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Test report: Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse

It should be a new gaming mouse. The selection of models and offers is very diverse. Ultimately, my choice has fallen after an extensive comparison on the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse. Why I chose Sharkoon's Gaming Mouse and what experiences I have made with this mouse can be found in the following experience report.  

That's why I chose the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse

Programmable keys, fast response, good handling and a reasonable price, these were four prerequisites I have set for a comparison. Really fulfills these requirements only the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse. In particular the good technical performance data and the shape of the gaming mouse, but also the very favorable purchase price, were decisive for the purchase of the mouse. Of course, the many positive reviews of the gaming mouse have positively influenced my buying decision. Ultimately, however, the gaming mouse, apart from the technical data and experience reports, still had to prove itself.  

Details about gaming mouse technology

The Gaming Mouse from Sharkoon is made entirely of plastic. Connected to the manufacturing of the gaming mouse is also a high robustness. The Gaming Mouse is equipped with a large four-way scroll wheel and 11 buttons.The buttons on the gaming mouse can be adjusted according to your own needs. The gaming mouse also has an LED display for the DPI. The connection between the gaming mouse and the computer is made via the Avago 9800 laser sensor. The gaming mouse dimensions are 8.8 x 12.6 x 4.2 cm, with a weight of 150 grams. The Sharkoon Gaming Mouse is completely black in color.  

Extensive accessories for the Sharkonn Gaming Mouse

In addition to the very good Gaming Mouse from Sharkonn, the scope of delivery also includes extensive accessories. The gaming mouse includes, for example, replacement slides, but also instructions for operating the mouse and a transport bag. With the transport bag you can not only pack the mouse but also transport very easily.The software necessary for operation is also included as a CD with the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse.  

Handling and operating the Sharkoon Gaming Mouse

Who holds the gaming mouse the first time in the hand, will immediately notice the grip of the mouse. This is due, on the one hand, to the compact dimensions of 8.8 x 12.6 x 4.2 cm, but also to the weight and, above all, to the surface. The surface of the Sharkonn Gaming Mouse is gumed, which makes it particularly handy, especially due to the shape of the mouse. As mentioned in the technical details, the gaming mouse is equipped with numerous buttons. Of course, these buttons have a great advantage, important functions and controls can be controlled with only one push button. This, of course, saves time and facilitates the game considerably, the control considerably.Also to be highlighted is the gaming mouse the very good transmission, so there is no time delays. Thus, the response time of the gaming mouse is correspondingly fast. The keys on the gaming mouse must be set before you can use them. With the software which is included, the setting of the individual keys is very simple. In general, the setup of the gaming mouse is not a problem and a children's game. The gaming mouse is also equipped with a memory. You can use this memory to store different user profiles. This of course has the advantage that you can adjust your gaming mouse different and save this as well. After a few months now in use, of course, to be also the question of the processing and the associated experiences.Basically, the gaming mouse is very well processed, even now in the daily and intensive uses I have not been able to detect any losses. Neither wear and tear nor gaming can be detected on the gaming mouse: the gaming mouse looks like the first day and still works like that. If there are times to wear, for example with the Slides, so this is no problem. As already mentioned, the gaming mouse also includes replacement slides.  

Disadvantage with the gaming mouse

Unfortunately, I have a decisive disadvantage in the gaming mouse. This drawback in the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse affects the operating system, which can not be operated with any operating system the gaming mouse. For example, the gaming mouse does not work in conjunction with a Linux operating system. The gaming mouse can only be operated with three operating systems from Windows. This is a drawback as it unnecessarily limits the scope of Sharkoon's Gaming Mouse. Here, the manufacturer should improve and increase the scope of the gaming mouse.


Conclusion guy The Sharkoon Gaming Mouse is made of plastic. With the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse, the outer design catches the eye. The gaming mouse is a gumming of the surface. This and because of the shape of the mouse, this is particularly good in the hand. The gaming mouse is equipped with a scroll wheel and numerous buttons. The buttons on the gaming mouse allow a quick control of individual functions on the computer. The buttons on the gaming mouse can be adjusted via the software and reworked at any time. The gaming mouse also features the laser that connects to the computer, as well as the dimensions of 8.8 x 12.6 x 4.2 cm and the low weight of the gaming mouse at only 150 grams. The gaming mouse is supplied with extensive accessories. These accessories include spare parts, there should be a wear, but also a transport bag and software belong to the Gaming Mouse from Sharkonn. There is also a disadvantage of the gaming mouse. This disadvantage with the gaming mouse is the limited application area associated with the operating systems. The gaming mouse can only be used in conjunction with three operating systems, which is a disadvantage. Overall, the Sharkoon gaming mouse clearly outweighs the advantages, even at the price. For this reason you can only recommend the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Mouse.

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