The LG G4 Dual-LTE , the Korean brand has initially only in South and East Asia is also a dual-SIM version of its current flagship at. But my import is enormously well-equipped model also available in Germany. Reason enough that we in the detailed G4 Dual sim test take a closer look. Short resume: After the first day, the top model convinced us on almost every point - but in mobile Internet, we discovered weaknesses.We talk a preliminary review carried out, but still no score for the price.
LG G4 dual SIM in Test
  • Android 5.1
  • 5.5 "display, 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • 2x micro SIM, 2x LTE
  • Snapdragon 808 Hexa-Core Processor
  • 3,000 mAh battery, changeable
  • Online from € 399.00

Review in brief

Stylish: Removable LG G4 Dual Cover in leather

The LG G4 Dual comes with two interchangeable covers in leather (optics) and plastic.There are 6 color variations.Bottom left of the speaker.

The huge, slightly curved 5.5-inch display is impressively well - incidentally, the phone acts relatively easily despite its size. The removable back cover feel very high quality of (especially the leather versions). And the operation? Here scores the G4 as the first dual SIM phone with Android 5.1 and a extremely liquid presentation. Here, first, the most important data at a glance, then, as usual, followed by the detailed report.


The 5.5-inch display has a resolution of Quad-HD, ie 2560 x 1440 pixels. It thus offers the same resolution as the dual-SIM version of the Samsung flagship Galaxy S6 (Test) What indicate the technical data is also confirmed in practice. The image quality is outstanding. Razor sharp, crisp vibrant colors visually makes the G4 before any other phone slightly. When the screen size "Dual Window" is also a useful thing: Here you can run two different apps in the upper and lower half of the screen.

Curved scene

The image area is evenly arched so that the top and bottom of the image to the viewer bent toward. The tendency, however, is very withhold: they noticed my inspection, but it does not fall on especially. If one cell phone with the display facing downwards, the distance between center of the screen and the table surface is about 1 mm. Perhaps quite funny and (still) unusual - but in this test Curved design has neither disturbed nor shown certain advantages.


Premium performance in transmitted light: The G4 is equipped with an f1.8 aperture, a peak value compared to the best smartphones - whether for one or two SIM cards. This diaphragm allows a very high light absorption, so that images can succeed very well even in the dark. But the photos in the test are also apart from excellent. In particular, the image stabilizer is satisfied.
LG G4 Operating System: Android 5.1

Latest version 5.1: Android Lollipop on the LG G4 - right down the modifier key for SIM card change

operating system

As far first dual SIM phone we had for testing in hands, provides the LG G4 Android 5.1, the latest version available at this time of the Google operating system. As with almost all smartphones, the brand manufacturer also dual SIM flagship has an additional user interface spendiert get: LG Optimus UX 4.0. And that brings some particularly useful features when operating with it. In particular, the control of the SIM card as an extra button in the virtual control bar is fun.

Operation: LG Features

Already for a few years is LG with the physical and virtual keys other ways. First of all, are located on the front or on the sides no real buttons. But lying on the back, below the camera, three of them (see the image to the back cover above). The average is slightly higher and is used to activate / deactivate. The upper and lower control the volume with an active mobile phone.

Standby: start camera and Notepad quickly

If the smartphone is turned off, you can start the camera directly above the top button. For those in a hurry: in the settings can be set whether you also want to directly take even the first photo when typing. The bottom button, which is otherwise "silent" for responsible, calling in off phone however directly to a Notepad app. So if you quickly what would note - the app starts so quickly that you should have it by then hardly forget.

Freely assignable virtual keys

The virtually superimposable buttons at the bottom can be assigned freely. "Back", "app launcher", "Home screen" - which is rigidly fixed in almost all other mobile phones, can be switched as desired when G4 Dual. Total 7 virtual buttons are available, up to 5 of them can be simultaneously put into the control line. One of them, by default already active, has a special dual SIM function: it changes my tip from one SIM to another. More on this in section "Dual-SIM Control".

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet with LTE - the highest level, but only on SIM1 and without 800 MHz.

Who calls his Phone LG G4 Dual-LTE on the carton, stoking high expectations: Two SIM cards, twice LTE - it sounds unfortunately not been confirmed but that always.. Because there are two different versions of the dual-SIM model: The LG-H818N (Hong Kong / China) and the LG H818P (for United Arab Emirates and other countries). No question: Both offer true high-speed Internet with 4G. But, there are two differences - whether themselves are relevant for a, depends on their own mobile phones.
  • LTE frequencies: Since LG has not provided the G4 Dual for the German market, the industrial nations, common frequencies are not specifically supported. The result: The H818P has mastered all of Germany's LTE bands, the H818N, however only two of them: The widespread in rural areas 800 MHz frequency is missing in this variant. One can accuse the producers badly - and after all, the first models of Samsung's top models S5 and S6 duo were not suitable for the 800 MHz band. Only a device upgrade that changed. At LG, there are at least two variants simultaneously. However, one must pay close attention to the designation when ordering.Incidentally, the previous model LG G3 Dual does not support this LTE frequency until today.
  • LTE to SIM1 and SIM2: Each G4 Dual supported for the SIM card in the slot "SIM1" support all the broadcast standards, to LTE / 4G. In the second slot, the models differ on the other hand: the card in SIM slot number 2 can access the H818N only on GPRS. At least, we tested two different SIM cards with LTE tariff, in both no 4G and no 3G / H + was available. The H818P enables but on both SIMs. However, we had this version of the flagship not in the test.
In the technical specifications of LG itself is found incidentally unfortunately nothing about. There can only be stated that the principle G4 LTE dominated - and it does not, indeed, only in our test at the Hong Kong variant up to two SIMs.
Supported frequencies SIM1:
  • LTE / 4G - (700, 800, 850, 900), 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz
  • UMTS / 3G - 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz
  • GSM / 2G - 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
Supported frequencies SIM2:
  • H818N: Only GSM (2G) - 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • H818P: How SIM1

Dual-SIM Control

LG G4 Dual: Very simple SIM managementIn terms of SIM card management the G4 dual LTE makes the best impression ever a smartphone has left in this discipline with us. Highlight is the integrated directly into the control panel icon to switch between the two SIM cards back and forth without having to open the status bar, or a menu. This feature can be found incidentally almost traditionally in LG dual SIM phones . So far, however, it has taken no other mobile phone manufacturers. Practical: If you hold the button for more virtual, the Dual-SIM menu, where you can configure the most important settings opens - as the individual cards (de) activate the card for mobile internet set etc. Individual settings for SIM1 and SIM2 are otherwise as with virtually all Android smartphones for 2 SIM cards in the "Settings" menu possible. At LG, however, overall better achieved than with other devices in comparison.Thus, separate values for the two SIM cards can be set up very quickly, directly where you would also make settings anyway. Example: In the distinguished point "ringtones" right after SIM1 and SIM2. It takes in most common settings so do not bother to call a submenu. Although this is ultimately little more complicated, but the G4 has here simply one more "Tick" more comfort. For setting details, which (also) refer to a SIM card, an extra click on SIM1 or SIM2 is then nevertheless necessary. But after all, is different for different functions according to SIM1, SIM2 and General. So many possibilities for the card controller is exemplary.

SIM card & slots

LG G4 Dual: slots for SIM cards and microSD

Links: Slot for SIM2. Centrally from top to bottom: camera, volume, on / off, Volume Down.Right: slot for SIM1 and above for the microSD.

Accommodate 2 Micro SIM cards and a microSD card: To assign the slots, is necessary to remove only the back cover. Compared with the now usual SIM trays needed to ensure no tools. The G4 has a total of 3 slots. So if you want to insert a microSD need it to dispense with any SIM card. The situation is different in so-called hybrid slots that receive either a (nano) SIM or memory card. A current example is the Galaxy A3 (test) . To insert SIM1 (right, vertical slot), you have to remove the battery. For SIM2 (left, horizontal slot) that is not necessary. Off should the smartphone but anyway before pushes cards or taking out.


Change Cover included: The Unboxing the G4 DualTwo features, otherwise the usual: When unboxing (see photo) to emerge:


  • LG G4 dual LTE Smartphone
  • battery pack
  • USB charging cable
  • Stereo Headset (incidentally, quite elegant) with cable and volume rocker
  • warranty Information


  • Change Cover in silver plastic
  • Connector for charging cable - unfortunately in Chinese standard and thus unsuitable for our outlets (?). As it was in our test device to import from Hong Kong, as the data show on the packaging, which is a disadvantage that you have to take for "exotic" smartphones in purchasing.For charging, we just used a different connector, which went smoothly.

Conclusion LG G4 dual SIM

In the test, a very pleasant surprise: The LG G4 Dual-LTE is a new superphone for two SIM cards to choose from. If you appreciate a sufficiently large screen, takes after our comparison here the best smartphone in this display size. Also technology and operation are first class - only who is instructed in rural areas or on both SIM cards on LTE, is likely to be disappointed. Unfortunately, the model is marketed not just in Germany by LG Electronics, hence the purchase as import goods is necessary - and for the price you would have to dig deep into your pocket. Other similarly good top handsets however, at the same level.

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