Technical characteristics

Maximum heating capacity 2,000 watt
heating level 1000 watt-2000 Watt
number of heating stages 2
operating voltage 230 V
mounting wall mounting, floor-mounted appliance
weight 6.6 kg
rollers available
thermostat available
antifreeze function available
splash water protection available
feature with anti-tip bracket


  • fast heating performance
  • to bolted just stand feet with wheels
  • no smell in the Erstinbetriebenahme

DIS advantages

  • some high price
for my hobby workshop for the cold season I was looking for an electric heater. After comparing my purchase decision in favor of the DeLonghi HMP 2000 has fallen electric heaters. You can see the experience I had with the electric heater, this experience report.

Purchase decision DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater

a high performance heating performance, a good workmanship, safety equipment not too expensive. On the basis of these factors, I have done a comparison of electric heaters. My choice has fallen on the DeLonghi HMP 2000 this electric heaters. In addition to the factors already mentioned, me has convinced also the possibility a wall with this model.

Handling of the DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater

metal is the housing for the DeLonghi HMP 2000 manufactured electric heaters. It is powered by 220 volts via a connecting cable. The heating can be adjusted in two stages, a 750 and 1500 Watts. Settings the heating performance can be carried over the thermostat. The electric heater is equipped with various safety devices, but also a frost protection function belongs to it under a surge protector, and ultimately an anti-tipper. The electric heater is equipped with four rolls, which allows for easy transport. The DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater comes in the size dimensions of 68.6 x 25.4 x 55.9 cm, with a weight of 7 kg. The electric heater is completely decorated in a shade of black. The electric heater is supplied with a mounting kit.

Assembly of the DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater

the DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater can be used in two ways. So, you can operate the electric heater as a device, but also permanently mounting them. So you can install the electrical heater on the wall, for this purpose, also a wall mounting kit is included as mentioned. Overall, the electric heater of the existing set can be mounted very quickly.

Handling and operation of the DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater

whether it operates the DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heaters, free standing or mounted on the wall, in both cases, he has a great advantage, he doesn't place much takes away. With the existing connection cable when the electric heater is not quite so severely restricted also his site. By the existing facilities with roles, you can very well move the electric heater. It has no problems in the operation of the electric heater. You can adjust the heat output with a handle to Durchd the thermostat. I am very happy with the heating capacity, you get also a large area quickly warm. Dirt and dust can be well clean the electric heaters due to its processing, also because you can get to all points.

Deficiency in the DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater

overall I am very satisfied with the DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater. Only in one point, unconvinced with the electric heater at all: at the operating level. It allows to run the electric heaters on the highest level, it comes here to a sometimes strong hum. These noises can disturb quite on time.


Solid handles of metal, the DeLonghi HMP is 2000 electric heater. Powered by 220 volts and a power of 1500 Watts this is. You can set two heating stages a thermostat. In addition to the 1500 Watts, are still 750 Watts. The thermostat is a safety thermostat, It protects from overheating. The electric heater with a frost protection function is also provided. You can operate the electric heaters free standing, but also on the wall. A mounting kit is included for this purpose. Generally, the electric heater takes away space for the installation. The heat output is very good DeLonghi HMP 2000 electric heater. At one point the electric heater has failed to convince me, this affects the volume in the operation. Just when running the electric heater at the highest level, there is a hum, which can be quite annoying.

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