Tchibo Cafissimo electric milk frother

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Review: Tchibo Cafissimo electric milk frother

The Tchibo Cafissimo frother works electrically us should be in every store. Only with this milk frother it is possible at any time to cast a fresh coffee with a delicious milk froth. The milk frother has good quality and has a fair price / performance ratio.  

Advantages of the cappuccino maker Tchibo

One of the advantages of the cappuccino maker Tchibo is the ease of use. He conjures a button a perfect milk froth.It does not matter whether the milk was poured hot or ice cold. The milk frother is very robust and does not fall to during Mixvorganges. The milk is easily filled and a button of soft milk foam is generated in the device.  

The instrument features

The unit is supplied with a stirring and Aufschäumeinsatz. Also, quantities mark is present for easier use. It is located on the inside and is therefore clearly visible. The capacity of this unit is 250 ml. It can be filled up to the ceiling and then supplies the same for multiple cups of coffee or cocoa a delicious milk foam. But be careful: Cold milk should be refilled at most to 130 ml, because they still swells slightly when heated.  

The milk foam

Through the powerful device a milk froth is generated, the one usually found only in expensive Italian restaurants.The foam melts beautifully on the tongue and is still maintained for some time on the coffee. The milk foam is knocked loose and replaced by the device always just the right consistency. The easy to use, nothing can be done wrong.  

The Tchibo milk frother is easy to clean

All parts of the device can degrade. Accordingly, a cleaning of the device is very simple. The items can be cleaned under running water and a soft cloth. Thus, the machine is always ready in case one appears sudden visit and a delicious coffee to be served. On Hygiene always attached great importance should be placed in milk frothers, as quickly mold can form in the hidden corners. To avoid this, the device should be cleaned always immediately after use. In addition, the cleaning is done by a bit faster.  

Safety is a priority at Tchibo

Tchibo offers only quality products. It's the same with this milk frother. Just the non-slip feet ensure a high level of security. He has an overheating protection, so that fire can not occur if the device is running even without supervision. The brackets are not piping hot. Thus there is no risk of burning, the unit should be handled carelessly. Another advantage is the automatic shutdown. Once the device is too hot, it will stop automatically. When cleaning should of course be taken to ensure that the main plug has been pulled. Thus, it can be no injury here.  

Practical helper for the kitchen

The milk frother has rusch retardant silicone feet. If it shows its full power of 500 watts, the unit does not slip away.In addition, the wireless tank is very convenient. He is free to rotate on the base and therefore be found everywhere in the kitchen, in the office or on a counter a permanent place. The unit is 21 cm tall. Thus, upper kitchen cabinets are not a problem. The device does not generate large vapor, so that the upper wall cabinets can not be damaged. By the cappuccino maker, a cold and hot milk foam can be cast. Just the way the user desires.  

Quality of the equipment

All parts that have been used for the Tchibo frother are high quality finish. Although it is a relatively cheap product, did not save on the quality. The stirrer and the bowl are stable. Even after repeated use, no signs of wear can be recognized. Once you get a Tchibo has purchased milk frother, which has a perfect little kitchen gadget for many years. Not without reason, Tchibo Milchaufschäumer a perfect gift for any coffee lover.


conclusion guyThe Tchibo frother is highly recommended. He has a great design and is always ready for a fresh milk foam available. The foam is produced by a stable stirring bar. The application of the device is easy. The required amount of milk is poured and a button located exactly is the consistency of foam, which is needed for a delicious coffee. Even cleaning the cappuccino maker is not a problem. For safety should be taken during the purification process of the main plug. Otherwise, the device is very safe. It features an overheating protection and turns off automatically in case of danger from. Thus, a risk of fire is reduced and the device can also be switched left unattended for a moment. All parts of the cappuccino maker Tchibo are high quality and can be easily cleaned. The Tchibo frother is very durable. He should not be in every office, shop or home. Wherever people come together to chatting together over coffee, Tchibo frother is just right. Within seconds he conjures from a normal milk a little treat. Nothing tastes better on a freshly brewed cup of coffee as a freshly prepared milk foam.

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