Hesselink PIW 1000 impact wrench

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Test report: Hesselink PIW 1000 Schlagschrauber

The Hesselink PIW 1000 impact screwdriver is a good price-performance impact drill. The percussionist is great and always makes sense in the workshop. A buyer of this Hesselink PIW 1000 helicopter can use it both in the domestic workshop and in the enterprise. The helicopter operates electronically controlled and can therefore also be connected to a normal electrical outlet. This makes the use of special compressed air tanks unnecessary. This screwdriver is great and can be held particularly well in the hand. From the manufacturer, can not be said so much here, but the screwdriver is also very good for permanent work. 

This can be the screw driver

Whenever it is time to change the tires, the screwdriver is ready for use. It just has to be plugged into a suitable socket and the work can begin. The maximum torque for this screwdriver is 450Nm and the voltage is normal. The tool holder is indicated by half an inch and this is an external square. The power consumption is rather low and under normal load, however, a lot of performance can be achieved. The screwdriver is great, because if something should wear out, then the corresponding spare parts can always be ordered from the company or the manufacturer. All this is particularly good with the screwdriver and he will pay off soon. From now on, the tire changes can be easily taken over at home. Because it is always great to use this screwdriver. The user, who wants to work with a good Hesselink PIW 1000 helicopter, can do a lot of good things here. Everything is quite easy here. The impactor housing is suitable for hard use. The screwdriver offers a rocker switch which makes it easy to operate the screwdriver. This allows the user to switch between the modes and screw right or left. The user also has an ergonomic handle and a rubber insert. This is perfect for a secure grip and allows a truly comfortable working.  

The handling and many other features!

The screwdriver is great and can be a perfect substitute for normal compressed air helicopters. The screwdriver has also been provided with a high impact frequency and operates as a compressed air screwdriver. There are even more advantages that will justify a purchase. These should not be mentioned. The screwdriver is to be used alone. It is not necessary to buy a compressor. The screwdriver can even have a very high range with a cable drum. The user will get a screwdriver, which is always ready for use at any time. Then there is only a very small space requirement. There is no need to buy anything, which makes the cost of the device even more worthwhile. The work is easier with the screwdriver and it can be connected as already mentioned, at a normal outlet. Screwdriver is great and comes from manufacturer Hesselink. It is a screwdriver that has a normal idle speed and also a decent torque. The screwdriver is great and can also take normal tool. The user has to buy it himself. In addition, this screwdriver comes in a neat box in which it can always be stored. The screwdriver makes sense if it is always treated well and then a proper and correct storage is carried out. This should always be chosen wisely. The user can also put the box perfectly into the drawer to store the screwdriver in it. This will also be useful. The user has made a really good decision here and will also have a lot of fun with the screwdriver. The screwdriver is great and safe and always makes a lot of pleasure. He can make the work much easier and he will.


Conclusion guy The screwdriver is perfect in agriculture and also in car workshops. The user can benefit from the Hesselink PIW 1000 impact-wrench only positively. He will have a lot of fun with this helicopter and will do the work. This propeller is great and it will not be said otherwise. The screwdriver makes sense and can also bring a lot of pleasure. The screwdriver is always a good gift and is easy to use. He will prove to be a very good help. The screwdriver is also easy to hold in the hand and will be easy to guide. This propeller is really a great device that is helpful.

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