bad, after all, less pixels must be calculated. But at least to judge by the paper values to takes the Fonepad 7 Dual SIM nor is the Fonepad 8 dual SIM relying on such a relief. Because both get a quad-core processor with high 1.8 GHz and has a 64 bit architecture modern.

Why 2 SIM cards in a tablet?

Special feature of the Asus Fonepads: Not only can you surf with them and send data back and forth, but also as an ultra large smartphone vernwenden to call and SMS messages. Thus then also the part "Fone" in the product name. The same principle advantages have naturally not only the future dual SIM tablet manufacturer, but even the present generation. Especially the call function is probably also the reason why it Asus 2 SIM slots is eingebauen in Fonepad - because for a private and a professional phone number that is nachvollziehar. With different SIM card in a normal pad "only" can also surf make sense, however, the customer base for pure dual SIM surf tablets is probably considerably smaller - in the era of surf Flats it is for most relatively unimportant, if they read with the same SIM card while surfing company e-mails or private e-mails.

For whom the new dual SIM Fonepads are right?

Who simply a very large display would, however, able to make calls with the device also wants to be a pad with a telephone function in principle a good idea. But this combination is quite rare. Who then still far two major smart phones (or even tablets) has used for its various ligands SIM cards will certainly delighted that he has to take only one model in the future.

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