Acer Liquid X2 Triple SIM

The Acer Liquid X2 with 3 SIM slots is about to release.

Is Available Soon the Acer Liquid X2 Triple sim . Presented Acer had the 5.5 inchsmartphone in April in New York, the launch in the US and probably Britain is now imminent. Nevertheless, there is still little information about the device. Worth theWait until the day X? For whom the Liquid X2 might be interesting?

Triple SIM

Clearly a peculiarity. Phones with 3 SIM slots are much rarer than the dual SIM phones . Those looking for one, but come on now Acer barely past: The Acer Liquid E700 Trio is already on the market longer. It did well in the test and also its sales seem - to be neat - for the relatively small audience. The number of buyers who use three SIM cards, is of course limited. Nevertheless, a triple SIM phone can be very useful. Conceivable example is a private number, aduty and a SIM for abroad - if one takes often as business in the same country.

operating system

That it Android is already official. Which exact version installed Acer was, however, not yet been announced.


With 5.5 inches , the X2 is at the top of what still passes for Smartphone. The same screen size  possess as the LG G4 or Apple iPhone 6 Plus.Who wants, like this group of devices also call phablet, which originally applied even once for all 5-7 inches.


With so much display space enough pixels should be housed. Because who wants to see pixels stages on his screen? An ultra clear as the reference Galaxy S6 (test) must not ask. So far from  normal HD speech - ie 1280 x 720 pixels. That is surprising in times of full HD (1920 x 1080) or Super Phones with Quad HD (2560 x 1440) after all. But there is nevertheless a "justification": When X2 is a cheaper price points. And then unfortunately more compromises are apparently needed in the facilities. How well the display will eventually, but still depends on various other factors. Thus, the image quality is only a Liquid X2 test show.


For one who has Selfie boom clearly worried: Gone are the days in which the front cameras had an alibi for video chats, which has anyway almost no one used. With the importance of the lens over the Bildschirrm also their camera resolution continued to grow. In Acer Liquid X2 have front and back camera the same resolution . Good 13 megapixels are available respectively. The light output should fail class: Anyway, on both sides of an f / 1.8 aperture installed. Of course, the actual image quality can only be seen in the test. By the way: For practical name "Main Camera", to refer to the lens in the back cover, you have to soon probably come up with something else. ?
Acer Liquid X2 launch on FB

Acer is on the June 6, 2015 still closed: A teaser on the UK Facebook page with the hashtag #keepasking - for more information does not reveal the manufacturer.


For Power a want  Octacore processor with  64-bit make architecture. That would be, other than the image resolution, basically all the rage. As a manufacturer Mediatek is talking. Overclocking and More but has become known anything yet. Acer announces itself "immense power" to - whatever that means. Back to concrete values: This is enough energy available, Acer wants a 4,000 mAh battery installed. That sounds very good. Whether the phone out so much energy store also really long can bring his power to see, then the test.

Price & Launch

Anyone who buy Acer Liquid X2 would still need patience: The exact launch is not clear so far. First, it is in the US, then apparently UK come on the market. We could not find any official information about a release in Germany. Also the price is open - but at least the manufacturer has stated that it wants to move priced at the lower end of comparable devices themselves. That sounds quite a good situation. Who an XL smartphone cheap want to buy, and can wait, should take this into consideration.Once we learn more, there is the appropriate update here.

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