Florabest FHM 38 A1 hand mower

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Test report: Florabest FHM 38 A1 hand-held mower

The Florabest FHM 38 A1 hand-held mower in the video

Every gardener, whether professional or on a private hobby basis, certainly knows the one or the other way to ensure order in the garden. Some of you probably mean jokingly that you can cut the lawn with a nail scissors, but there are of course many ways to cut the lawn accordingly. From a handy tailor to a lawnmower, you can take advantage of a variety of tools to cut the lawns in the summer and spring, as well as to keep the garden in order. It is certainly not surprising that there are a variety of products from different manufacturers, which differ in part enormously from the other products, since not lawnmowers are equal lawn mowers.Many a product from the higher price classes is enormously expensive, but not better quality. And precisely because this fact is also not the case with lawnmowers, the following text will deal with the FHM 38 from Florabest to clarify the quality of this lawn mower and whether it is worth buying it at the end. And that is why this report will cover some of the features of this lawn mower and make it clear whether it is really worth buying it or whether you should leave your fingers off this device because it simply can not convince you in the individual aspects of this test.  

The processing

One aspect that should not be overlooked is the processing. In the end, the chaff of the wheat always separates, even if at first glance it might seem that there are not too many differences in processing, In the quality of processing. Even if the differences here can be partly large, one must give at least at this lawn mower all clear in the positive sense. In the end, this means that the processing is good throughout and no part of this device falls from the qualitative standard. Therefore you do not have to worry about whether something is detaching or not. This starts at the bottom of the rotor blade, this is fixed and also the fixing is safe, which means that even during the use of these articles without any problems holds what it promises. To the top of the page, go to the direction of the handlebars, here too this article can hold a qualitative standard. The grips are fixed, the rubber lining provides a pleasant support for the use. So if you look at the whole processing, you can really find no criticism, which could be thrown here at this point in this article, it keeps itself during the processing a consistently positive impression, even after hours of use is not But it will remain the same all the time, no matter how long you use this lawn mower.  

The optics

The optics are, of course, always totally subjective and even if one may think villeicht, the optics does not change much of the quality of the article, you have to stand in any case however, that for a not exactly small part of the people the optics in the end also everything Other than unimportant. Why else do numerous people buy products in fancy colors? Of course, this lawnmower is not used to finish as a deco, but you have to look at the optics, if you want to expose the overall impressions, which of course we want to do. If one looks at the optics more precisely, one can only call positive. This is because the colors have been matched to each other in such a way that optically no boredom occurs and also the optical parts are each well matched. Although the task of course is the hardest test, one has to say that the optics here has become well and not badly or old fashionably selected, here one can really only call the positive impression of the processing, the optics has been well chosen and the Individual parts work well together. This makes it possible to say afterwards that you have not only purchased a quality product, but you have also purchased a quality lawn mower, which can ultimately also carry the positive overall impression from the optics and even if you add some sums to the Table, one would certainly like to be able to say this, instead of having only one razor, which can only convince with the actual function.  

The function

Here we would already be, at the heart. And how else should it be different, the FHM38 can convince not only with a good workmanship and a chic look, but now stands the hardest test. And one thing I can say in advance, that the function can convince also qualitatively. So other lawn mowers villeicht in other aspects, but can make cuts here, the FHM38 can convince very well. Basically you can get started without problems. This sounds simple, but sometimes it is not easy, because not every device is able to perform this task qualitatively, but not the FHM38. In other words, it means that this lawn mower produces very well and, above all, also efficiently, the lawn in the garden to mow and to create this with a good precision. Of course, there is always the question, how expensive the respective device is then also in the purchase. And here, too, you can report positive results with this device, since this device does not cost the world in the purchase, but offers a lot of quality, which then also makes itself felt in practice.


Conclusion guy In conclusion, one has to say that this device can convince in many things qualitatively and there are few things, which can be chalked in here, thus one can pronounce with this device an unconditionally fightless.

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