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Test report: enjoyEC Mtk6572w Outdoor mobile phone

The enjoyEC Mtk6572w outdoor mobile phone brings joy to every life and especially when it is outdoors, or someone is working on a construction site, this mobile phone is a real alternative to the normal smartphone. The device is compact and has small dimensions. It should also be mentioned here that there is only a small display, but this is not significant for most. Because it is desired that this device above all dirt can and that is the case. The mobile phone looks very smart in its cover and has as operating system Android 4.2.2. The CPU is quite fast and all programs or apps that can be installed can be opened quickly. Now this smartphone as an outdoor mobile phone but a lot more and what that is, can now be read. 

What does the device have?

The user gets a robust device here, which has besides a good protection also much more. The device is equipped with a 4 inch screen and can also score through a radio. To listen to the radio, however, the headphones should be used. The data transfer is possible via USB and Bluetooth, whereby the buyer can always secure and, of course, also exchange data from one smartphone to another. The cameras leave a little to be desired. The front camera has a resolution of 0.3 MP and the camera on the back has a resolution of 5 MP. The device supports mobile Internet and, of course, WAP. Then it can also benefit from the GPS. There are also various sensors that make operation even easier. These sensors can be found at different locations. The user here has a light sensor and also a proximity sensor. In addition, a gravity sensor is also included. All of these sensors are extremely useful when hiking. The user can carry out many applications with his new enjoyEC Mtk6572w outdoor mobile phone. This way, he can read e-mails or use the calendar on the way. Also e-books and more are possible with this device.  

The scope of supply

A suitable battery is included in the delivery. This is needed to use the device also. Then there is next to the enjoyEC Mtk6572w outdoor mobile phone also a few headphones. These can be easily connected. A USB cable for the data transfer with a computer are then also included and also a charger. Of course, the instructions may not be missing.  

The impression!

The instruction is actually rather not to use, since it is written in English. Nevertheless, you can search for keywords. The enjoyEC Mtk6572w outdoor mobile phone must be set up before the first use. But that should just succeed and go quickly. This can now start with the operation of the device. It is quite easy to use and the user can also learn quite quickly. This smartphone will leave nothing to be desired and it is extremely robust. Here it makes its manufacturer all honor. The device requires the battery to be screwed on. This can be done with a standard screwdriver and should be carried out. This is the only way to prevent the battery from falling when the device falls. Many other devices do exactly that and then everything has to be reset again and the device itself must also be restarted. If you do not have the pin in your head, you will get problems. Therefore, this issue should also be taken very seriously.  

Insert memory cards

Even with a memory card, the device is by no means overwhelmed. A suitable one should be quickly deployed and thus it can go for the user also already. This can now walk with the smartphone or go to work. The handling will be easy for anyone who has ever held a smartphone in his hand. All this makes a lot of fun and always brings a good benefit.


Conclusion guyIn the search for a mobile phone, which is not only chic, but also something really good, one or the other will also hit the enjoyEC Mtk6572w outdoor mobile phone. This device fulfills all important criteria.This allows you to take pictures on the go and of course it is also possible to surf the Internet. Everything can be done with it. Also the telephone is easy. This mobile phone is really dustproof. With many other devices this is often promised but then they will disappoint in the execution. But this is not the case at all. The phone is great and will convince you. It is quite light and very compact. This means that it can also be used in a trouser bag. With the smartphone, any work will be easier. If you want to listen to current music, the phone can also be used as a radio. This phone is great and also modern. It makes a lot of fun and everyone can get along with it. Anyone who has ever used a smartphone will also be able to cope with the enjoyEC Mtk6572w outdoor mobile phone. At the same time, there are no restrictions and this is also wanted. The buyer will have much pleasure with the device.

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