Cyrus cyr10041 CM1 outdoor mobile phone

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Review: Cyrus cyr10041 CM1 outdoor mobile phone

There are still people who simply do not look for a smartphone that is suitable for outdoor use. Exactly this can be the Cyrus cyr10041 CM1 outdoor mobile phone. This mobile phone is perfect for outdoors because it is not only waterproof, but also shockproof. The phone is great and with a sim card even better. It is also without branding and therefore suitable for all possible SIM cards. 


Just unpacking is a lot of fun. The Cyrus cyr10041 CM1 outdoor mobile phone is small and handy and of course also has a rechargeable battery which has to be used first. The device is only suitable for voice telephony and SMS.It does not have more functions and does not need it for most buyers either. Then the battery can be charged for the first time. This also does not represent a major difficulty. Just plug the device and you can start charging. The phone will simply turn on. It has a keypad and only a very small numerical display. But this can also be less broken.  

the display

If you need an optical comparison, you can compare the mobile phone with a student's normal pocket calculator.The mobile phone is easy to read. The display is illuminated by a simple orange, which is easy to read even in bright daylight. This allows the functions to be recognized well and an incoming caller can be made equal. This allows the caller to decide whether or not to accept the call. The mobile phone is well in the hand.  

The handling!

The device fits perfectly into your pocket and will always be in the backpack or a handbag. It can go with if the user wants to do something in the garden, or even get out into nature without the disturbing sums of a smartphone. This Cyrus cyr10041 CM1 outdoor mobile phone is loaded with mini USB cable. The whole unit weighs just 50 grams, which is really light. The menu is easy to understand and even seniors can quickly get clogged with the device and use all the features. With this mobile phone, the operation is really easy and everyone will find what they are looking for right away.  

What's Included

Of course, the Cyrus cyr10041 CM1 outdoor mobile phone is included. Then there is also the suitable battery and also a charging cable included. As a further accessory, the user now also finds a manual, which is however not too comprehensive and also a needle. Now perhaps one or the other why a cell phone needs a needle? This can be explained quickly. The sim card must be used carefully. With the needle, the user can also remove them if he wants to use a normal smartphone again. It is still important to know that there is no room for a normal-sized sim card in the device. A Micro Sim card is required to use the device. But this can be requested in any shop. It is also possible to make a sim sim card from the normal sim card. But that should not be attempted itself, because can be done much wrong and in the worst case, the sim card can no longer be used.  

Small, light and outdoor

This model is definitely not a special mobile phone. For some, this can be too little, but others have searched for such a model. It has been tested and found to be very good by the manufacturer. It is only to this fact that the mobile phone can really prove to be a helper in the emergency. The device is easy to use and had to go through a lot. All of these tests have done the equipment perfectly and it is great to practice and do everything right.


Conclusion guyIf you are looking for a good mobile phone and not for a smartphone, this device will soon no longer want to miss. The unit is great and looks authentic. It may not be exactly chic, but can make calls and also accept calls and send SMS. Exactly that many people wish and now it can be found with the Cyrus cyr10041 CM1 outdoor mobile phone. The mobile phone is great and can not do much but it can make in the emergency calls and should not come to the permanent use. With this mobile phone the next trip will certainly be successful and it will be a great pleasure to have the device. This mobile phone is a pleasure and can always be more indispensable.It can be stored in the jacket pocket or even in the trouser pocket, without it becoming too heavy. With this device everything is better and the next trip can only be a real success. This mobile phone can be recommended with a good conscience and this is also what many buyers crave. They want to have a device that holds what is promised and that is quite the case here. Now anyone who needs it can get a reliable tool that will not distract. The phone is great.  

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