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Review: Yurbuds Focus 300 Sport Headphones

With the in-ear headphones Yurbuds Focus 300 sports athletes have the ability to easily listen to music during their workouts. The headphones were designed so that they can not slip out of the ear, even with hectic sports where the head is in agitation. This allows even carry effortlessly with music a handstand. The in-ear headphones Yurbuds Focus 300 Sport are compatible with all popular smartphones. Even on an MP3 device they can be connected easily. Reason enough to test them once extensively. 

Initial difficulties, but safe stop

The tightening of the in-ear headphones is possibly troublesome for newcomers and requires at the beginning a little practice. If the rotation but once out, it quickly becomes clear that the headphones sit very well. The instructions for use that helps tightening succeed faster and easier. Who nevertheless still has problems, will find a lot of help on the Internet. The Yurbuds Focus 300 Sport fit well into the ear of a disturbing outside noises are hardly or not at all perceived. Made possible by the flexible ear clip, which conform to the individual shape of the ear. Thus, the in-ear headphones sit always firmly, regardless of the Ohrgöße. In sports, the in-ear headphones were very good wear. Mainly they were tested while jogging. Here they were rock solid and not slipping out of the ear. Also welding was the Yurbuds Focus 300 Sport harm.  

Each time the phone with just one click

Convincing was also the 1-button remote control. If during exercise a call, the athlete is notified directly by the value set in smartphone ringtone sounds. With just a click of the 1-button remote control, the call can be accepted. The integrated microphone allows could be telephoned directly, without first having to remove the headset. If the call is not received or completed the call automatically resumes the music. So athletes can switch instantly with just one click between an incoming call and the music.  

adequate sound

The sound quality of the headphones is good, but not outstanding. However, this is not surprising for such a low price. The heights give the headphones still good again, in the depths, however, is lagging behind a little. The manufacturer promises a rich bass, which in the course of the tests could not be confirmed. Nevertheless, the sound is all sufficiently in all things, is in relation to the price range even with the better models.  

Reduce cable clutter thanks QuikClik Magnet

We especially liked the practical QuikClik magnet. With its help, the quite long cable was always stashed safely, an unsightly cables hanging thereby excluded. A big advantage is that the headphones can be used directly, without having to unravel at the beginning the cable. It is also possible to take a short break while the sports unit and the cable securely stowed, without having to worry about the cable. Another advantage is that this system, the risk of cable cut is significantly reduced.  

Rattled slightly and expensive spare parts

Was disadvantageous that the headset gave occasional small rattling by itself. Is the music are not particularly noisy, you hear this sound. At medium volume but it disappears already. Athletes should perhaps consider whether they listen to their music loud enough or if they are disturbed by a slight rattle. A big disadvantage is that parts of the in-ear headphones are quite expensive. A new strap will cost around 20 euros, making it more expensive than the entire in-ear headphones in the new acquisition over half. This is very annoying, especially as a strap during use is highly stressed and often breaks.  

Difficult cleaning the headset

Even cleaning designed to be somewhat difficult. The rubbery material seems almost to attract dirt. Already after short use felt testers wish to clean the surface with a damp cloth. The cleaning itself is however rather cumbersome. Dirt can be partly difficult to remove, and some corners of the in-ear headphones are accessible only with difficulty. Those who practice a lot of sports outdoors and is therefore exposed to higher levels of pollution than for example with a workout in a Fitnessstuido, could interfere in this.


conclusion guyThe in-ear headphones from Yurbuds Focus are worth their money anyway. They are high quality processed and pleasant to wear. The sound is not outstanding, but justified for the low price and absolutely enough. Thanks to the magnetic QuikClik the cable is always safely stowed and excluded a clutter. A disadvantage, however, is that spare parts for in-ear headphones are very expensive. Often a new acquisition is profitable. Also that the headphones while running give a slight clatter of itself can be irritating for some athletes. Here it is important to try and test whether the in-ear headphones from Yurbuds are suitable for your needs.

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