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Test report: Gardena 380 C handrail mower

The Lawnmower 380 C from Gardena has a good quality. This is not the latest model of gardening tools, but at least a device, which was found by Stiftung Warentest for good. It is very durable and easy to use. 

The best features of the Gardena lawnmower

The Gardena lawn mower has sharp anti-stick knives. It reaches a cutting width of 38 cm. This saves some workflows. The lawn mower is ideally suited for small to medium garden surfaces due to its width. The lawn mower works without electricity. This means that an electric lawnmower can save a lot of money in the long term. After a while, it is a bit more difficult to push the mower over the lawn when the forces slowly decay. Due to the sharp knives, a small lawn is mowed in the shortest possible time. The result is impressive. Each of the gas halves is first detected and then shortened to the desired length. Only the edges would have to be edited separately with a trimmer. A great advantage is that the knife roller and the lower knife do not touch each other. This makes it possible to work quietly and quietly. Neighbors are not disturbed by the mowing work.  

Advantages of the Spindle Mower from Gardena

The Lawnmower from Gardena is exactly the right height. It does not have to be bent too low to mow the lawn reasonably. This is especially spine-friendly and saves a lot of power. The sharp knife roller made of stainless steel guarantees a clean precision cut. The lawn are cultivated after mowing top. The Lawnmower 380 C from Gardena is of high quality. In addition, it has some comfort elements, which makes mowing the lawn even easier. The wheels are equipped with a special profile and have some soft plastic components. This makes them particularly robust and resistant. The wheels do not slip away on the ground, but provide an optimal grip. They make it easier to guide the mower and provide an improved grip on all lawns.  

The Gardena lawn mower is very manoeuvrable and flexible

Due to the fact that this device is a mechanical lawn mower, it has the advantage that no cable warp can occur.Also the tedious winding of the cable is no longer necessary. Every little corner in the garden is reached without the gardener has to stop, because the cable is not enough. This makes a more flexible work possible. The volume is also much lower for this mechanical device than for an electrical device. No oil needs to be replenished and it does not consume any expensive electricity. Small hills or uneven surfaces do not harm the mower. The lawnmower has an ergonomic handle. Since this handle is very handy, it is also possible to work without problems for a long time.The lawn mower can be perfectly controlled and is available for the next lawn mowing at any time.  

Grass can be quickly cut through the sharp knives

The high-quality lawn mower 380C from Gardena can be equipped with a hanging basket so that the grass can be collected directly. This accessory can be purchased for the device. If this is not desired, the mown grass can also be easily raked together. The desired cutting height can be precisely adjusted with this mower by a handy controller.The setting is clearly visible on a scale. The 380C is very light and can be controlled without great effort. With this device a cut height of up to 42 cm is possible without problems. The minimum cutting height is 12 millimeters. If no collecting basket is installed, the crop can be ejected via a rear discharge. It is spread evenly over the entire lawn.  

The lawn mower is easy to stow away

The Gardena lawn mower 380C can be stored very well. It is collapsible and therefore does not occupy much space. It is resistant and does not rust. It can be kept in the garden, in the cellar or in the shed. A special quick-release system is available for this purpose. The unit measures 56.2 x 40.2 x 30.4 cm and has a weight of 9 kg. The lawn mower also finds its place in a shelf. If it is needed, it can be quickly disassembled.


Conclusion guy The Lawnmower from Gardena has a great quality. Not without reason, he was rated as good at the Warentest Foundation. The unit has a good price / performance ratio. Effortlessly, the Gardena lawnmower creates medium-sized meadows. Bumps do not interfere with mowing of the lawn. The knives are very sharp and ensure a cleanly cut lawn. All blades of grass are the same size, so that the lawn looks perfect.The lawnmower has sturdy wheels, which can be controlled well. The handle is ergonomically shaped and nestles perfectly in the hand. This does not create calluses or bubbles, even if the lawn must be mown for a long time. The handle is height-adjustable and can therefore be precisely adjusted to the own body size. All in all, the lawn mower from Gardena is highly recommended. Everyone who wants to mow his garden by hand will be delighted by this design.  

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