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Test report: Ardes 370 Elektrokamin

The Ardes 370 electric fireplace has proved itself in a practical test as a solid heater. Here in this electric fireplace it is not necessarily about the heating power, but more about the optics. The Italian design of this electric fireplace is simply clear, simple and therefore convincing. If a customer thinks about choosing this space-saving wall mounting solution for an electric fireplace, he gets very well-processed and high-quality material here. 

The test of the Ardes 370 electro fireplace in detail

This design element is a design electric wall-mounted fireplace with a remote control. The proportions and thus the measure of things lie in the medium-sized range. Important characteristic features from the test are this fireplace is safe and clean. The conclusion in operation is that there is no bad odor, no smoke and no soot. Flames in a fireplace are also stressful in small rooms for the entire room climate and here with the Ardes 370 electric fireplace the electric heating coil creates a cozy warm feeling. This makes the fireplace in operation very pleasant and the calorific value would be sufficient in smaller rooms to be complementary. In the test these values were also so convincing, since radiant heat simply acts better than heat of an open-burned fire. The optical effect is generated by a 25 Watt lamp which is operated in the E 14 socket. This bulb is interchangeable and can be replaced with a weaker bulb with less wattage. This proved to be extremely economical in the test.  

Quick use of the fireplace

The test also showed how directly this fireplace works in operation. Whenever you need heating power, this fireplace can simply be switched on. This means getting an important advantage. If, on the other hand, you take a chimney with ethanol as a comparison object, you have to remain close to the safety. No oxygen is removed in the room air, which is a good example of the fact that the room air is only pleasantly heated. This fireplace is therefore always safe to use and then available when you want it.  

Easy installation on the wall

There is a stand for mounting, but in the test the mounting on a wall was preferred. When mounting, it is advisable to look for a place on the wall with an outlet nearby and then close enough to be covered by the frame of the stove 370 electric fireplace. This is not a prerequisite, but just fits better to a very effective and clean look. The test shows that the assembly can really be done by anyone with a few drill holes and the instruction manual has a template. This also means that this assembly is very fast, you need a water scale to align the drill holes straight, and then with the included dowels and screws, everything is prepared to hang the Ardes 370 electric fireplace safely on the wall.Even now, a very good optical image results, because the dark frame made of metal and the round curved disc give a very well-designed picture.  

The proportions are consistent with the Ardes 370 electric fireplace

The designers have chosen a rectangular overall shape which is very effective in the dimensions 66 x 46 x 16 cm.Not too big and not too small, which results in a medium sized fireplace with good optical effect. Two heat settings are selectable, which move at 1,500 and 1,000 watts, and the safety equipment includes a thermal cut-off which guarantees protection against overheating. This Ardes 370 electric fireplace is delivered inclusive of the bright decorative stones and can also be used without heating. The power supply is 220/230 volts and the remote control needs 2x AAA batteries, which are included in the delivery. The cable for mounting and connection is 1.5 meters long and that is sufficient.


Conclusion guy As a result for the Ardes 370 electrochamber from the test results in a very coherent picture, this product is balanced and offers the customer really optically and technically optimal performance. The overall result of the test gives a very convincing recommendation on the run.

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