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Test report: EWT Castillo Elektrokamin

Excellent design meets cozy fire

The Castillo electro fireplace is visually appealing with its appealing and high-quality design. For the right flame effect, this electric fireplace has the globally patented Optiflame flame effect. This flame effect ensures a quick warmth, cold winter days, this electric fireplace sets in a cozy romantic atmosphere, which invites you to relax. The Castillo is a real eye-catcher, it also provides a feel-good atmosphere, the flames look deceptively genuine.With this eye-catcher, dark and cold winter days become a cozy highlight. The EWT Castillo electric fireplace looks great everywhere and looks like a real fireplace in its entire look.  

Warmth and flair

The Castillo Elektrokamin not only provides a visual highlight for a cozy flair, the warmth comes with this fireplace not too short. The heating technology at this fireplace, unlike many others very economical. The fireplace provides a pleasant warmth especially during the transition period, but it can also be used as all-year heating in smaller apartments. For those who are looking for an alternative to a classic wood fireplace, the Castillo electric fireplace is certainly the right choice. No stinging, firing and cleaning is necessary, an electric fireplace saves you a lot of work. Only the annoying cleaning of a real fireplace falls completely away from the EWT Castillo electro fireplace. It is turned on in turn.  

Advantages of the Castillo electrocarnate

The advantages of this fireplace are obvious, no smoke, soot and dust are generated. The biggest advantage, however, is that this type of fireplace does not require a permit for a fixed connection. Furthermore, a storage location for fuels can also be saved.  

Can be used everywhere

This fireplace is now really a real view and puts every apartment skilfully in scene. Its exquisite design makes every apartment appear stylish and modern. The chimney is a real design object and only needs a plug to install the plug.This gives the customer the possibility to use this electric fireplace almost everywhere. It can be placed wherever it is, but a real fireplace must always be connected where the chimney is located.Pleasant warmth and an excellent ambience wherever desired. The fireplace is easy to operate and can also be used only as a vocalist.  

Castillo electric fireplace

The fireplace of Castillo is easy to operate and the application with it is very safe. The patented Optiflame Flame effect is deceptively genuine. The fireplace is supplied with pebbles and a wooden bed. The flame effect can be switched separately and consumes only 130 watts in approx. 3 hours. The stepping circuit can be switched in three different settings. For safety this fireplace has an overheating protection. The heating function can be regulated in two stages. The length of the cable is about 1.5 meters. The chic chrome look not only very modern, but also really noble.  

The usability of the EWT Castillo electric fireplace

Finally, in this article, we will once again discuss the usability of the EWT Castillo electric fireplace. The fireplace is already mounted so that it only has to be set up. The cable allows a certain amount of space to place the fireplace in the apartment. There is no need to do more for the construction, so the fireplace can be placed at any time. The chimney flame can be operated with a switch and can thereby be controlled. The intensity of the flame can be set higher or lower by means of the switch. The second switch can be used to switch on the heater, which can be regulated in two stages. The entire chimney is therefore very easy to operate and brings a pleasant ambience into the room without great effort.  


Conclusion guy

The EWT Castillo electric fireplace is convincing all along the line

The EWT Castillo electric fireplace not only looks very elegant and attractive, it is really very good. The flames are deceptively genuine and give the room a cozy ambience. Especially in the dark and cold winter days, this electric fireplace is paying for itself. It is also very pleasant that the circuit of the heating and the circuit of the flames are separated. The switches are excellently integrated into the fireplace and therefore do not fall. If the fireplace is to ignite only the cozy flames, it is sufficient to press the switch, if it should also provide for a pleasant warmth, this can be adjusted with a second switch. The heat setting can be set in two stages. The cable is sufficient to properly place the EWT Castillo electric fireplace in the room. Anyone looking for a reliable electric and optically stylish fireplace is well advised with this model. The price / performance ratio is good. The safety offered by the overheating protection is another plus. In all respects, this electric fireplace from EWT Castillo was convincing. Design, usability, safety and price can be completely convincing with this model.

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