Wolf Garden Li-Ion Power 37 rechargeable lawn mower

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Test report: Wolf-Garten Li-Ion-Power 37 Battery lawnmower


Wolf Garden Li-Ion Power 37 rechargeable lawn mower

This Wolf Garden Li-Ion-Power 37 Battery Lawnmower is designed for easy, comfortable and fast lawn mowing, with a lawn area of approx. 300 m². It is therefore more suitable for small lawns and is perfect if you do not have an external socket. Due to the cutting width of 37 centimeters it is very agile and a lightweight class with 15 kilograms.The CCM interface system offers three different variants so that the customer does not have to define a process engineering. If you want to do without the annoying power cable and still all the advantages of an electromancer, then this device is the right one. The Wolf Garden Li-Ion-Power 37 Battery Lawnmower impresses with its rounded design, good looks and good processing.  

Technical specifications

  • For lawns up to 300 m2
  • Cutting width 37 cm
  • Battery 3 x 36 Volt, 1.45 Ah rechargeable battery with lithium-ion battery
  • Chassis plastic
  • Ball bearing yes
  • Weight approx. 15 kg
  • Fitting device Fangsack: 35 l
  • Height adjustment Central 5-fold 2.0 - 6.0 cmProduct details
  • Lithium-ion technology
  • Changeover system
  • Charging time: 9 hours
  • Up to 300 m2 surface area per battery pack
  • Folding handle with cable kink protection
  • Softgrip
  • Height adjustment
  • Filling bag level indicator
  • »3-in-1« CCM system: control for changing the mowing function: cutting, catching, mulching
  • Incl. LI-ION POWER Pack 1
  • Hand-arm vibration / (K-factor): 2.5 / 1.5 m / s²
  • LpA / LwA / LwAg-dB: 79/88/89

Battery power

The Wolf Garden Li-Ion Power 37 Battery lawnmower features a 36-volt lithium-ion battery, which is one of the new generation of batteries that is durable and powerful. At the same time, this battery supports environmentally friendly, economical and quiet lawn mowing. Fortunately, this volt-lithium-ion battery system does not have the unpleasant memory effect caused by incomplete charging / discharging cycles. Unfortunately, the loading time of nine hours is already a bit lengthy. The Wolf Garden Li-Ion Power 37 Cordless Lawn Mower ensures continuous operation, thanks to its alternating battery technology, which allows it to switch between a standard charger or a quick charger.  

Mulching function

The Wolf Garden Li-Ion-Power 37 Battery Lawnmower has theimportant mulching function for the benefit of the lawn, because it shreds several times during the mowing process and then ejects the grass. In this process, the cut material is not fed to the collecting basket, but is supplied to the raser as fertilization. This method suppresses weeds and thus facilitates the yard maintenance and obtains the precious moisture of the soil. The mulching function of this device is so equipped that the lawn extremely small cut and the cut is almost blown into the lawn and not even be visible later.  

Variable cutting technique

The Wolf Garden Li-Ion-Power 37 Cordless Lawn Mower is also designed to be flexible. The consumer can decide whether to cut the crop or leave it lying on the lawn when mowing. The mower was with the CCM cutting system, equipped namely cutting, catching or mulching, adjustable without modification, to activate a switch. If the catcher function is selected, this includes a storage volume of 35 liters and also has an outboard fishing level indicator. For optimal cutting height, the lawnmower provides five stages, from two to six centimeters, so that the user can vary the grass length as desired.  

Operating comfort

The first touch with the soft softgrip guide bar is very comfortable in the hand. Since the Softgrip has been installed together, the lawnmower can be stored anywhere in a space-saving way. The incredibly light weight of 15 kilograms ensures that the device floats on the lawn, because the engine is very light and the plastic housing very easy to trade. Thus the Mähverfahren is not strenuous and posture while mowing can be taken optimally, is the stoop lawnmower ergonomically adjustable and saves, lifting and. run through the battery mowing the lawn is very quiet, almost almost silently and allows operation at weekends and in the evenings.


Conclusion guy When purchasing this Wolf-Garten Li-Ion-Power 37 cordless lawnmower, you can hardly compromise, since manyimportant functions are available, which make a comfortable, ergonomic and handy operation possible. In addition, the device not only develops a very pleasant running noise, but works almost silently. The unit can also come on evenings and weekends to use. In this small lawnmower's more capacity than meets the eye at first glance. Compared to other models the functionality leaves little to be desired, because you can choose between different editing systems and procedures. Its 36 volt lithium-ion battery is durable and powerful and fraught above all without the unpleasant memory effect. A shortcoming however is the long charging time of nine hours. So you work does not have to interrupt here, allows the battery time by replaceable battery systems expand freely. With the Wolf-Garten Li-Ion Power 37 Battery lawnmower you meet a good choice. The device is designed for price-conscious pragmatists. The consumer receives a versatile, good-looking device that additionally offers maximum performance in the cutting technique (37 cm cutting width, 5-fold central cutting height adjustment).Without cable clutter, gasoline and spark plugs mow up to 300 sqm precise and powerful andsets optionalclippings in the 35 liter grass collection bag with level indicator. This equipment leaves little to be desired and is very versatile and powerful.

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