Philips CA6500-60 frother

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Review: Philips CA6500-60 frother


What you should know about the Philips frother

By Philip Milchaufschäumer there is a great device for the preparation of first-class milk foam. This foam can then be used to super can prepare the tasty and currently very present in fashionspecialty coffees. Among cappuccino andcoffee latte are just like cocoa or just hot milk. This frother is therefore suitable for many households especially for singles and families. But also in the field of gastronomy, he is a hit. The unit comes from the Senseo system and fits great to the Senseo machine.  

great workmanship

The Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister is made of stainless steel. This is externally painted in white or black.Allows you to select from these two colors. The high quality of the company Philip is guaranteed. Therefore, the creamer is also equipped with afactory warranty and thus delivered to your home.  

The ideal supplement to Senseo system

The milk frother is specially designed for Senseo coffee machines. This eliminates thesale of more expensive pads with cappuccino flavor. These pads these coffees can be scalded with milk powder so. The result can not reach a fresh frothed milk. Furthermore, there may be a hygiene problem, because in addition to the coffee thus introduced into the Siebträgersystem milk. Here, there is currently no experience.  

One hand operation

The Michaufschäumer Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister is operated by means of a simple button. This is pressed different lengths inorder to achieve the desired result. Only a few seconds are enough to produce the delicious milk foam in the desired amount. The best milk is used, which has 3.5% fat or more. Especially with this fat amount of foam is best and is therefore retained on the coffee as long as possible. Especially great thus succeeds caffe latte and cappuccino. It is also possible in addition to the warm milk froth and cold milk.Depending remained the milk froth is thus prepared a maximum period of 120 seconds.  


The Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister can be easily cleaned under running water. So this is really simple and can be performed by anyone. Furthermore, the milk frother is then wiped with a damp cloth. Already everything is perfectly clean again and the milk frother can be used again. However, even the milk frother be cleared in a cabinet so that it can wait for the next use.  

Gastronomic use

The creamer is often used in restaurants. Although the Senseo system is only partially in the catering business sense. But the Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister can also be operated completely separate from the Senseo machine. This allows customers to quicklyoffer a magnificent milk foam also in catering to the hot drinks. Especially for larger amounts of creamer is super useful. This will quickly and fulfilling through the frother. So even companies can be supplied with cappuccino or other drinks. but also is the use in the camping area well represented. The device requires only electricity and no other consumables except the milk. So that you can prepare in different places, thecoffee specialties.  


The Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister can be used hygienically clean. He is also well suited for resale. The device is thus also, inasmuch as they themselves can no longer use it perfectly suitable to be sold to another user on. This is best with a Senseo coffee machine. To get top dollar for this device.  


conclusion guyThe Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister is to be able to quickly produce the ideal instrument milk foam. From the Senseo system that is the ideal complement to the already well-known Senseo. This system is proven and for a long time on the market. With the Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twistersave yourself Macciato the more expensive and elaborate produced pads for cappuccino or latte. Furthermore, so that cocoa or just hot milk can be produced. The lavishly produced milk frother stainless steel can in the colors white and black are acquired. Ideal device for singles and small families as well as in the gastronomy.Cleaning the device is simple and can be performed by unskilled people well. Furthermore, the device is maintenance-free and durable. The Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister is a cheap way to penetrate into the world ofcoffee lovers and prepare for the home, the popularspecialty coffee itself, or simply to try something new. Furthermore, the device is already using a great gift for people the Senseo system and this to be supplemented by a premium milk frother. You will have with the Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk Twister fun and especially great coffee. Also on sale in catering the device are very compelling results that allow the sale of these products readily. Accessoriesare not required.

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