Grizzly GHS 2842 B Self-propelled forage harvester

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Test report: Grizzly GHS 2842 B chopper

The Grizzly GHS 2842 B chopper in the video

Is it possible for a chopper to work so quietly that you hardly hear it? Now everyone can convince themselves, because the Grizzly GHS 2842 B chopper is a great device. This chopper is modern and will satisfy the buyer. It offers many possibilities and can finally arrange for the order in the garden. The small, fine branches that often lie on the lawn and then have a great influence on the lawnmower's possibilities can now be chopped very easily and, above all, quickly gone. The Grizzly GHS 2842 B chopper is a modern chopper that will really satisfy. It is easy to use, but it also has other advantages. Which are, for this, simply have to be read further.

The device itself

The Grizzly GHS 2842 B chopper comes with an extremely powerful engine. This has a full 2800 watts. This is really huge for such a device. Then there is the overload protection. This ensures that the engine does not run hot and can not heat up. The restart inhibit ensures optimal user security after an overload error. The cutting system is not provided here with knives, but rather is a roller. These offer the advantage that they are very quiet and thus do not cause the chopper to be disturbing. The shredder is practical and thanks to the roller system it is even easier to work. He will pull the branches himself and then chop them. This is perfect for those who have respect for such machines. Because at this point it must be mentioned that such a chopper is not a toy and certainly not harmless.Thanks to a rugged chassis, the chopper can easily be pushed into the garden. This will be very easy. This chassis ensures simultaneous stability. The mobility of the unit is also very good.  

More facts

The garden shredder is a quiet chopper and has a good equipment. There is a perfect self-pull, a high torque and a safety filling funnel, so that the hands can not really happen when the wood is inserted. The plug is equipped with a clutch safety device and there are two wheels on which the device can be transported. This is easy and easy to do.The chopped material is caught in a transport box. This is included in the delivery. This means that order will be reigned immediately. It is not necessary to collect the good, then from the lawn up and separate it separately. This device will convince you, and that all along the line. It looks good and so it can be long so, of course, also a cleaning must be done. However, this can be done easily when the power plug is pulled out after use and then everything is cleaned perfectly. This machine is really great and is also liked. It makes a lot of fun.  

Perfectly tidy

Furthermore, the Grizzly GHS 2842 B chopper is a great toolbox. There is room for smaller helpers. The width of the cutting gap can be set quickly and easily. This allows the user to even chop thicker branches and will be fully satisfied with the performance of his device. The catchbox will hold a total of 60 liters of cutting material. This can then be disposed of via the biotonne. The right tool is already available. An Allen key and a wrench are included.These must also be present so that the chopper can be used well.


Conclusion guy There is always a lot to do in our own garden. This starts with a normal pruning of the branches and stops that these branches have to be cut.With the Grizzly GHS 2842 B chopper a good purchase is made. The device is extremely robust and will keep what it promises. It is perfect and easy to carry in the garden, thanks to the two wheels and is also delivered with the appropriate box for catching the cut material. This chopper is perfect and makes a lot of fun. It is very suitable for the most diverse work in the garden and will also bring a lot of pleasure. This shredder brings everything a user can desire. This is always great and makes even more joy for all users.

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