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Test report: Makita TW0200 Schlagschrauber

Makita is, of course, somewhat more expensive as a provider, but if you want to have secure and reliable devices, you should always have to rely on such a propeller. This chopper is great and makes a lot of work when screwing better. It can be helpful when unscrewing the wheel nuts and also make the work much easier. The impact wiper is a professional device, which can also be afforded by anyone who wants to do this work normally. Of course, for this device a little more money must be planed, but this will soon pay off and can also be paid.Going back to the workshop is going to take a lot of work and of course costs. This propeller can now be helpful and will also make things much easier. A user of the Makita TW0200 impact wrench will not regret the purchase and thus surely also correct. The impactor makes a lot of and even more joy. He is responsible for a safe stop and much more. Working from now on is much more convenient and the screws can be easily loosened.  

The chopper is perfect

The Makita TW0200 Impact Wrench is handy and especially made in a short design. All this makes it indispensable to the user. The device is equipped with a 1/2 inch square and offers a rich scope of delivery. This even includes a suitable socket set. This allows the work to begin without problems and start. The user will always have great pleasure here and the work can not go off easily enough. The helicopter works electronically and that is another reason why buyers often choose it. Here, the money is spent on the percussionist alone and not on parts that are needed for it. The percussionist will bring a lot of joy, because he is not perceived as a burden. The screwdriver is good in the hand and also makes the work easier. The screwdriver has been provided with a switch which is located on the middle handle. This switch allows you to change the screwdriver from right to left. The work is thus easier and it can also make much easier. There are also carbon brushes, which can easily be changed from the outside. The screwdriver has been provided with a stable housing. This is made of die-cast aluminum.  

Other advantages

Since this propeller is really good to use, there are only advantages that a buyer will appreciate. The impact wiper has been equipped with a transport hook. This is great and can be really practical for hanging in the pants belt. The screwdriver is thus ready for use and can always be there. The device is really perfect with a high torque. It should always be treated well. Even a suitcase is available, in which the percussion can always be safely stored. The chopper is good for changing the tires and it can be a real job. The manufacturer Makita has become more and more established in recent years and he has also made much easier. All this is more than just meaningful. The maximum torque is available in a very short period of time, which means that the chopper can also work better and is perfectly usable. It weighs just 2.1 kilos and this is even better because the work with the unit will fall even more easily by this circumstance. The screwdriver is great and it is herewith possible to change several tires in one day. So if you have to supply several cars, you should always use this screwdriver. The screwdriver is great and always makes a lot of sense. He will soon be worth it and the purchase is also great.


Conclusion guy The Makita TW0200 impact wrench can be absolutely recommended. There are no drawbacks at all and it will always be a perfect job to change the tires on the car. This is all that is possible now and it will also be much easier to fall. This allows a lot of work to be done on one working day and the user can not use it often enough. Makita is the name of the manufacturer, and it is great to get the screwdriver out. If it is not needed, it fits in the case which is included in the package.

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