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Test report: AEG RA 5520 Radiator

We have looked for a powerful radiator for our apartment, according to various comparisons and recommendations, we have decided for an oil radiator from AEG. What experiences we have made with the radiator from AEG can be found in this report.  

This has been the case for the radiator of AEG

As already mentioned, the performance of the radiator was very important to us during the purchase. In addition to the performance, however, the setting possibility of the heat settings, the weight and of course the design of the radiator played a not insignificant role. The model of AEG, the AEG RA 5520 Radiator, was the most convincing. In addition to these performance data the radiator also fulfilled, its compactness in the dimensions and the favorable purchase price, with reasons which ultimately led to the purchase decision.  

Technical data for the AEG RA 5520 Radiator

The radiator is made of seven ribbed steel, this radiator is a so-called oil radiator. The AEG RA 5520 radiator is powered by a 230 volt power supply. The voltage supply for the radiator is 50 to 60 hertz. It achieves a maximum output of around 1500 watts. All in all, you can set three different power levels for the AEG radiator. These power stages then become noticeable with the heating power with 600, with 900 and ultimately with the maximum power of 1500 watts. The regulation and setting of the individual heating stages is carried out via a thermostat controller. The radiator comes in a size and dimensions of 64 x 37.5 x 24.5 cm, with a low weight of 9 kg. For transport, the radiator is equipped with four rollers and two carrying handles. The radiator is color-coded in dark and light gray color.  

Safety of the AEG RA 5520 Radiator

The safety of the AEG RA 5520 radiator has not been neglected. The radiator is equipped with a safety contact switch. This prevents the radiator from overheating, but also from unwanted operation. Especially since you also have to mention the control lights with which the radiator is equipped. This indicator light indicates when the radiator is in operation.  

Operation of the radiator

As already mentioned in the technical details of the AEG RA 5520 Radiator, it is equipped with a thermostat. The thermostat and thus the setting of the heating stages can be controlled by two controllers. These controls can also be used to switch the radiator on and off. The operation of the radiator is thus a child's play and without great effort possible. However, its dimensions and weight are also positive in the radiator. Thus, the radiator does not take up much space during installation, which is important when you do not have much space anyway. The low weight of just 9 kg is also an advantage since the radiator does not leave any marks in the floor covering. Especially when you have a carpet and a PVC floor, this has always been a problem. However, in the use of the AEG RA 5520 Radiator, we were able to make even more advantages, such as its mobility. The four castors can be used to move the radiator from room to room as required. So that the connection cable does not interfere if the radiator is not used, this is equipped with a cable winding. In the end, of course, care is still to be mentioned, the radiator also convinces. Due to its steel processing, the radiator can be easily wiped with a cloth.  

Odor as a defect from the radiator of AEG

When we unpacked the AEG RA 5520 Radiator, they were a bit disappointed. What we noticed immediately is a rather strong and unpleasant odor. Unfortunately, it took some time before this smell of the radiator went out, was no longer detectable. Where exactly this odor came from the radiator, we could not establish.


Conclusion guy Very solid processing is the AEG RA 5520 radiator. The radiator is operated electrically via a 220 volt connection cable. It is equipped with three heaters. Each of the individual heating stages can be easily adjusted via the thermostat. For protection, the radiator is equipped with a safety contact switch, thus ensuring the safety of this device. Operation is also indicated by a control light. It is equipped with four wheels and two carrying handles. Simple is not only service, but also the care. This allows the radiator to be easily wiped as required. The compact dimensions of the radiator are particularly positive, which means that they do not take up much space during installation and also leave no traces like footprints on the floor. With all the advantages we have found in the radiator, there was also a disadvantage, namely its smell. Especially in the beginning time one could perceive an inexplicable smell, which however with the time of the use again disappeared. We do not regret the purchase of the AEG RA 5520 Radiator, we are very satisfied with this model and give the schoolnote 1.

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