Clear stone Grenoble electric fireplace

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Test report: Klarstein Grenoble Elektrokamin

The Klarstein Grenoble Elektrokamin consists of a black metal housing with side travertillions and castors. The on / off switch is located on the front of the unit. With a maximum output of 2000 watts and a switchable blower, the Grenoble clear stone fireplace offers not only a beautiful picture but also warmth. For this fast and comfortable warmth, the quartz heater radiates the power and is very quiet. Flaming flames at the same time create an authentic ambience, creating the impression of a real fireplace.Due to its detailed appearance, the Claris Grenoble electro fireplace looks like a relic from a long past time. Even if the fireplace is not switched on, this gives a good picture in every room. Only the missing chimney can be seen, that it is not a real fireplace. To operate the Grenoble electric fireplace, a simple socket is enough, with the fan heating each room considerably faster. As soon as the chimney is switched on, the flaming flames produce a unique and cozy feeling that only exists in front of a real fireplace. The clear stone Grenoble electric fireplace has a weight of 18 kg and the dimensions of 61 width x 67.5 height x 24.5 depth cm. This is as far as the data provided by the manufacturer, but how do the customers feel. Because they were allowed to test the Grenoble electric fireplace once, whereby, of course, the warming feeling could also flow in here.  

Just great

The customers were not expecting much pleasure and pleasure, but the very simple handling was the first priority.This is exactly where the majority of the points came in, because the service was very easy for all customers. Plug into the socket and then the device can be adjusted with three rotary knobs. For this purpose, both the blower for the heating fan and the flames and their intensity can be adjusted. If you want to save energy, you can simply leave the heating fan switched off. Of course, the customers had already put this into operation, but some customers did not very long. Because, of course, everyone should also think of the electricity calculation here. However for the transition time is precisely this heater fan optimal, whereby the fireplace then really really looks good.  

Do not regret the purchase

It is true that a customer has returned the Grenoble electric stove, but only because the heating fan was too loud.Nevertheless, this customer was more than impressed by the real appearance. Since all the testers were so satisfied, the Grenoble Elektrokamin clarity got 5 out of 5 points and thus a clear purchase recommendation. The simple transport was emphasized here and there again and again. In this way, comfort can be achieved in every room, with or without heating fans. Cozy hours in front of a fireplace are now possible. Exactly this was then also emphasized by all customers again and again, whether this is now operated with or without a heater fan. This was also the reason to buy the Clarestone Grenoble electric fireplace, so that it cools up on some cooler evenings.


Conclusion guyThe clear stone Grenoble Elektrokamin really holds everything the manufacturer promised, whereby of course also the good appearance was meant. None of the customers had a reason to sue, which in turn speaks for the high quality. Of course, the heater is not very quiet, but this makes it warm quickly. Combined with the flames, the result is a unique feeling. As an advantage, it was also felt that the chimney can also be operated without heating fans. This has also made many customers, simply to save electricity. But when it is not so cold in the transitional times, the Grenoble Climatic Stone can quickly create heat here. A heater would need longer and of course not look so good. A purchase that none of the customers has regretted, especially because the clarinet Grenoble electro fireplace was also built up quickly. Also the lateral handles were really felt as very advantageous, as the fireplace could move quickly and easily. None of the customers have regretted the purchase. A fireplace for nice hours.

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