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Test report: Klarstein Lausanne LED Elektrokamin

It was time again, the winter was over and spring came with each passing day. As everything changed in nature, it was also time for a change of scenery. So I decided to change my living room completely. But I did not want a normal living room, but it should already be elegant. So I sat down at the planning stage. The wall paints and wallpapers were quickly chosen and a new sofa was already long overdue. But in my mind there was something missing, something to give the whole room a special elegance. After talking to my best friend about what he thinks about it and whether he has any idea about it, he said immediately: an electric fireplace.  

Great idea, but which one is the right one?

After I first wanted to tour through the DIY stores and houses to convince myself of the large range of electrocams on site. But when I thought about fuel prices and hours of walks through shops, I decided to buy on the World Wide Web. In my search I came across the Lausanne electro fireplace of Klarstein. I immediately fell in love with the stove. But since in today's time everything is not always the same as it seems in the first moment, I decided to order the stove for the test. Because if you have money for such extravagant execution in your hand, then you should be quite sure. Thanks to the legally valid cancellation law, I can cancel the purchase contract up to 14 days after purchase. Here is my test result:  

First impression

A few days after the order the electric stove came to my house by postman. After opening the package, I reviewed the good piece. Pretty styly in appearance. Had already something more of a flat TV, than of an electric fireplace, but exactly what I had looked for. The change of scenery should bring fresh wind. The black piano lacquer made the picture perfect.  

Before powering on for the first time

I had initially thought that I would install the 16 kg fireplace in its place first and then turn it on. Because if something goes wrong with the installation and he is broken, then I annoy myself even more, if he was before already before. Since it is intended for the wall mounting, I brought it also to the same. About knee height, as it is only 56cm high.Even if the housing is made of plastic, it is very easy to attach the glass pane before. And to my astonishment, the case was barely impressed by the heavy plate. Previously, I have distributed the decostructures in the chimney cavity, for the optical component.  

The first fire

Even if the instructions are included, you can use the fireplace very intuitively. There are several keys on the upper side of the fireplace. One switches the fire simulation on. With the same button you can control the brightness of the fire via the dimming function by pressing the button for a long time. In my living room there was immediately a cozy ambience. I was thrilled and I had not even tried all the functins.  

Hot air

Next to the fire button are directly the switches for the heating fan, which can be adjusted to two heat settings. It is unbelievable what this device produces for a heat. At first, I was concerned that my wall might be hurt or too hot, and cause damage, but after a long test, I can say with certainty that nothing happens.  

Toys for the man - the remote control

Actually, I had chosen with the electric fireplace yes, because a remote control was. This is for the backlights. Yes, right, this electric fireplace has LED lights on its back, which give the fireplace a special touch. Via the remote control as well as via the device directly, I can choose from seven different colors / leather levels. Unfortunately, I had to realize that no batteries were included for the remote control in the delivery, but the two euros was willing to invest.  

Long-term exposure

Even if the fireplace had convinced me from the beginning, I wanted to form my judgment, if he had proved his abilities for a while. And I put him to the test. On each visit, and I have a great circle of friends, I have introduced him, with all his functions. Every evening, when I was at home, I hired him at nightfall. Even in the summer, he managed to get me a bit of a camp fire. The best thing, however, was that he replaced the heating in the milder winters and in the spring, as in the autumn, because the heating fan did a good job. I almost forgot that it was not a massive fireplace.


Conclusion guyThe Lausanne Elektrokamin von Klarstein is a really worthwhile investment with many extras. From design to operability, it is easy to use and intuitive to use. Through its fire dimming function, the light is never too bright and LED backlights are the cherry on the cake. From the visual side and the modern elegance, he definitely does not do anything to anyone. Its built-in heater replaces the heating on mild days and it is from the energy consumption really still in the acceptable range, since it is designed as decoration and not as a main heater. Obendrein saves the cumbersome construction of a fireplace, the dirt of wood and ashes, and the smoke in the apartment, when it does not really peel off. I was only disturbed by the fact that the batteries for the remote control were not included in the scope of delivery and that the crackling of the wood was missing. The fireplace is completely silent. All in all, a purchase I have not regretted a minute.

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