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Test report: Softub Model Legend 220 Whirlpool

The Softub model Legend 220 Whirlpool in the video

Where can the Softub Whirlpool be installed?

Because of its size it is advisable to put the jacuzzi in its garden. Of course, there is also the possibility to build it on the terrace, the roof terrace or on a corresponding balcony. It is important to ensure that the immediate environment is moist and, if necessary, wet. This is important to avoid damage or moisture in the wood or surrounding furniture, etc.  

What are the characteristics of the Whirlpool Legend 220?

The jacuzzi is designed for 4 people. Even if all four people are in the whirlpool, everyone has enough space to relax and unwind. By the height of 61 cm, you are so far in the water, that it is not even a cold day in the hot tub. The height is perfect to entertain, to drink a glass of sparkling wine or simply to lie comfortably in the jacuzzi. The total diameter inside is approx. 150 cm. Also at night you have with the hot tub its joy. Because it has a long-life LED interior lighting. The light source is not too light and not too dark. The lighting in the jacuzzi provides a very cozy atmosphere. In addition, the light also illuminates the immediate environment. Thus, towels, shoes, glasses etc. can be found immediately. The jacuzzi was equipped with 5 powerful nozzles. So everyone in the pool is massaged and spoiled - no one is too short. With this hot tub you will do your soul a favor. Body and mind are spoiled. In addition, a whirpool prevents weak connective tissue.  

What does the whirlpool look like?

The whirlpool was optically simple and simple designed. Outside he has a light camelton. He is not too dominant and conspicuous. Many other colors can be combined with the color "Camel". No matter whether strong and light colors. Here every color to the whirlpool looks good. The inside color of the whirlpool is pearl. These two colors are in harmony with each other and are therefore very coherent. The jacuzzi is round, it has no corners or edges. Therefore, it is very open and inviting.  

What accessories are included with the Softub Legend 220?

In addition to the hot tub you can get a thermodeckel. This ensures that when the jacuzzi is not being used, water keeps the temperature and does not cool down. In addition, the thermodeckel helps to save power. Since the water does not have to be heated up completely again. With the set are also all cables, which are needed to connect the whirlpool. The motor is located under a protective cover. The only thing you need to connect is a suitable socket near the stand.  

What are the values of Softub?

The hot tub has an empty weight of 44 kilograms. This means that it can be carried without great effort without having to change the location without any problems. Due to the weight, you also have many advantages at the end of the spa season. The dismantling is fast and can even be done by itself in an emergency. Only the basin has a total weight of 30 kilograms. Also the basin can be worn very easily. To fill the whirlpool, you need about 830 liters of water. Once the water has been filled, the whirlpool has a total weight (with all the accessories) of 891 kilograms. For the jacuzzi you only need to place it, a relatively large place, because its diameter outside 180 cm is. In order to ensure that the whirlpool works optimally, you need a connection value of 1.4 KW.


Conclusion guyThe Whirlpool from Softub is really recommendable. The colors are coherent and light, creating a beautiful picture in the garden or on the terrace. A further advantage of the whirlpool is that it is fully integrable. That means, if you want, you can build a wooden panel around the pool. This evaluates the whole visually. With a bit of skill, you have instantly created your personal luxury oasis. The jacuzzi was very well processed, damage or small quirks you find, even after prolonged use barely. The cleaning is relatively simple, as the jacuzzi is round and you reach all places easily. It is advisable to carry out this in pairs when assembling and dismantling. This is not a must. Since all parts are not too heavy and therefore easy to handle.

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