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Review: Intex above ground pool Framepool

The above ground pool Framepool Intex is the classic among the pools. The stable construction is galvanized and powder coated and the pool can be built in a very short time and ensures a high level of stability. The sheath is made from highly tear-resistant PVC fabric and is chlorine resistant and is equipped with a drain valve for easy and comfortable drain the water. This Intez pool is an oasis for the whole family is created within a short time. The Intex above ground pool Framepool has been tested extensively. Below the test winner pool is described in detail.  

The winner of Intex

The Intex above ground pool Framepool is a good alternative to the crowded outdoor pools in summer. Who has no place in the garden and also has no way to dig a big pit for your own paddling pool, is well advised with the purchase of Framepool Family of Intex. The pool got the tests a very good average rating of at least 4.6 stars, where there was to achieve a maximum five stars. In this review, it was found that the above ground pool is durable and is particularly spacious. Buyers were very satisfied with the simple and rapid assembly and disassembly in the test. The Framepool by Intex has a length of 300 centimeters and a width of 200 centimeters. The height is 75 centimeters. Thanks to the compact rectangular shape of the basin of the pool for owners of smaller land is ideal. In the test of Intex above ground pool could be filled with a capacity of up to 3,834 liters. The pool could be just two people with the enclosed instructions completely uncomplicated build in a time of some thirty to forty minutes. In the test report particularly robust film was highlighted as very positive. This has at the bottom has a thickness of 0.52 mm and on the walls of a thickness of 0.58 millimeters. The linkage. Generally made a solid impression in the test. The name Framepool Family says it already from: The above ground Intex offers enough space for several people and the whole family has fun in the paddling pool. The fair price was an additional aspect in the review, which ideally arrived naturally.  

Large swimming fun with a strong performance

The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set proved under test with its sophisticated technology to be very beneficial. The rapid build-up takes place without the use of tools. In about thirty to 45 minutes the pool is set up and ready for filling with water. The company Intex has many different models in the range. The 457 x 122 cm version has a capacity of about 16,000 liters of water. The metal frame is powder coated and leaves the pool stable and sturdy in the garden. The inside of the paddling pool consists of a three-ply PVC liner and promises a long life. In the delivery are next to the pool also a cartridge filter, and a tarpaulin, a ladder and a bottom sheet included. It's all there, what you need for the start of the cool water. The filter system has with 3,785 liters per hour a very strong performance. In order for the water to be completely circulated once in about four to five hours.  

Continuous use with years of experience

The Intex Metal Frame Pool has demonstrated in the test that it is ideally suited to be the year outdoors. The sturdy metal frame and the liner keep all the weather was. With a pool heating the water is heated and a warm bath in the fresh air, nothing stands in the way. Not wishing to use the Intex pool in winter, can drain the water rapidly through a drain valve. The company Intex has many years of experience in the swimming pool. This experience of the experts benefited from the Intex Metal Frame Pool in the development. Thanks to the stable the metal framework can be dispensed with inflatable swimming pool, as they constantly lose air. prevents a matching tarpaulin that reach and promotes a long shelf life of the Intex Pool with wind leaves or dirt in the pool.  

The delivery

In the test was delivered following on delivery: + Intex Oval Frame Pool + filter pump with matching filter insert + hose connections + A ladder + A tarpaulin + The groundsheet + a DVD with assembly video


conclusion guyFor families of Framepool Family of the manufacturer Intex offers an excellent alternative to the more crowded in the summer months outdoor pools. The above ground pool scores primarily with a high-quality processing and a good space. Especially for children is this pool with a sensational price-performance ratio of the absolute summer hit. The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set fulfills all wishes The pool can be set up quickly and keeps its promises. This Intex pool offers plenty of room for the whole family and invites you to relax with a few air mattresses in the sun. Anyone looking for a beginners pool, making the right choice with this pool of Intex. Will later need something more, can be conveniently and easily upgraded with a sand filter or a pool heater.

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