Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse

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Test report: Titanwolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse

Almost every household has at least one computer. It does not matter whether this is used for working or playing.Nevertheless, all consumers agree that the accessories, such as the mouse, must function properly. Precisely for this reason, the Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse was developed and launched on the market. This mouse stands out because only high-quality materials are used. In addition, all components are coordinated in great detail.This ensures that every consumer gets the mouse that fits their needs. 

Where is the mouse again?

Due to the fact that the product dimensions of the Titanwolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse are only 43 x 81 x 122 centimeters, it can happen that the consumer does not see the mouse immediately. This does not change the weight very much. For with about 150 grams, the mouse falls into the category of light weight. This is hard to believe if you look at the gaming laser mouse more closely. The look is more like Monster.  

Usability - very simple

In order to work with the Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse, no major precautions are required. This means that the consumer requires a USB interface 2.0 and a socket on his PC. Simply plug the gold-plated plug into the interface, perform a short installation and start the game. The cable from the mouse has a length of 1.85 centimeters. Thus, the ideal behind the PC can be hidden. In addition, the cable of the gaming mouse is well insulated. This means that the cable is very stable due to the fabric cover.  

Technically - a true miracle

With the Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse, the consumer can not only move the mouse wheel and press the buttons, but the mouse can be individually adjusted. That is, all the needs can adjust the consumer perfectly with the gaming mouse. This means that it is possible to set the DPI settings from 50 to 16400 DPI. In addition, the gamer can program the mouse movements optimally. An acceleration of up to 30G is possible. Also the polling rate is variable, up to 1000 Hz are possible. In addition, the Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse is equipped with an Avago sensor. This ensures that the gamer can play the game very precisely. The additional connection with the Omron mats makes the game even more intense. The gaming mouse is not satisfied yet. There are 18 keys available to the user, which can be used with a variety of things, such as macros or stand-alone game profiles. Of course, functions such as the screen lock or a media control can also be set via buttons. Thus, the user of the mouse has the ability to access a function more quickly and easily. The highlight of the Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse is the LED lighting. In this case, it is possible for the consumer to assign a profile to a lighting. All the buttons of the gaming mouse are optimally reachable, whether small or larger hands, the mouse operate.  

The Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse - does not make any demands

All consumers who have a computer with a Windows operating system can use the gaming mouse without restriction. This means that both a PC with the Microsoft Windows XP with 32/64 bit can win the race as much as a computer with Windows 8.1 32/64 bit operating system. In addition, the ergonomic gaming mouse glides optimally over every work surface. Even a rubberized surface is no hindrance. The timeless design with the neutral black color ensures that the TitanWolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse adapts perfectly to every desk.  

Scope of delivery - all inclusive

Every consumer who chooses the Titanwolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse will not be disappointed. This is because when you buy the gaming laser mouse everything is included. This means the consumer gets the Gauntlet Wired Gaming Laser Mouse, various sliding pads, software CD, 1 instruction manual and 8x 2.4g weights. These are located in a box and are preassembled.


Conclusion guy The conclusion to the Titan Wolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse is, there is no better mouse for gamers. All the moves are very precise and accurate. In addition, the mouse is ideal for everyday use. Therefore, the mouse also does not have countless usage traces. Such a price / performance ratio does not get the consumer back so quickly. Have fun and enjoy the Titanwolf USB Gaming Laser Mouse.

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