Einhell GE-CM 36 Li Battery Lawn Mower

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Test report: Einhell GE-CM 36 Li Battery Lawnmower

The battery-powered lawn mower GE-CM 36 Li from Einhell is intended for amateur gardeners to become the new non-plus ultra in the domestic green oasis. According to the manufacturer, the buyer receives a high-quality, battery-powered device, which is also to work very quietly. Whether these high expectations can be met, the test will show.

Powerful partner for lawns up to 300 m2

Equipped with two 18 V batteries with 1.5 Ah, the GE-CM 36 Li lawnmower from Einhell is the ideal companion for ambitious amateur gardeners. Thanks to the specially developed Power X-Change battery system from Einhell, the Lawnmower also runs longer applications in the domestic garden without problems. Practically, you can see the battery level at any time. Three luminous LED lamps indicate to the user how much power the GE-CM 36 Li still has in itself. This makes it easy to avoid the lawn mower leaving the gardener halfway through the work.  

Recharge time of about 60 minutes

If the battery is empty, it takes about 60 minutes to fully recharge the battery. After this, work can be continued directly. Because the Einhell GE-CM 36 Li battery mower runs with two universal batteries, the user not only has complete flexibility and can also use it for all other Power X-Change power tools and garden tools, but also saves a lot of money against lawnmowers , Which run with petrol. Another great advantage: the Einhell GE-CM 36 Li battery mower is, of course, very environmentally friendly thanks to the use of the batteries and the gasoline dispensing.  

Powerful partner for lawns up to 300 m2

So when it comes to battery life, the GE-CM 36 Li lawnmower from Einhell is ideally suited for the care of small and medium-sized surfaces. Only on very large lawn areas the cable helper makes after some time slack. Up to 300 m2 lawn, the cordless lawnmowers GE-CM 36 Li Einhell but editing, without having to worry about the battery time. The wireless freedom to users of cordless lawnmowers GE-CM 36 Li Einhell well Quickly no longer want to miss.Since the device does not hang on a cable, it can be maneuvered during work in any corner, however angled. And even with large gardens, this is a great advantage, since you do not have to constantly change the power cable to mow the green oasis completely.  

Also suitable for new gardeners of the ideal garden companion

Also in practice, the GE-CM 36 Li cordless lawn mower makes an extremely good figure. Thus it has a six-stage central cut height adjustment - from 25 centimeters to 75 centimeters everything is possible. Thanks to this practical help the user can adjust the cutting height individually. It is easy to play, so beginners and new gardeners will have no problems getting started with the work right after the purchase. The mower also has a grass catcher volume of 40 liters and enough space to edit a complete medium-sized plot. In addition, the GE-CM 36 Li Einhell has significantly increased over the rear wheels, to facilitate the work on difficult terrain. To put it briefly: this also works wonderfully, so that uneven surfaces do not pose any difficulties for the hobby gardener. And also on an optimal lawn surface, the buyer benefits from the large rear wheels of the battery lawnmower, since the lawn is thereby very gently cut on straight surfaces. The race-friendly highwheels make it possible.  

Space-saving helper

Thanks to its height-adjustable guide bar, the Ein -hell GE-CM 36 Li lawnmower offers the perfect ergonomics and thus optimally adapts to the physical conditions of the user. The low weight of the mower makes it all the other things, so the handling is easy from the start. Nevertheless, the device does not take up much space, fortunately, thanks to the quick release of the folding guide rail. Is delivered to the battery-powered lawnmower GE-CM 36 Li Einhell with two 1.5 Ah batteries and two chargers.The batteries can also be replaced at any time with other, stronger batteries. These must be purchased seperat.  

The benefits of the GE-CM 36 Li cordless lawnmower at a glance

+ Strong battery life, just a grassy area with up to 300 m2 + Works accurate and fast + High Wheels conserve lawn + Large rear wheels make mowing on uneven terrain possible + Easy adjustable cutting height + The device is wireless and therefore achieved crooked corners + Universal Power X-Change system battery to other electrical and gardening tools + height adjustable guidance bar + Low weight + space-saving storage


Conclusion guy The cordless lawn mower GE-CM 36 Li from Einhell is a very good figure for the test. The Einhell GE-CM 36 Li battery mower is a real piece of jewelery for all, thanks to the six-stage central cut height adjustment, which also enables beginners to do a good job directly or the bumpy battery, the lawn area of up to 300 m2 without problems Ambitious amateur gardener. In addition, three LED lamps always indicate how much power is still present in the device. In addition, the mower operates quietly.The height-adjustable steering handle to the device is also suitable for any physical condition - but still very limited space in the storage. Thank you. Overall, the GE-CM 36 Li cordless lawn mower convinces all-round and plays both in terms of performance and handling in practice, in the upper regions of cordless lawn mowers.

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