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Test report: VicTsing ZELOTES Gaming Mouse

Product characteristics:

The VicTsing ZELOTES Gaming Mouse is highly precise. It helps the player through the ergonomic shape, which adapts to the hand well and with the precise control, the game easier to control. The mouse has a 6-speed DPI setting. With the existing DPI button, you can easily switch between the different settings. 1,000, 1,600, 2,400, 3200, 5,500, and 9,200 DPI are possible. For example, using the 9,200 DPI has a clear advantage over other players as it increases command speed and sensitivity. The DPI setting can be adjusted with the button and the flashing control lights. At 1,000 DPI, a red light flashes three times, at 1,600 an orange, at 2,400 a green one, at 3,200 a light blue, at 5,500 a blue light and at 9,200 DPI a lilane light. The fetch rate of the mouse of 500 Hz gives you more even movements and the 6666 FPS (Frames Per Second) provides a reliable connectivity with smooth as well as responsive fast trackings. The VicTsing ZELOTES Gaming Mouse also provides a tailor-made design. The ergonomic shape makes it possible for the mouse to sit comfortably up to the fingertips. The mouse has 8 keys and this allows the control of the mouse to be individually adjusted according to every requirement. With the built-in thumb function, you can quickly browse back and forth through the web. In addition, the mouse has eight weights, which allows you to customize the mouse itself, how hard you like it. You can simply remove the weights that are not needed. The mouse is made of very good ABS material. The cable is reinforced braided and has a reinforcement at one end so that fraying can be prevented. With the built-in memory chip you can store your own settings at any time thanks to the existing memory function. The optical power from which the mouse is operated gives it the high performance. This causes the cursor speed to be up to 60 In / s. The mouse guarantees easy movement both with accuracy and with a fast response. With the 13 different light modes, it is also an eye-catcher. The mouse is compatible with some systems. You can use it with Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, Mac OS and also with other OS systems. The most important thing is to have a free USB port, as the mouse is connected to the computer via USB.  

Technical specifications

  • Size: 130 x 81.5 x 39.8 mm
  • USB cable length: 1.8 m
  • Tracking system: optical
  • DPI: 1,000 to 9,200 DPI
  • Counterweight: 8 ST
  • FPS (frames per second) 6666
  • Image Processing: 2.41 million pps
  • Weight: 200g
  • 13 different light modes


Conclusion guy The VicTsing ZELOTES Gaming Mouse is very good for playing computer games, as well as for surfing the Internet, if you travel a lot on the Internet. Due to the ergonomic shape and the different weights, it adapts well and is thus generally well-suited to everyone. This provides additional comfort when playing. Also visually it looks very good and you can choose them in different colors. Depending on what you like best. It is easy to use and can be used immediately after you plug it in.You do not need great installations here and therefore also no special previous knowledge. This makes this gaming mouse good for people who may not have so many experiences. Furthermore, it is very cheap for what it can. The only drawbacks are that there is no software, but that does not mean that you can use only six of the eight keys, since one is already pre-set for the color of the lighting and one for the DPI settings. On the whole, the VicTsing ZELOTES Gaming Mouse can definitely be recommended, as it is a great value for money.

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