DRULINE 0540 Family Lounge Pool

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Review: DRULINE 0540 Family Lounge Pool

Even if the summer time so slow missile? Us consumers back, the next warm front is determined. Since our everyday life is always very stressful, is not much time to, go to the beach on hot days. This is exactly why there are pools that are easy to set up in the garden. If the garden then not provide the space for a foothold pool, we can draw consumers to the alternative of the inflatable pools. Therefore, the DRULINE 0540 Family Lounge Pool has a strong foothold in the market. This is because only high quality materials are used. Moreover, all the details are designed in close cooperation with each other. With such a pool the whole family can have fun.  

Delivery - unique

All consumers who opt for the DRULINE 0540 Family Lounge Pool, get not just the pool. still is for the purchase price of a small manual and patches, for any incidental repairs at. Thus, the consumer can begin immediately after delivery to the building.  

Pitch - ingeniously simple

Since the product dimensions of the DRULINE 0540 Family Lounge Pool is not excessive in size, a parking space is found quickly. The dimensions are 229 x 229 x 66 centimeters. With a total weight of seven kilograms of the pool is not that hard. As the pool is set up on the lawn, the weight plays a subordinate role. In addition, the pool adduced a rectangular shape, which fits perfectly in a garden landscape. The color combination of blue and white is also no obstacle to the admission. When drawing up the consumer should but make sure that the bottom of the pool, is free from dirt and grime. This ensures that no stone travels a hole in the material.  

Construction - no problem

As the pool is bad constructed to transport, the consumer gets a unaufgebauten pool. But that is not a problem because the DRULINE 0540 Family Lounge Pool is an inflatable pool. That is, after delivery, the consumer grabs the pool and pumps air into the chambers provided. In order not to strain the lungs, a foot or hand pump can be used as an aid. Suitable for all commercially available pumps. For the entire pool then the consumer requires only a few minutes.  

Security - in this pool - very important

Although the pool is only a little one, the security conditions must still be met. That is also the reason that the TÜV to the pool looks before these go on sale. This means it is checked whether any residue remaining on the material, which can be harmful to the consumer. In addition, all the edges and corners are rounded and firmly connected.  

Pure enjoyment - guaranteed

The family pool could not be more convenient. This is because in each corner of the pool an extra seat is integrated. To be able to relax properly, even comfortable backrests are available. This is worked beyond very wide and comfortable. The backrest have a height of 0.76 centimeters. This allows even large people sit back and enjoy the sun. Because rest and relax but makes thirsty, two cup holders are integrated in the pool. These are perfect for conventional bottles. The capacity of the pool is 882 liters. Then the pool is filled but only to 60 percent. To clean the pool from time to time, has the pool through a drain valve. This is located in the bottom of the pool. The two large air chambers from the pool are each provided with a check valve. In addition, the pool is equipped with free air permeable drain valves. In the event that the consumer has pumped too much air, some air can be discharged selectively. The entire pool consists of the material vinyl. This is particularly durable and robust. I mean, even if the children can not sit still, the material holds out.


conclusion guyThe conclusion to the 0540 DRULINE Family Lounge Pool is simple. As the pool for daily use is ideal, only a purchase recommendation can be made. Although the pool is often dismantled and then, without traces are visible.Thus, the price-performance ratio is overwhelming and hard to beat. The pool is a good alternative for cooling when the time is tight again.Enjoy yourself.  

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