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Test report: EWT Bizet Elektrokamin

A really nice decorative element is the electric fireplace fire from Bizet. The high quality product is supplied with a factory guarantee. The Gert GS is self-tested and has high safety standards. Nevertheless, the appliance should be used outside the reach of children as it is a fireplace fire that also works with heat development. 

Delivery and components

The chimney fire is delivered in a large box. It is essentially assembled. It can be hung directly on the wall. Optimal is the preparation of the wall with the corresponding hooks and a power connection. In order to perfect this, the power supply should be placed so that it lies behind the fireplace. This is no longer visible and the actual image of a real fireplace appears. Two other frames are included as an additional part. One is black and the other is white, one of the frames can be selected at will. It is also possible to replace the frames at any time. This is easy and safe. Furthermore, a remote control is included in the scope. This is convenient for switching the various functions from any other place of the room. At the fireplace itself, no switches can be seen from the front, which should further intensify the effect of a real fireplace.  


As already described, a power connection is required for the construction of the chimney fire. Here a conventional connection is sufficient. No heavy current or the like is required. For example, you can also use your own solar power, thus minimizing operating costs and protecting the environment. The chimney fire is hung on hooks similar to a picture. The hooks should be fixed with dowels in the wall so that the fire can not come loose. The device is already quite heavy and therefore requires load dowels. After the device has been hung, the first operation is possible.  


The operation of the chimney fire is simple. The fire is switched on by the remote control. You can choose between different levels depending on your mood. The simplest effect is surely the 0 effect. Here, only illuminated and almost no energy is consumed. As a second stage there is the flame effect, here is the consumption at 130w. The flame is lit and flickering. In the third and fourth stages, a heating effect occurs. This is indicated with 1000 and 2000 watts. Thus, energy is consumed and heat is generated. This is delivered approximately as with a heating fan. It is therefore not enough to be the only source of heat for the room. If at all it is seen as additional heating. All levels can be adjusted with the remote control. A timer function is unfortunately not included, so the device should never be operated without observation.  

Safety aspects

The Optiflame Flame effect is only an optical effect, so it is quite nice to look but not comparable with an open fire.The wood imitation is also not hot. It is only lit from behind. Thus, a 100% security can be ensured. The heater has an overheat protection, so here also optimal conditions are guaranteed. Do not place or put anything in front of the fire. There is a fire hazard.  

Maintenance and Care

The EWT 114679 Bizet is quite easy to maintain since no open fire is produced. No consumable material is required. There is no ash or the like, but dust and dirt can accumulate on the wood imitations over time. This must be eliminated. It is very difficult to see dust, because the effect of the fire is hidden or the imitation is flying. Therefore the entire ensemble should be wiped from time to time. Care products are not necessary. The plastic is well treated and can provide its services for many years. Insofar as the fireplace is suspended in public places, an E check should be carried out regularly so that the unit is always removed.  

acquisition cost

With a price of around 300 euros the device is in a good midfield. So it is a purchase and worth the money. The device is therefore also suitable as a gift. This can be for example Christmas or an anniversary. To move in, this is also a nice idea and beautifies also every rented apartment.


Conclusion guyThe EWT 114679 Bizet fireplace is a nice decoration element. The two swivel frames make it possible to personalize the chimney fire for the corresponding room. Thus the rooms can be decorated with a nice fireplace fire, on the other hand, the heating function is not to be despised. In two heating stages, the fireplace can bring pleasant warmth into the rooms. Thanks to the overheating protection, this can also be done without risk, the device can not burn, and the fire hazard is kept at the lowest level. The price for the fireplace fire is in the middle and is appropriate for the quality. It is a device which in the household for a long time prepares.Particularly for comfortable evenings the remote control is worth all steps and functions of the fireplace fire.

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