MTD OPTIMA 3412 E HW Electric lawn mower

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Test report: MTD OPTIMA 3412 E HW Electric lawn mower

This is the reason for a neat lawn. Even if the manufacturer MTD was not yet very well established and one or the other perhaps a term is, nevertheless, a purchase is worthwhile. With such a lawnmower, it is a question of getting a good and cultivated lawn within a very short time and, of course, also having simple work to do with it. The MTD lawn mower will not only keep what it promises, it will also be ready for use within a very short time and will be perfect in the garden. With such a lawnmower, any hobby gardener can be perfectly equipped and that will also be easy. 

The mower at delivery

Delivery was not just a perfect mower. No, there was also something to be done to make the device ready for use.The lawnmower had to be built. But that should be easy and fast for anyone who has a certain understanding of technology. By the easy guidance, of course, it was even easier. Put a screw here and put one there. Of course, the bowden cable had to be properly laid. Otherwise, all other settings are a children's game. The gardener can get the mower to its perfect height and leave it there. Now it is also possible to start mowing. For this will be from now on more than a task.  

As by itself

Without major problems, the line for the mower could be laid. At this point there may be some skeptics. Here people will scream, who have worked with a petrol lawn mower. The fear is always great, that the cable is overrun and thereby also is damaged. But a routine will soon become a reality. At some point, it is as if the cable can be cleared out of the way. The lawn mower in any case can be seen and will also give pleasure. Because not only the fact that the device is very quiet, will be absolutely convincing here. No, there are other points that should be important to a buyer and, of course, important.  

The mowing properties

The lawnmower is designed to work particularly well when the lawn is level. Whoever promises to be able to mow the lawn well on a hillside will be wrong. This is certainly not a disadvantage. A lot of amateur gardeners put a very good measure on the topic of lawn. Here, as a rule, everything is always kept in order. Therefore, this mower is ideal for these surfaces and seems even to be perfect.  

Select the size of the lawn

The new MTD Optima has a cutting width of 34cm and will therefore be perfect for lawns up to 350m². With the mower this surface will be very fast to process. Of course, a larger area is also possible, but then also time should be planned accordingly.  

You get that for money

This lawn mower does not come alone. In order to ensure the order from the first mowing process, the mower also has a large catch basket. This has a volume of 40 liters. This is perfectly adequate for the surface. Of course, it should be ensured that nothing gets clogged and the mower should always be cleaned. This is the only way the user can enjoy a long time on his device and will be able to work with it for a long time. With a mower from MTD, everything is easier and will naturally go hand in hand in the garden. The fang has to be simply hooked up. This will not at all be cumbersome.  

The motor

In terms of motorization, this mower is also perfect. Anyone who owns a petrol lawn mower will know how often motor maintenance is necessary. Then always make sure that there is sufficient fuel in the tank. This task can be very nerve-racking under certain circumstances. This is particularly the case if the user has no patience. But with this engine no one has to worry about this topic. The engine of this mower is maintenance-free. The user should be careful not to collect too much grass under the unit. Unfortunately this can happen again and again.  

The housing of the MTD Optima 3412 E HW

The housing of the mower is made of polypropylene. Although this does not generally have a good reputation, in this case it will prove to be really good. The rear wheels are slightly higher than the front ones. This will be really good on a slightly more uneven ground. In addition, there is an ergomic spar, which also has a soft handle. This is perfect for the good sliding characteristics of this unit. The user can really look forward to a good device, which is also easy to use. The mower is a small all-rounder. It will be fun and can be easily served by women and men. In addition, he is not only able to mow but also to eject the Mahd and also catch on.


Conclusion guy Everyone can look forward to a good lawnmower and have a lot of fun.This unit is really great and will prove to be particularly practical in the home garden. Especially the skeptics, who are always convinced fast of the lawnmower. These people are always not so easy to impress. But this relatively unknown manufacturer can still hold its own. The mower will be able to withstand more than anyone can trust. The lawn mower is great and will always be easy to use for the user. With a good device is much better and will of course also go by hand. Everyone can convince themselves and simply order the device. The mower is always ready for use. If you take care of this well and always clean when used, then the device will prove to be very good. With this lawn mower everything is much better and is also gladly used. The mower has everything it needs to quickly mow down.

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