Philips SHK2000BL 00 On Ear Headphones

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Review: Philips SHK2000BL 00 On Ear Headphones


The headset, a perfect companion for children

The Philips SHK2000BL / 00 On ear headphones is a popular companion for children. It is comfortable to wear and has a winning design. The lightweight strap and the built volume limitation are perfectly tailored for the delicate head and the fine hearing of the child. The headset is rugged and flexible so that even small children can handle it just fine. The soft ear cushions nestle barely noticeable on the head and isolate any disruptive noises. The sound is pleasant and of high quality. The headset is durable enough for the journey and can be in the car on the child seat easily connected to the DVD player. He delighted children as a gift, and for listening to audio books and stories. The colored headphones are popular with both large and small children on the trip, as well as in the nursery.

What makes the Philips SHK2000BL / 00 On Ear Headphones so popular?

Even the smallest music lovers want to meet a broad spectrum of sound and sound world. These colorful headphones have a clear sound and the quality of the bass is optimal. You sit comfortably and lightweight to the head and the size adapt easily. In addition, the headphones are not sensitive even with lively games and limiting the volume by 85 dB is just right for the desired listening. The ultralight, ergonomic strap wraps around the head without interfering with and is easily adjustable to size. Since it is hardly noticeable, it children can wear for hours and left in the game. The headset has a good fit and can easily be set up by adolescents and wear without slipping. He is an excellent workmanship and has no sharp edges or interfering surfaces.

The advantages of headphones from Philips

These headphones are a technically modern product with all child-friendly features. The plug of about 1.20m long cable fits into the IPhone, in the DVD player or the computer. It is suitable especially for small technician to watch on your tablet videos or try new educational apps. Super-soft ear cushions with noise isolation ensure an undisturbed game and harmony. The volume adapts by itself and as a mp3 or a tablet optimally controlled. The headphones are a magical product that protects children's ears before to loud music. They have a high wearing comfort and a great sound. Bass and treble are harmonious or acoustically prima advantage. For adolescents this childproof headphones is healthier than the plug in the ear and, moreover, much easier to carry. The volume is not too quiet, yet friendly for children's ears, it is almost a relief for the ear. The elastic metal strap sit comfortably and easily on the small child's head and adapt to many years. Even for older children and school children it is ideal with its great color and the flexible adjustment possibilities. The listeners are marked L and R for better differentiation of left and right. They look cool and offer despite the child lock on the complete experience on sound. The sound is also perfect in a louder environment and changes neither during sports training or while walking.

The disadvantages of headphones from Philips

If you can here at all of disadvantages speak, at best, is the built-in sound limiter to call. The volume of the headphones provide security for the child and therefore the maximum volume is limited to 85 dB. Very loud noises, such as in airplanes or in the car, the music level may drown out partially. Although the earbuds can sound insulation reduce noise, but from a certain volume not completely off. This headphone has only a volume limit, that is, there is no control via slider or wheel on the cable. The volume is adjusted to the highly sensitive hearing of children and is therefore not adjusted for a short time. During the trip, or the game may lead to smaller, unwanted interruptions. The volume limit is also in the popular MP3 players or mobile phones rather a passive version and it should be noted in these devices.

Technology and modern equipment

This headset is powered by a Neodymium speaker driver. Neodymium is particularly suitable for producing a strong magnetic field. It leads to a high sensitivity of the voice coil leads, improving bass response and sound quality. The built-in noise-isolating in ear cushions make the ambient noise so low that the volume setting is ideal for children to listen to music and audio books. The cuddly foam is luxury and safety for the ears. Adorable design is so robust that the headphones can be adjusted without screwing. The headphones themselves do not require a built in regulator, because the volume is controlled by the device not to strain your ears. About iTunes and laptop it can be individually level setting. By activating the security button on the unit, the child can not adjust the volume. Who the headset sounds too loud, the volume on the MP3 player can throttle directly. The headphones look great, grow and are also suitable for continuous use.


conclusion guyHeadphones for children must be special demands. You want the radio play or favorite music could listen many times in succession. At the same time the adults are therefore happy when their children use the headset.The model must therefore fully suitable for children. The earphones and strap should be stable and adapt to the child's head, the volume should not cause harm to the good ear of the child. Therefore special headphones for children have been developed. With the Philips SHK2000BL / 00 On Ear Headphones Here the product was developed by the manufacturer, which is offered specifically for children and adolescents. Here color, design and functionality corresponds exactly to the needs and wishes of the children. With the unique sound and the good value for money buying precludes anything more.

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