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Test report: Hecht 514 Handrasenmäher

The ergonomic design of the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514

The perfect lawn mower does not have to be robust, but above all has ergonomic brackets that make handling the lawnmower as convenient as possible. Exactly over these attributes, the HECHT hand lawn mower has spindle mower, HEC-514. The device is not only convincing in its processing, it also scores in terms of performance and is clearly ahead of conventional hand-held mowers of this price class. The red, black paint finishes discreetly and thanks to a corresponding brand, the customer is offered a very convincing quality, which is reflected in the efficient operation of the HECHT lawn mower. The HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 is not difficult to transport and makes an ideal figure even in the garden.  

The best result

The HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 provides an optimal result when mowing the lawn. This is due not least to the flexible usability of the device. The light lawn mower can easily be maneuvered through the garden without the user having any difficulty in controlling the weight of the mower. Just 17.2 kilos is the weight of the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514. The product was designed by the brand manufacturer HECHT primarily for the maintenance of small lawns, but many customers also use the lawnmower with a large number of square meters as the agile mower can be operated simply and quickly.  

A spindle mower that knows how to convince

The HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514 is also referred to as a spindle mower. This means that the lawn mower is neither operated with the aid of gasoline or electrically. The HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514 is a pure hand-held lawn mower. This makes the device environmentally friendly and offers numerous additional advantages. One of them is certainly the practically no noise level. Now lawn mowing becomes a task that can be done at almost any time of the day. The silent lawn mower does not create any noise or odor, which means that the surrounding neighborhood can be heard. At the same time, the use of the HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514 effectively saves energy or resources. With the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 the focus is on movement in the open air.  

Sharp blades

Anyone who has ever wanted to call his own English garden will find his true joy with the HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514. The HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514 allows a variable adjustment of the cutting height. This makes the famous English lawn easy to achieve. The sharp blades inside the lawn mower, protect the Raseneppich and allow the straws to grow quickly and healthy. No other method offers the same sustainability as the cutting of the meadow with the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514.  

Five cut leaves

The blades of the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 were constructed in spiral form. This gives them a very special cut. A smooth and clean cut of the blades of grass is the result when the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 is guided over the ground. The optimum result is achieved by high processing, sharp blades and an ergonomic design of the top class. With a cutting width of 46 cm, many lawns can be efficiently trimmed and converted into a clean grassland that is convincing. Five integrated cutting blades support the cutting of the lawn and prove every time clearly what is in the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514.  

Comfortable work

To ensure that the HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514 can always be used comfortably, the spindle mower can be adjusted in height. Nine adjustable steps provide excellent height adjustment. The HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514 can be individually adapted to the user for a perfect application and an ideal working method which is easy to take off. The adjustment ranges from 24 to 75 mm, so that everyone will find their suitable favorite size. The housing of the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 was made of robust steel. Steel ensures a long life with this spindle mower and makes the product the first choice when it comes to a lawnmower which is supposed to be able to survive many generations and is also convincing without gasoline and electricity.  

The practical catch basket

As an additional extra, the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 has a practical collecting container which is aligned towards the user and safely catches the grass falling backwards. Thus, the cuttings of the lawn surface does not land as compost on the meadow, but is effectively caught in this container. The container can then be removed and emptied in a few simple steps. The catch basket covers a total of 50 liters and therefore offers a lot of space for the cuttings of larger lawns. With this convenient extra, the HIT-HIT hand lawnmower HEC-514 actually becomes a spindle lawnmower that does not have to hide from electronic or gasoline-powered competitors. Here, the numerous advantages which are not only reflected in the processing of the lawn mower, but also in the results of the performance clearly stand out.  

This saves electricity costs

In the shortest possible time, thanks to the sharp knives in the HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514, every lawn surface is trimmed. If the lawn mower is not needed by HECHT, it can easily be placed in the garage or the basement. Its light weight makes transport easy. This once again sets him apart from conventional lawnmowers.The HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 should be placed in every garage and used for gardening purposes. The HECHT hand lawnmower HEC-514 achieves this without problems and effectively, whether it is a power failure or resources and energy costs.


Conclusion guy Where other lawnmowers rely on wattages and power from the socket or the benzine tanker, the HECK HEC-514 hand lawnmower can convince you with sharp blades. Only the guidance of the user of the spindle nose mower drives the sharp blades inside the device and trims the grass.The spindle mower can also be individually adjusted and offers a trimming of the lawn in a classic way, which is additionally supported by the trademark manufacturer HECHT.With this lawn mower you can also reduce the noise level during lawn mowing. It is precisely in dense settlements that the neighborhood rest is preserved. The HECHT hand lawn mower HEC-514 demonstrates in many ways that this device should be a standard equipment for every hobby gardener. The price, performance, equipment (catch basket) and processing are the same as this, resulting in a high-quality product with a positive overall result.

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