Used Atika Leise LHF 2800 forage harvesters for sale

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Test report: Atika Leise LHF 2800 forage harvesters

The Atika Leise LHF 2800 chopper in the video

The Atika shredder is a device which is suitable for domestic use or for the more demanding home furnishing. It is a robust chopper, which is very quiet and is characterized by a good performance. The chopper has an on / off switch with a back-up function, so you do not have to go in, if something has wedged in the device. Nevertheless, utmost caution is required in devices such as these, for they have great forces with which they can cause great destruction. One of the safe mechanisms is also the restart protection, so that the operation of the device could be feasible without major problems. The chopper cuts branches to a certain thickness, it is intended for branches up to 4.2 cm.If you want to be safe, you should choose a size of up to four centimeters. The Atika rail is equipped with a chassis, which can be moved even on rough terrain. The easy-to-drive chopper can be moved with little effort, but should also be regularly cleaned in order to maintain the chassis in a good and viable condition. The device is a weight of approximately 30 kilograms also a quite stable object, which has a safe and firm stand on the ground and so will not fall even in heavy work. The sawed sawmill does not simply fly around, because the Atika Leise LHF 2 800 chopper with included catch basket is delivered. The opening provides a maximum of 42 mm space to fill branches. Care should be taken to make the branches sufficiently small to fill them in the shredder. The chopper can thus also get small amounts of branches and branches without problems. However, one should make sure that the branches do not have too much length to prevent wedging inside the chopper.


Conclusion guy Since I had already read in advance, that some customers had problems with the backups, I immediately used the more inert 16 amp backup. This also led to the fact that I had not the problem, which other customers had with the chopper, had, but immediately a good and smooth operation for me could. The fuses should therefore be replaced by their own if one wants the smooth operation.The shredder can be transported quickly and without problems, since it has an integrated chassis, which works well on uneven ground.However, if you have to go on a long journey with the chopper to get to the workplace, you should take a little time and adjust yourself to work on the screw. This device is a roller shredder, which means that the branches and leaves are not chopped but squeezed into small parts. As a result, leaves and leaves are naturally not crushed but merely compressed. For a good result of the end product one should therefore remove leaves if one does not want to have them in the chopped material, but wants to have good and pure branches. The final size of the chopped branches is large, but not very large. Depending on the material used, they are branch parts up to 2 cm in size. If the branches which are to be crushed have already dried well or have already been reduced in size, the size of the result can also deviate noticeably. It can be said that the design of the device, which is supplied in individual parts, has been simple and simple.You can simply use the instructions and assemble the parts. But if you do not have technical skills, then you should seek help. Anyone who has the problem of hacking branches or branches during the cutting process must remember the safety of the hands and switch off the device again before working in the device. It has a return, but sometimes you do not get the chopped material completely there, depending on how deep this has caught in the depths of the chopper. Anyone who goes to gardening with the appliance is also advised to study the instructions carefully before commissioning. I find the device generally very easy to use, but one should know, if one has it in use.

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