Speedlink Kudos Z-9 Core Gaming Mouse

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Review: Speedlink Kudos Z-9 Core Gaming Mouse

The Speedlink Kudos Z-9 mouse is ideal for all gamers, because it has a great look and without delay, executes all commands quickly. This offers great and sometimes decisive advantages over other players.

A perfect configuration software

The mouse is delivered with a comprehensive configuration software. This can be perfectly adapted to your own gaming style. The package is rounded off with a Konigurations app. It can be adjusted by the driver settings to your own needs. Calling the driver menu does not waste any game time for retrieving. The advantages are immediately noticeable. The self-explanatory interface offers a fast profile change, a change-over of the keys or an adaptation of the sensor resolution. This paves the user a fast way to victory.  

Only the latest technology

The Kudos Z-9 Gaming Mouse is equipped with a profile indicator bar, a precise laser sensor and a 4-way mouse wheel. The sensor is equipped with a resolution of up to 8,200 dpi, which is sufficient for most games. The Zero Response Time allows the mouse to react without any delays. Commands are executed directly. Thanks to the free configuration app from Android 4.0 and iOS 7, all driver settings can be changed in just a few moments during the game. The settings are well explained, so that even laymen will have no problem. The change of the setting sometimes brings a small advantage over other players, which can have a positive effect on the gameplay. A complete use of the offer is therefore advisable in all games.  

A small speed bonus against the opponents

In many games the smallest game decisions are directly punished. Often the time runs against one and the opponent already sits at the neck. The nine programmable buttons, including the 4D scroll wheel, provide time-saving benefits. A victory sometimes depends on seconds, which can be easily achieved by using this mouse.Perfectly timed actions are possible due to the minimal response time of the mouse without problems. It converts a command within fractions of a second. Even in the midst of chaos, the player is always a small step ahead of his opponents. The use of the mouse affects the output of each game, and the match can be terminated more often in its own favor.  

A fully programmable configuration software

If you want to be victorious from the games, you should use the easy-to-use and comprehensive software for the programming of the Kudos Z-9. This allows a very individual gaming style to be matched. It is advisable to create your own profile. This works best with created macros. Every gamer will be amazed at how a gadget print will execute all stored functions, such as ghost hand. Macros can offer the decisive advantage, especially when changing weapons, spells, distance attacks, or close combat. A profile switch can be used to switch between the individual profiles. The indicator bar not only shines optically as a highlight. It also represents the currently active profile by using 64 colors. There is a red light on the wheel. With the new Game On Detection Technology (GOD), the game's previously created profile is saved and automatically uploaded when the game is restarted.  

The configuration app

The app is the link between the configuration and the game. The Kudos Z-9 configuration app offers many advantages. With this, driver settings can be changed at any time. If, for example, an attack is to be perfected or the assembly of the equipment has to be rearranged. Then the app is used. The app will change all settings within seconds without any effort. This works without many keys or the use of precious time. Instead, the attention can be focused on the game all the time. The effective effect of the mouse is further increased when the surface is used to occupy all keys as required and the sensor resolution is adapted to the course of the game.


Conclusion guy The Kudos Gaming Mouser Z-9 is perfectly handy. It can be used individually for each game. It has the latest technology and can often be used to achieve victory by means of the configuration software. The Kudos Z-9 Gaming Mouse offers a high degree of comfort. With its precision and efficiency, it fulfills all requirements a player places on a mouse. The decision whether to win or to defeat is entirely in the hands of the user. With macros, key assignments and a fast response time, it offers many advantages over other mice. The high-quality gaming mouse adapts to all requirements. In addition, each player has a 4-way mouse wheel and a laser sensor with 8,200 dpi. Through the use of the mouse many games can be decided for themselves. It responds quickly and takes a time advantage over the opponent in some games. The mouse can be individually customized to your own needs. It is easy to carry and has a perfect shape. Even after a longer playing time the fingers and the wrist do not cramp. It is advisable to use the mouse with a suitable mouse pad. Then the operation of the mouse is even easier and it can be guided neat and fast.

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