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Test report: WOLF-Garten A 370 E electric lawn mower

The summer was over and my garden had to be prepared for autumn. But when I took my old lawn mower out of the garage, I had the suspicion that something was wrong. I tried to admit it, but nothing happened. The mower had finally given up the spirit. It did not help anything it needed a new one, a repair would have been much too expensive. In my search on the Internet I came across the electric lawnmower A 370 E (18AKHJH2650) from Wolf-Garten. As he fulfilled my requirements, according to his profile, I ordered him. After a few days I had him at home.As soon as I had the package in my hands, I immediately tested it. 

The first impression

At first glance the electric lawnmower A 370 E from Wolf-Garten with its product dimensions of 76,4 x 42,8 x 36,4 cm is well proportioned and makes a quite robust impression. Also its catching basket is 40 liters for my requirements optimally dimensioned. Although it is not a light weight with its 17 kilos, this again speaks for high-quality workmanship and is quite justifiable for an electric mower. From the visual impression, the electric lawn mower can score with its modern red-yellow design and makes it a real eye-catcher in the garden.  

The technical details

Besides the first visual impression, the technical details have also been an important aspect for me. The electric lawnmower comes with a 1.600 watt motor. This corresponds to approximately 2.17 hp for a petrol engine. Even with its cutting width of 37 cm the device can score points and allows a decent work result. Despite the powerful engine, the mower is relatively quiet at 82.5 dB (A), which is due to the electric motor. It is about as loud as a road 5 meters away.  


After unpacking, of course, I wanted to try out what the good piece can do. As a cautious consumer, I first took the manual to hand. This is unfortunately quite small and it might also be a few helpful sentences to assemble in it emerge. But with a healthy understanding of the human being, this is no problem. The instructions only relevant for the first time commissioning the mower. After the mower was assembled, the first test run went into the garden.There only the cutting height had to be adjusted and the mower to be supplied with power. Then my test run could start  

The functions of the electric mower A 370 E

In addition to the easy handling of electric mowers A 370 E has it has a large Repartoire of features that are not found in any lawn mower. First of all, has this lawnmower on an ACC system, so you can not only ensure optimal and uniform cutting height but also the smooth transport in the collecting container. For each garden friend of electric mowers A waiting 370 e with some special functions.

1. The cutting function:

The electric lawn mower A 370 E only cuts the lawn. This was not suitable for my lawn, as I preferred my greenery.In this case, the entire green section lands on the lawn again or becomes wide swirled. This is only suitable for wild meadows

2. The interception function:

My green cut lands in the bag. I, as a professional family father, do not really have much time to mow the lawn. It is rather an annoying duty. So I had my complete lawn waste in the sack and could collect it collected on the compost heap.

3. The mulching function:

I did not even know until I bought this device. The electric lawn mower A 370 E crushes my mown so small that it creates founders and distributes it on the lawn during the mowing process. So I can fertilize my lawn again and again without having to worry about new fertilizer.  

At last no more cable

If I think of the predecessor of my electric lawn mower A 370 E, then I can still remember quite closely the cable, which he always prepared me. There was not a muhgang with which I am not over the cable fallen. Not to mention that I would sometimes driven almost to the mower via the cables lying around. Here it is different now. The mower has the Flick-Flack system. Similar to the vacuum cleaner, the cable always runs so far that there is no excess line on the lawn. From the total length of the cable I can say that I could mow my rectangular cut 100 square meters without problem.


Conclusion guy I can recommend the electric lawnmower A 370 E from WOLF-Garten, because I was more than satisfied with the good piece. Even if the container had made a slight impression, he did not disappoint me. I've been using the mower now for quite a while and I have not noticed any disadvantages that make me regret my purchase. Its extensive functions are extremely advantageous and the mower is very user-friendly. The price / performance ratio for my money bag was quite appropriate, whereby, if you buy online, you can still save something by comparing prices. I would recommend the machine at any time to all gardeners who have to mow but their time is dimensioned and at the same time their lawn still want to cultivate.

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