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Review: Sennheiser IE 80 Sport Headphones

Certainly many music lovers the Sennheiser IE80 is likely to be well known. Although it is not cheap to buy, but he convinced regarding its sound quality. Due to its higher price s are professional, great-sounding high-end earphones. Indisputably include Sennheiser IE80 with the best earphones which there is currently on the market.Whoever places high demands on the in-ear headphones, will be well served by this sport headphones. It is not for nothing that a high-end product, which is one of the earphones of the superclass. In the high-quality earphones, the soundscape is tremendous. 

The optics

When the headphones is already recognized by the outside world that the IE80 Prestige represent a perfect choice.The in-ear housing is made of high quality plastic and the brushed aluminum plate on the back can give the earphones while wearing the elegant touch. The in-ear headphones built rugged and compact and it is very high quality. Very good is that the cable is interchangeable. If there is a cable break, only the cable needs to be replaced.A defect therefore did not end of all the headphones. In a Sennheiser distributor or the manufacturer, the cable can be ordered inexpensively. The Sennheiser logo was not held for very flashy, but more discreetly in the background. The weight and size of the earbuds were well chosen. The sports headphones leaves a stable and robust overall impression. If the sports headphones is not used, then they will be stowed in the headphone pocket. Although this is at the aluminum ornament a nice touch, but it is also prone to signs of wear and scratches. It is important that it will be dealt carefully with the headphones.  


The Sennheiser IE80 is equipped with some accessories. Thus, as usual Sennheiser, there are a lot of attachments. There are many earpads in all conceivable types of large, over medium to small. For all buyers should thus be guaranteed the best comfort. Advantageously, therefore, that the emphasis can be controlled manually by the bass. Depending on the taste can be as different sized earpads are used. The many ear essays there is therefore a great tuning and freedom in the design of the bass image. Included in the delivery are the ear tips, the cleaning tool and a pair of ear hooks. There is therefore the appropriate cleaning or adjusting tool and also an aluminum transport case. The shipping box looks very noble, but it is less suitable for fast storage. Until the headphones in the box firmly stowed, it takes too long and is too cumbersome. For the home, the Case is suitable, otherwise conventional headphone bag is preferred.  

The comfort

With the different ear essays a good comfort is offered. The various tips come in different variations. The earphones are secure throughout the period of wear in the ear. To be liked more maintenance, there is the ear loop. They are placed over the ear and promise even extra grip. Regarding the texture is a closed in-ear headphones, which is very satisfactory in sound isolation. It dampens the manufacturer from up to 20 dB and up to 95 percent of ambient noise and outside noise are reduced to the minimal level. Exterior noise levels in train and bus fizzle completely and for the in-ear headphones a pleasant atmosphere is created.  

The sound and acoustics

There is an in-ear monitoring headphones, which was created for the people who have the highest sonic standards.For the corresponding tonal quality special neodymium drivers provide. Already the predecessor of the headset IE80 played with in the big leagues of the in-ear headphones and the sound could be further improved. The emphasis on the bass is similarly strong as in the previous model and the sound sounds anything else more specific. With a very powerful and accurate bass music is thus highlighted. The bass wummert not, but it sounds in high resolution and detail. Especially recommended is the emphasis on the bass for Rock, Pop and New Music. The less bassy songs but reproduced with a strong bass. For its price range of sports headphones delivers a detail-prone and precise appearance. There is an amazing depths - mid and high resolution within the frequency spectrum. It accents are thus covered, which would not be visible to other earphones. The finest nuances can make it even more diverse and vibrant the sound. The sound is highly processed and impressionally clear.


conclusion guy Due to the high cost, it is a rather expensive in-ear headphones. The price-performance ratio is still fair because it created an immense sound where the bass and sound reproduction is tight and precise. Straight through the impressive resolution, the headphones absolute score. The bass can be set manually and the bass image can be designed according to your wishes. The sound was different to other models is certainly enormous. Anyone can go to experience the high-end music enjoyment and for years the Sennheiser headphones nor joy can prepare.

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