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Review: Chemoform Lugano Oval Pool

Here the Chemoform Lugano oval pool is built in video

Ironically, in the summer, most families want a private pool. Why not? Because in a pool the whole family can have a lot of fun. Now, it is a very large pool of this offer and as most buyers do not know quite what to make of it.Because the pool can not be simply placed on the floor. To set up the pool, excavation work are needed. Whoever it is unaware, you should rather leave it alone and let the construction real professionals. This pool anyway, is huge and can be perfect for a whole family. The fact that there is a ready pool is good because if the pool does not like, he can easily and quickly be removed. In this case, it can then be replaced by another pool.  

The capacity

Of course, the pool of Chemoform first has to be adjusted. For secure setting up is to be imperative come a mini digger. The capacity is enormous due to the size of the pool and it's always exhilarating to benefit from it. In this pool match 31 cubic meters of water. These can be removed from the water line either, or someone may instruct the fire brigade for the filling of the pool. The buyer must therefore now making preparations to make the pool certainly can. Furthermore, it is essential to look in more detail the extent. Only thus can also be a good base for the pool to be created.  

The ordering and delivering

First, the pool must however still be ordered. Shortly thereafter, it can be already delivered. In this case, it is so that the pool is even delivered quite quickly. But it is necessary to wait a forwarding delivery. Therefore but the forwarding is then shortly before the actual delivery of the contact with buyers looking to discuss because of the delivery times. Who buys the pool, should know. It is not so important that the space for the pool already exists. Only a place of delivery of the pool should be kept ready by the buyer. Because only by the pool can then be parked safely even to the building. The pool will surely stand when it is parked at a specific location.  

The building

Who now wants to build the pool, which should have a big hole and have then straightened underground. In an emergency, this must be done with concrete. But if the buyer is not familiar with a level surface, it's more important that he can help from a professional. Only so the pool can be placed safely. The pool is then are quite sure if everything is right. When you build yourself a layman and a professional should not be alone. It is necessary at this size to have more helping hands to the side. This allows the pool are also safe and well constructed.  

The filling of water

The pool has been paid to the high quality of materials value. The user can thus go always make sure he gets a good element here. The user must also know that there is a galvanized steel shell here and outside a white plastic coating. Inside the pool there is a protective lacquer. This is then also safe. The inner foil is made from PVC and is 0.6 mm thick. The jacket is held by aluminum connectors. When everything is done and the structure is successful, then the water can enter. But here a lot of patience and time is now in demand. It takes a while until the pool filled with water and then can only be splashed. Now the water is still cold and should first warm up. In this case, can be very useful a pool heater. For by the pool can einheizen even faster and even bathing is faster.  

The importance

It is always important to adhere to the specifications of the manufacturer in terms of the structure. Who still has questions, can also contact the seller. Whoever is planning an excavation in advance, this should be also good measure. Only so the pool can also be used.


conclusion guyWith a good and safe pool it is always important that it is very good. The pool can only be good if the user also followed everything the manufacturer recommends. This pool is great and good size. Children and adults will enjoy it and like to go swimming in it. Therefore, it is always a good investment, to plan such a pool. The important thing is that the buyer also correctly so does everything and also buying the correct filtration system.  

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