With the Huawei P8 lite the Chinese manufacturer offers the compact and somewhat simpler held version of its flagship in Germany as a "hybrid" dual SIM phone on. This means that the microSD slot can optionally be used for a second SIM card. The total of good quality in combination with a moderate price applies obviously in tune with the customer. With Amazon smartphone the # 1 Bestseller is under all mobile phones. We looked at the model in Huawei P8 lite test closer.
  • Cell Bestsellers Amazon (Sept. 2015)
  • Android 5.0.1
  • 5.0 "display, 1080 x 720 pixels, 294 ppi
  • 1.2GHz octa-core processor
  • Buy online from € 159.99

5.0 display

That Huawei as suffix for the cheaper top model-Veriante "lite" instead - like other brands - has selected "mini" or "compact", is encouraging honest. Because the unit is a total of anything but mini, but differs primarily by simpler hardware from the "normal" P8. Thus, the screen falls compared to the top model from only slightly smaller: Instead of 5.2 inches (P8) P8 offers lite exactly 5.0 inches. But that is still large enough to represent all sorts of content. Flashy is the difference in image resolution. While the flagship Full HD offers (1920 x 1080), which provides little smaller display of lite version only HD with 1080 x 720 pixels. Still makes the picture a good impression. Whoever compares often different resolutions, while acknowledging that the resolution is not quite at the highest level. In normal everyday but that is hardly noticeable or even disturbing. However, if one puts great emphasis on brilliant image display, the P8 lite is rather not the right. Because it is the fact that brightness and color values at an acute viewing angles are not as stable like the Honor 6 or even more so the Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos test .


Huawei P8 lite: Comparison Front / Back

In Huawei P8 lite test the smartphone does a good technical impression, especially for its price. Compared to its "big brother" look and equipment are considerably reduced.

Honestly, has the P8 lite rather disappointed us externally in the first Hands-On. Those who know its larger sister model, maybe even once appropriate expectations when it comes to choice of materials and optics. Overall, the lite-Phone is already well made and looks pleasing.But probably for reasons of cost, Huawei has over the top device saved in some places.
  • Although the back looks like brushed aluminum, but is plastic and it sounds good too, if one hand typing with your fingernail.
  • When setting the motto was unfortunately ebenalls "plastic instead of aluminum"
  • On the front 3 normal glass is installed instead of Corning Gorilla Glass.
The feel is good middle class, but is seen below the major P8. By comparison, the flagship provides with its obliquely milled aluminum frame is not only noble, it can also be very pleasant and "cuddly" grab. When P8 lite the individual elements (glass front, plastic frame, rear), however, such as sandwich slices with small protrusions are placed on one another and when gripping we also from time to time felt the transitions in the test. With only 7.7 mm height, it is nevertheless very good and grifftig in hand.

operating system

No room for criticism there is the operating system. With Android 5.0 smartphone is well equipped. A matter of taste, however, is that the manufacturer Huawei as still its own user interface EMUI puts it. It comes in the current version 3.1 and gives a very fresh, reduced impression - but also relies on cheerful colors. We liked it liked typing through the menus. Who does not like it can recharge a different look.While this is probably unfortunately quite cumbersome (via the app-defaults), but also is not one of the evaluation criteria in our Huawei P8 lite test.

Dual-SIM Control

Who uses two SIM cards and microSD memory cards, must decide when P8 lite. Either he uses both numbers in the same phone - and then dispensed with a microSD slot. Or he puts the memory card for example apps, photos & Co into the smartphone - but the second SIM must continue to use it with a separate mobile phone. However, one must clearly say: An increasing number of mobile phones, even for only a single SIM card, the slot for external memory is now omitted, about even with the Super Phones from Samsung. Who already uses no microSD card, which does not compromise in terms of the "hybrid" Slots with the P8 lite in principle.

Accessibility to SIM1 and SIM2

As usual nowadays, both numbers are parallel accessible until one of the two called himself or makes a call. Until this week the water needs, the other is not registered in its network. Similar to when you momentarily has no reception. If you but no one wants to miss incoming calls to the other number at this time, there is a manual solution: Prepare a call diversion to the parameters just in use SIM card and allows for this "Call waiting / Swap". However, can cause costs this redirection depending on the tariff.

SIM card formats

For the Huawei P8 lite you need SIM cards in different formats. Namely, as a micro-SIM for the main number and a nano-SIM for the second slot (which can alternatively be used for a memory card).

Manage phone numbers

The management of the SIMs and assigning specific numbers to specific functions is integrated into the normal "settings" menu of Android. For this, a sub-item is located in this main menu "dual SIM management". There are, among others, the following settings that you can change at any time again:
  • Specifying a default phone number that is automatically used to call or to SMS. (If you do not use this, always two green handset are displayed on the keypad, one with the number 1, the other with a 2)
  • Define different ringtone for specific numbers.
  • Set the card for mobile internet. The P8 lite uses all common in Germany grid frequencies (bands) for the cellular standards 2G, 3G and 4G. It also supports dual-SIM LTE , and with up to 150 Mbit / s.
  • disable individual SIM cards.


Overall good liked the 13-megapixel camera that delivers amazingly brilliant images and good videos for the required purchase price. Moreover, the phenomenon Selfie has been felt on the front camera. With 5 megapixels it is one of the highest-resolution lenses compared test and makes very compelling snapshots.


For sound, a single speaker is responsible, which is installed on the side bottom of the cabinet. Advantage: If you put your phone on the table, the speaker is not covered. If you hold the phone in his hand, the sound, however, is unfortunately in the wrong direction. Overall, the sound quality is also pleasing. It tends at higher load only sometimes to tinny sounding. but compared with similar priced smartphones, it is certainly not a drawback.


As Octa-Core Smartphone with 64-bit chip makes the P8 lite on paper already a very good impression. However, the clock frequency is rather low 1.2GHz. How developed by Huawei itself Kirin processor fails with this Pro and Contra ultimately? Actually no surprises. The two properties are mutually same, so you can use a rather about average speed overall. All common tasks such as small games, videos, Facebook, etc. done it without any problems quickly, the menus and system functions run smoothly.

Conclusion Huawei P8 lite

That there currently is one of the most popular phones, is quite understandable after closer inspection. Because the P8 lite offers in virtually all disciplines above-average performance, and combines with a rather low price. One must only not buy into the assumption to obtain a kind of small format of high-end smartphones P8. Therefore, we have also specifically pointed out in our report on the differences between the two models. Opposite this superphone the P8 lite acts worse than it is actually doing in the entire market possibly. The only drawback of dual SIM view is that you have to decide the hybrid slot between a second phone number and a memory card. Who but a decent 5-inch smartphone (likely) want to spend little money and in any case will not use microSD, might be able to find in this model.

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