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Test report: Gartenmeister Handrasenmäher

No cable, no noise or annoying refilling of gasoline, in order to have this in the future mowing no longer mowing, I have a hand-held mower attached. Ultimately, my choice has fallen on the hand mower of gardeners. Why it has become the hand mower of garden master has become, one can learn subsequently.  

That is why my choice has fallen on the gardenmaster

I was very important in the hand-lawn mower of the gardener that this is as easy to use as possible. Here it was especially important that you can also adjust the handle of the hand-held mower. For this, the hand-held mower should be as light as possible. Ultimately, however, I also convinced the equipment with a fangpack and the various adjustment possibilities. Of course I also won the price for the hand-lawnmower, which is very favorable compared to other models. Even if the gardenmaster's hand-lawn mower was favorable, any fears about quality were not fulfilled. Rather, the hand-lawnmower of gardening master convinced me completely.  

Technical details of the hand-held mower

The handrail mower is completely made of aluminum. The hand-held mower can be adjusted in many ways with regard to the cutting height. The hand-held mower is equipped with a quadruple adjustment facility. The cutting height can be set between 14 and maximum 38 mm for the hand-held mower. The maximum cutting width is 38 cm for the Gartenmeister hand-driven mower. The grass lawn is caught in a muzzle by the gardener's hand-held mower. With this bag you can work a lawn area of up to 250 m² effortlessly. The hand-held mower is held in a green shade by the gardenmaster.  

Easy handling of hand mower

It is important, of course, to handle the hand-held mower as much as possible. Here, too, the hand lawn mower did not disappoint me. The handrail mower is equipped with an adjustable handle. This allows the handle to be perfectly adapted to the body size. The necessary adjustments can be made very easily with a few hands. The adjustment possibilities can be made simply by means of adjusting screws. Even when working with the hand-held mower for a long time this is very well in the hand. The upper handle section of the hand-held mower is equipped with foam. Even in the rain, the foam does not suck up strongly in the hand-held lawn mower, the hand lawnmower also lies very well in the rain in the hand. Due to its dimensions and weight, the hand-held mower is very manoeuvrable. This makes it possible to work well in a small room. For easy handling, of course, the operation is also included. Since the lawn mower is operated in manual mode, neither a cable has to be drawn behind it, nor the lawn mower has to be filled with petrol. Rather, one only needs to set it up and can get started right away. The lawn mower of Gartenmeister works very quiet in operation, what the lawn mowing makes very pleasant. I would particularly like to emphasize still the knife in hand mower by master gardener. These knives work very well with the hand lawn mower. Thus, the cutting is also very smooth in the case of a hand-held mower. This has a great advantage, due to the sharpness of the knife, the lawn is cut evenly and not torn. Especially with regard to the appearance of the lawn, but also to the quality of the lawn, this has a great advantage. Mowing the lawn is not damaged by lawnmowers.  

Lightweight is the hand-held mower

As already noted, when buying the hand-held mower, the weight was very important to me. Even if the hand-lawnmower looks very bulky, this comes only to a weight of 10 kg. Due to the low weight of the hand-held mower, you can also store it very easily, for example in a shelf in the garage. This circumstance is also facilitated by the fact that the handle can be completely folded over by the hand-held mower.  

Easy care from the gardenmaster hand mower

Due to its robust design of the hand-held mower, this is very easy to maintain. If the hand lawn mower is dirty, you can simply clean it with water and a cloth. This also applies to the knives of the hand-held mower, which is very well suited to these. To do this, you only have to move the hand-held mower. Thanks to the easy access to the knives, it is also very easy to exchange or sharpen them when they sometimes lose their sharpness. This is also the case with the fake pack for lawn cutting. This can also be removed without major problems and clean with water.  

Two minor disadvantages in the hand-held mower

The hand-lawn mower of the gardener is equipped with a large fang, but with the fangsack there is a small disadvantage. If you work too fast with the hand-held mower, the swing is so great that not everything in the muzzle of the hand mower lands, but also beside it. Also the hand-lawn mower is a problem, especially with a larger lawn cut with the intake from the section. A further disadvantage arises at the lawn height, even if the lawn is very high, the hand lawnmower by Gartenmeister has quite problems. Overall, the hand-held mower works very well.


Conclusion guy The lawn mower of garden master is very solid processed. Thus, the lawn cutting height can be adjusted in several steps without problems.Unfortunately, the cutting width can not be adjusted. However, the handle can also be adjusted with the hand-held mower. Due to this possibility, you can adjust the handle of the hand mower very well to the respective body size. Since you can completely handle the handle with the hand-lawn mower, you can easily steal the hand-held mower.Overall, the lawn mower is a lightweight because it weighs only 10 kg.However, the manual mower is also ready for operation, it can also be used very well on an uneven surface and in operation, this makes no noise. The knives in the hand-lawn mower are very sharp, so you get a very good lawn cut through the gardenmaster hand mower. After several months of use, the hand-held mower has been very convincing, although there are minor flaws. These defects concern, for example, the mowing of the cuttings in the lawn mowing. If you ride too fast with the hand-held mower, you will not be able to land anything in the fang. Another minor shortcoming is mowing the lawn mowing problems when the lawn is too high. The hand-lawn mower by the gardener also convinces with its favorable price. Overall one can recommend the hand lawn mower of gardening anyone.  

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