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Review: Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On Ear Headphones


What you should know about the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On Ear Headphones

The On Ear Headphones Series beats that are designed and marketed by the hip-hop veteran, although are only a few years on the hi-fi market, but already enjoy cult status. Especially among the younger generation of music lovers, the Beats headphones are popular. This is not least because their sound special emphasis lies on Basslastigkeit. Especially for hip-hop, electro and other electronically remixed music, this is a real benefit and immensely popular with consumers. With the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones an improved version of the previous model has come onto the market - reason enough that we once put it through an extensive test and present our results here.  

Extras that we noticed before the test

The package in which the headset is packaged for delivery, is already convincing. Finally, one wants also that the equipment arrives in perfect condition at home. Even if one could simply claim the damage and would then receive a new product, it is annoying to have to wait again for a new delivery. Finally, one has already been looking forward to the good part and will get straight into the new musical enjoyment. The Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 on-ear headphones are also available in six different colors, which we believe also is a wonderful advantage. Especially young people are no longer effective only to the classic black but prefer something more striking and more modern colors. For girls, it exists for example in deep pink. Why not? Another plus is the included flexible soft case, in which you safely store the headset in the folded state and can take with them. Just DJs will appreciate that. But also for going on vacation, this is a clever extra, at the long not think all manufacturers.  

Comfort and facilities

Even before the first placement of the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 on-ear headphones we noticed how practically can can fold the device. This not only increases the mobility of the headphones, but primarily protects against unwanted damage in transit, which unfortunately occur all too often in rigid devices. When folded and stowed in the case of Beats headphones is not indestructible, but very compact and thus kept safe for transport. The processing at the points where the hinges is high - in other devices even from this price range, that's where all too often involuntarily built predetermined breaking points. Perched the Beats feels by Dr. Dre Solo2 on-ear headphones simply good at and you can feel as well as not him. It is very light despite superior technology and built high-quality materials. For this, the padding on the headband and the ear cups is perfect. In addition, the earpieces are completely over the ears and wrap this all what is essential for the comfort not only for sound but for extended wear. Even so Dr. has made the mistake. The cable is 1.2 meters long enough actually. Most of Beats headphones is indeed on the way to use and because a longer cable would only interfere. The cable itself is absolutely high quality and does not cause loss of sound. The processing - especially the shroud - is also excellent and protects against annoying cable breaks. Should a cable break resist then expected occur at this, the cable can be replaced easily and inexpensively because it gives it a separate Ansteckplatz on headphones. In addition, with this Remote Talk cable change tracks and the volume can be adjusted without having to resort to the same player. Particularly resourceful is still that you also accept calls in order and can result. The music will automatically pause for this period.  

sound experience

As already described in the introduction, are employed on the fat basses in the house. And here the new version of Solo2 met again all expectations, which can make his fans to him. The bass is nice round and powerful, but does not dominate the entire sound. Nor does he wafts how fast is the case with many other models. In fact, one scoop was draufgesetzt the new model again and now the mids and highs are also a bit clearer. But the pure, rich bass remains the main feature of the new Beats headphones. But unlike some of his predecessors from the house of the suitable of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones certainly also for other genres as dance and hip-hop. Only perhaps the classical music lovers would miss the basic accentuates bass slightly emphasizes treble in the orchestral strings. For the listening of classical music there are probably better headphones. But whether rock or blues - even for the Solo2 of Beats is now equipped. But his whole strength proves he still with dance and hip-hop music. What music listening just go and of course very important, is that the environment has to listen involuntarily. But here by Dr. Dre Solo2 on-ear headphones was our test with the Beats absolutely calm. Since the earpiece surrounds the entire ear and no gaps out leaves, you can hear even at high volume barely above a very low whisper from outside - if at all.  


conclusion guyAnd remains our test only one thing to say: the thing is an absolutely fat part. The manufacturer and the sound designers have done everything right here. Those who thought they could not optimize your enjoyment, which they had with the previous models of Beats by Dr. Dre already, which will now have to accept that because it was still room for improvement. The comfort is flattering and even over longer periods with no problem.On the contrary, one misses the headphones rather, once you have set it down times. The same applies to the sound. Once you've heard the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones beats his favorite, a coming of sound before every club or from another plant as the purest hangover. Of course, these headphones priced not playing in the cheap-League. But it is definitely worth every penny worth it.

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