Garden Primus Hai Speed folding saw

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Test report: Garden Primus Hai Speed folding saw

Every consumer needs a balance to the daily and stressful workday. Some like to read a beautiful book, the others are doing sports, and the rest is handmade. In order to be able to perform these tasks properly, optimal craftsmanship is required. It does not matter whether it is a hammer, a drill or a folding saw. In the field of folding saws, the Garden Primus Hai Speed folding saw has proved to be particularly good. The fault is the high quality material and its fine tuning. 

Storage - a children's play

Since a craftsman must also give his tool a time-out, the folding saw needs a place to recover. If this place has a size of 22.8 x 7.3 x 2.4 centimeters, this is ideally suited. Also the total weight, which is 159 grams, is no problem in the field selection. This means that the consumer does not have to build an extra stable storage space. The teeth of the folding saw are not visible during storage. This means that the user can not injure himself during removal.  

Folding saw - a Japanese masterpiece

The Garden Primus Hai Speed folding saw is looking forward to being taken out of the shelf in the horticulture or fruit tree trimming. Of course, the saw is also suitable for use in carpentry or if a hobby craftsman wants to conjure up beautiful things. The saw is characterized by its ideal saw blade length. This is 190 millimeters. With a tooth width of 3.8 millimeters, the folding saw ensures that a precise cut can always be carried out. The type of wood plays no role. The tooth tips of the folding saw are very robust and resistant. This means, even if the saw is sometimes more stressed, the teeth do not break. The reason for this is induction hardening, which is carried out according to a special method. This also ensures the longevity of the saw. According to this principle, only the Japanese saw blades are produced. Due to the fact that the cut surface is always very smooth, bacteria or fungi have no chance of getting into the wood. The handle of the Garden Primus Hai Speed folding saw is made of plastic. This is additionally rubberized and provided with stops. These ensure that the consumer has the folding saw firmly in his hand. This circumstance also does not change when the consumer has to use the folding saw once in the rain. The ergonomic shape also helps the consumer cut through thick branches without much effort. In addition, the saw was provided with a hard chromium plating. This ensures that the saw is 5 times longer than normal saws. Because a straight line from the bent handle, the arm, the saw blade and the branch is created during the sawing process, the work is made easier again. The actual cut at the Garten Primus Hai Speed folding saw is usually in the pulling motion.  

Security - guaranteed

If the user does not need the saw for a short time, the saw blade can simply be folded in by the pressure lever locking mechanism. Thus, there is no possibility for the consumer, and even for spectators, to come into contact with the sharp teeth. The beauty is, even if the saw or the teeth is contaminated by the saw, the pressure lever lock still functions perfectly.


Conclusion guy The conclusion to the Garden Primus Hai Speed folding saw is, this is a saw, which is excellently suited for daily use. With the folding saw, beginners and professionals can work equally well. At the price and the perfect performance the investment is definitely worth it. Thus the folding saw has a perfect price / performance ratio. This folding saw combines quality, precision and precision. For this reason, the Garden Primus Hai Speed folding saw is increasingly used.

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