Beyerdynamic DT 235 Over Ear Headphones

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Review: Beyerdynamic DT 235 Over Ear Headphones

Lightweight Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 235 is an improved version of the popular headphone brand, the scores with an extended frequency range. The headset comes with a stereo jack of 3.5 mm and an adapter of 6.35 mm. In elegant black or cool white headphones of high quality plastic looks professional and trustworthy.Convincing appearance and comfort When unpacking acts of Lightweight Headphones DT 235 from Beyerdynamik confidence. The construction seems durable and yet the product is very light, which is very comfortable to wear and makes it possible to wear the headphones for several hours also, without which one feels fatigued by the weight. The headset has two earpieces that seal around the ears perfectly. In this manner, disturbing noises are completely eliminated from the outside and you can quite konzentrieren.Die to enjoying music ear pads are made of velor and feel the ear soft and comfortable next to. Through the porous material there is hardly a sweat under the headphones. The complete lack of pressure at the top made the headphones for sensitive people who easily suffer from headaches, easy to carry. So the Lightweight headphones can DT be used 235 of Beyerdynamic DT 235 headset is very versatile because of its excellent properties. It can be used wonderfully at home, where you can either enjoy the full sound when listening to music or watching TV, without the other family members are affected. The headphones from Beyerdynamic is also suitable for use on a computer or laptop and is not just for music enjoyment, but can be helpful and transmit the caller's voice clearly, for example, when making phone calls on the Internet. Therefore, the headset is also in the office its application range and is often used by people who need to carry professional reasons many hours beyond a headset. Not least of Lightweight headphones is also perfectly suited for gamers. You can enjoy a particularly intense gaming experience by excluding external noise and listen to the sound detail. So you can indulge in all the magic of the game and forget about the outside world completely. Thanks to its low weight you can use the headset to easily move and easy to carry with you and received via smartphone or tablet sound via headphones. The headset weighs only 210 grams. So it has awarded for various situations in this flexible headphones from Beyerdynamic. Easy to use and user-friendly Even the simple design of the headphones from Beyerdynamic convinced the test. The size of the headband can easily be continuously adjusted so that you can change the headphones easily so that it fits perfectly over the ears.In this light, flexible material contributes that the headphones are not suppressed and the support experience is perceived as pleasant. Connecting the headset to the respective reproduction unit designed with the supplied plug adapter and also without any problems. Volume and tone can be controlled at the respective device. This makes the headphones free of setting buttons which increase the weight and are perceived by many users as impractical.The cable is long enough to move freely and to keep distance from the playback device with an overall length of 2.5 meters. This is particularly the television convenient because it is easy to comply with the recommended distance from the screen even when using headphones. The DT 235 has been classified as around user-friendly headphones in the test, convince its practical properties. Beyerdynamic DT 235 headphones: A listening experience which convinced the new DT 235 Lightweight headphones from Beyerdynamic was during the test both on the sound experience when listening to music as well as on the clarity studied in the voice reproduction. With an excellent transmission range 18-22000 Hz headphones could convince in both areas. When listening to music, the sound is extraordinary both in the bass and in the treble and the voice playback is clear and distinct. Confirm the sound characteristics of the DT 235 headphones from Beyerdynamic, that it is a product which can be used for different functions. The performance of the headset also meets the highest requirements and it can be recommended because of its excellent sound clarity and because of the complete exclusion of ambient noise even for musicians in the studio. Value for money The Beyerdynamcic Lightweight Headphones DT 235 is equipped with all the attributes that are of a high quality expect headphones. It is offered at a price which is lower than in many other comparable models. Beyerdynamic united in this device quality with a fair offer and the price-performance ratio was classified as extraordinary in the test. To assess customer the DT 235 headphones from Beyerdynamic. Customers are always of the high performance of the headphones from Beyerdynamic thrilled that enables them, even to enjoy in any situation music when other people in the room who do not want to be bothered. the automatic sizing calls with customers produce different reactions. During show some customers of this simple Adjustment thrilled express other, that they wish to have a firmer setting that does not move while wearing the head.You hear by adjusting the headphone holder a grating noise that is bothersome for music enjoyment. Most customers appreciate the sturdiness of the headphones that make it a durable piece of equipment which has a long time. Similarly, the good wear characteristics of the head Hoeres of its users are repeatedly praised.Lightweight material and soft comfort of earpieces allow the headphones to be almost non-noticeable. That's a relief for many people, there is no pressure even can be felt on the head when wearing the headset for a long time.


conclusion guy With the Lightweight Headphones DT 235 Beyerdynamic you do in any case a good purchase. Comfortable to wear, excellent sound properties and great versatility in the application make the headphones into one of the most attractive models on the market. The flexibility offered by the easy-to-use device, it also makes an excellent gift that makes both the music lovers as well as the gamer a great pleasure. With the excellent price-performance ratio of the Beyerdynamic DT 235 Lightweight headphones is in the public's favor to the top ranks.

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